WWE NXT (May 4) – Results and Review

Editor’s Note: Apologies for the late review.

Match 1: Tessa Blanchard vs Nia Jax

This was again a Nia Jax squash match. They need to put her in more competitive matches to show off what she can do in the ring as these squash matches are not showing us.

Match 2: Austin Aries vs Tye Dillinger

This is my NXT TV MOTY so far. They were so crisp in the ring and it made for an awesome **** match! Dillinger is extremely underrated, and tonight proved why he should be featured in a major storyline.

Match 3: The Revival vs The Hype Bros.

This was a solid match. It looks like they will be showing some tension between the Hype Bros. I do not really lime Mojo’s gimmick, and he should have more of a serious gimmick if he would like to progress in NXT.

Match 4: No Way Jose vs Noah Kekoa

No Way Jose is a great gimmick, and HE IMPROVED HIS FINISHER!!!!!!! Major +1 for me, the full nelson slam really suits him!

Match 5: Samoa Joe vs Eric Young

I marked out when I read the spoilers on EY joining NXT, but he did not have a very good debut match. He looked a little sloppy but he can improve on that, as we know what he can do in the ring, and promo wise.


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