Paragon Pro Wrestling Episode #46 (May 11) – Results and Review

Hailing from the Neon City of Las Vegas, Paragon Pro Wrestling is the younger sibling promotion to Oregon’s West Coast Wrestling Connection. Many WCWC (and Future Stars of Wrestling) wrestlers are featured at PPW and in some ways, it’s an Earth-2 version of WCWC.

Both promotions share great grappling action, so let’s get to ring!

Paragon Pro Wrestling Episode #46 (May 11)

Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, NV.

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“All Good” Anthony Greene vs. Greg Romero

As he does in WCWC, Greg Romero displays enormous ring talent and here faces stiff competition from Anthony Greene. Both competitors recently took part in the tournament for the vacant PPW American Championship but came up a bit short in their efforts. The title was stripped from Alexander Hammerstone due to inactivity, but this match is anything but inactive.

Both competitors exemplify the best in Crusierweight wrestling, however Greene gets the best of Romero by nailing a Viral Spiral to pick up the clean pin.

“The Paragon” Alex Chamberlain ( c ) vs. Gangrel

Paragon Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match

Paragon Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Alex Chamberlain is the terror of Paragon announcers Todd Keneley and Jeff Akin who were recently and very publicly humiliated by Chamberlain. Whatever character flaws that can be levied against the champion, his strength and skill in the ring override them. Few people have the audacity to use their opponent’s finisher on them and fewer would try it on the Vampire Warrior Gangrel.

The match is agreat hoss battle and both wrestlers go all out. Chamberlain retains the Heavyweight title by nailing Gangrel with a devastating Impaler DDT. Time will tell who can put up a new serious challenge for the top belt at Paragon.

Jesse Sorensen vs. “The Obsession” Caleb Konley w/ Donovan

Caleb Konley and Jesse Sorensen are both former PPW Heavyweight Champions (with Konley being the first) and have a well established history of shared mutual violence toward each other.

There is no lag time in this match…Konley (co-holder of the PPW Tag Titles with Donovan) and Sorensen work a stiff and intense clinic. In time, Konley will be seen as one of the best heels in wrestling and his ring work can back up the attitude. Unfortunately this attitude has made Konley a raft of enemies including The Whirlwind Gentlemen and another former PPW Heavyweight Champion, Wes Brisco who show up as enforcers during the match. Sorensen uses the distraction to nail a Bottoms Up discus forearm smash (showing shades of fellow Texan Kerry Von Erich) and pins Konley, upping his chances of a future title shot.

Royce Isaacs w/ Christian Cole vs. Darin Corbin

Paragon Pro Wrestling American Championship Tournament Final Match

The divide in status between Royce Isaacs and Darin Corbin is pretty astounding. Corbin has been on a long downward spiral since losing his American Championship title to Gangrel and as such, the Underdog from the Underpass (I-15 and Sahara, to be precise) has been nearly homeless, starving, hysterical. Only the reassurances of announcer Pat Kelley has given Corbin the wherewithal to get through the American Championship Tournament.

Isaacs on the other hand has been tearing through roster, making a bloody debut against Jesse Sorensen that displayed exceptional ring work and a penchant for violence. As much offense as Corbin is able to muster, Isaacs is able to kick out of the Ginger Snap stunner and seal the victory with savage Powerbomb thus becoming the new Paragon Pro Wrestling American Champion. Heaven help the PPW locker room with Isaacs as champion. His opponents face an uphill battle.

After the match and despite a standing ovation from the crowd, the time spent under overpasses proves too much for Corbin who attacks his one friend Pat Kelley. It remains to be seen what lies ahead for the clearly disturbed former champion.

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