WWE SmackDown (May 12) – Results and Review | Sami Zayn and Cesaro vs Kevin Owens and The Miz

After this weeks RAW goes off air with a destroying of a jacket, Smackdown should be able to find a way to top it. This week, we see the rivalries formed for Extreme Rules continue their tensions, and prepare for the big PPV next week. We also see the debut of a familiar face from NXT, and so much more! Let’s get started with Dean Ambrose on the mic, confronting Chris Jericho.

Opening Segment with Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho

To commence Smackdown this week, Dean Ambrose walks out and talks about how he ripped apart Jericho’s jacket on Monday. He talks about how he destroyed the jacket, and how he thought he got good Payback, but this ended prematurely as Jericho attacked Ambrose, and put him in a straitjacket. This segment was okay at first, but then it continued with the beat down, and just did not wrap up quick enough. I think that Dean Ambrose is really good on the mic, and the match between Jericho and Ambrose at Extreme Rules is on that I am looking forward to. The big issue with this though, is that this didn’t promote too much about what’s happening later in the show. This was still a pretty good segment, and it was more interesting than most opening segments.

Rusev vs Sin Cara

The first match of the night is the #1 Contender for the US Championship faces Sin Cara, with the US Champion Kalisto ringside. This match happened within 5 minutes and did a good job talking about the upcoming match at Extreme Rules. I think that Kalisto is a good face because he seems very nice and has lots of heart when he talks on commentary and such. Rusev wins in this match with The Accolade on Sin Cara. This has been quite the heel centered show for the first 20 minutes, with a heel winning a beat down then a match.

Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch

After the break we get to see Dana Brooke’s first match on the main roster, facing Becky Lynch. For the uninformed, Becky Lynch was attacked on Monday by Dana Brooke and Emma this week. Dana Brooke gets the win in this match with the Bridging Jackknife pin after a poke to the eye. This match should have been put later on the card, because for the first 30 minutes of the show, we have had heels be put over in every segment. This was still a good match for Dana Brooke because you would never cheer for someone who raked the eyes for the win.

Kofi Kingston vs Aiden English

To showcase new wrestlers and the #1 contenders for the tag titles, Aiden English faces Kofi Kingston as a preview for what will happen at Extreme Rules between The Vaudevillians and The New Day. The match was created after the two teams were trash talking before the break. This match ends with a cheap pin by Aiden English, which is a little infuriating since we are one hour into the show and it has been ALL heels! It is crazy how stupid that is. The kids in the crowd that still believe in kayfabe have had a sad night so far.

The Usos vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

With Roman Reigns and AJ Styles banned from ringside, this might be the first time we will see a clean match between The Usos and Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson. This match was very exciting near the end, but sadly ended in a DQ after one of the Usos got pulled out of the ring. Everyone starts brawling, and as you expect, the heels, Karl and Luke win the fight. I don’t know if they thought out the booking at all this week, but it sure seems like they didn’t. But back to the match, when it was happening it was a pretty good competition.

R-Truth and Tyler Breeze vs Goldust and Fandango

This next match was promoted for quite some time, but was overall a terrible segment, if not the worst part of the night. The match started with a weird standoff, then Fandango stabs Golddust in the back by attacking him and giving Tyler Breeze the pin. After the match, Fandango and Tyler Breeze stand together as we go to the break. This was so boring and confusing, that I did not care at all near the end.

Sami Zayn and Cesaro vs Kevin Owens and The Miz

Finally, it is time for the main event of the show. The four wrestlers who will face each other for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules face each other in this main event, except it’s a tag match. This match was good, in fact it was the best match of the night, so it definitely deserved to be the main event. The match ended with a frog splash off of the top rope by Kevin Owens. The frog splash by Kevin Owens is so majestic, and I could watch it a million times. The match gives the heels a win in every segment on this show, which is a little weird and annoying. This match was extremely good though, and it did a okay job at promoting the IC title for Extreme Rules. It is obvious that they are resting AJ and Roman for Extreme Rules, and that RAW next week will end with a talking segment between them.

This week was not that good, but we did witness some new faces, and good matches. The rest was pretty mediocre. Next week is the go-home for Extreme Rules, so maybe WWE was lowering our standards this week so that the go-home can be like every other Smackdown go-home!

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One thought on “WWE SmackDown (May 12) – Results and Review | Sami Zayn and Cesaro vs Kevin Owens and The Miz

  1. A great review, Kevin Owens frog splash was amazing and really majestic. It’s always good to see a 270+ jumping from top rope. This week SmackDown was just OK


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