WWE Superstars (May 13) Results and Review

The default position for enthusiasts of Professional Wrestling can wander into the terrain of (often justified) despair that the wrestlers they love are squandered or not used at all. We are cursed with living in interesting times and within the confines of the squared circle we can begin to process the things that are wrong with the world. If we’re lucky we can begin to be happy with what we have to be happy with. Ding ding, ding.

WWE Superstars (May 13)

Filmed May, 9 2016

Century Link Center, Omaha, NE


Cesaro vs. Bo Dallas w/ Curtis Axel

In a week that has seen the public fall of one wrestler who was in the Social Outcasts, we should look at Bo Dallas with a new appreciation. Dallas is magnificent…so pure in the ring and delivering on his natural potential every time he laces up his boots. There is the potential for Dallas and Curtis Axel to be legitimate contenders for the WWE Tag Titles and the sport would be better for it.

Any time Cesaro steps into the ring is a cause for celebration, even and especially on Superstars. There is a thunderous reception the WWE Universe bestows on the one and true Guy/Man/Champion and Cesaro is it. The best thing about Cesaro is his willingness and ability to transcend “his place on the card”. Styles Club/UceReigns might be the main event a Network PPV card (therefore the object of constant attention), but Cesaro IS Professional Wrestling. This match is the kind of hidden gem that will appreciate lustre over time and recommended viewing.

Apollo Crews vs. Stardust

That Stardust and Apollo Crews are feuding over acknowledging the duality of Cody Rhodes makes this corner of the WWE Universe immensely compelling. Stardust is another gift to wrestling and his inner battles played out in the ring are a lasting tribute to wrestlers of the past while continuing to improve and lean into his role as top face painted weirdo.

Crews’ continued streak is a resumption and rejuvenation of his NXT storyline and is the better for it. With the addition of Tom Phillips to commentary, Superstars is (thankfully) turning into NXT Jr. Stardust brutalizes Crews but is Toss Powerbombed anyway, such is the momentum of Apollo. Crews secures the victory and might be off for greener pastures within the roster but here in this match, Stardust shines brightest.

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