WCWC #103 (May 13) Results and Review

WCWC #103 (May 13) Results and Review

Jackson Armory, Portland, OR

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Eric Right ( c ) vs. “The Thrillbilly” Kassius Koonz w/ Jeremy Blanchard

WCWC Legacy Title Match

In the aftermath of Eric Right’s dominance over The Wrecking Crew last week (winning the WCWC Legacy Championship) the Powers That Be at WCWC, through the mouthpiece of Wrecking Crew attorney Morty Lipschitz, strip Right of the Pacific Northwest Championship title. The Gentleman Brawler retains his Legacy title however, and is charged with its defense against The Corn-Fed Colossus.

Koonz continues to impress and in this match he shows shades of Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin. He is impressively brutal in the ring but graceful in doing so…a magic combination and makes Koonz stand out within the WC roster. Similarly Right is a modern version (as ironic as that might be) of Bruno Sammartino, not only in the ring but outside as well. His connection to the WCWC Universe is something special and distinguishes Right and the WC from a great many other champions and promotions. Right puts Koonz to sleep in the center of the ring, solidifying his new Legacy Championship reign.

Greg Romero & “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson w/ Mr. Tubbs vs. Jeff Boom & Rude Boy Riley

WCWC Tag Title Match

In the common tongue this match might be best described as a “Pier 6 Brawl”. G n’ R, Mr. Tubbs, Riley and Boom tear after each other with the refs (c’mon refs!!) unable to control the mayhem. After restarting the match due to an intentional count out by Romero and Gibson, the champions retain the belts thanks to Greg Romero snapping and bludgeoning Jeff Boom  with Mr. Tubbs’ cane, taking the DQ.

Riley and Boom make a great team and hopefully a rematch is in the works since the actual ring work between both teams is exemplary.

Darin Corbin vs. Marcus Malone

Darin Corbin might be the best wrestler one can love to hate working right now. He is fantastic on the mic and backs up his bark quite well. The crowd is solidly against Corbin in the best possible way adding to his Roddy Piper-esque narcissistic ravings.

Marcus Malone continues to show promise but is unable to overcome Corbin’s veteran ring tactics. A devastating Gingersnap Cutter by Corbin sends Malone back to the locker room with much to process.

Gangrel vs. Drew Donovan

In another low for WCWC referee powers of control (C’MON REFS!!), what promises to be a match between two monsters becomes a pull-apart and a double disqualification on both Donovan and Gangrel. Time was, the only thing to settle a score as nasty as the one between these two competitors was a Cage Match. It will probably take something similar to settle the hash between the two biggest men in the WCWC.

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