West Coast Wrestling Connection #102 (May 7) – Results and Review

Despite the distinct lack of “Internet Darling” Ethan HD and his manager Kate Carney, this episode is the best yet and features every champion in the company in ring action! Ring that bell, ref!

WCWC #102 (May 7)

Jackson Armory, Portland, OR

Live event/ TV tapings

WCWC Twitter

Weekly Episodes


Adam Thornstowe vs. “The Thrillbilly” Kassius Koonz w/ The Wrecking Crew

In rural Oregon, seeing angry hicks target and fight punk rockers is a fairly common occurrence. Thanks to this natural animosity Thornstowe and Koonz go after each other with vigor. Thornestowe just goes all out, all the time and picks up the pin after a nasty Scum Stomp.

Consensus seems to be The Wrecking Crew might be the nexus point of a temporal anomaly. This would explain why Kassius Koonz seems like he was plucked from ‘80s WCCW  and dropped into our current timeline. Everything about Koonz shows the promise of a true talent and if he gets the opportunity, the WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship could be in his grasp. There is the issue the Wrecking Crew’s track record of morally questionable Mind Games and Intimidation Tactics. By and large their denim-clad aggression has proven successful but for how long?

Jeff Boom vs. Greg Romero w/ Mr. Tubbs

There is a Cruiserweight renaissance happening right now in Professional Wrestling and WCWC has some of the very best, as this match proves. Boom and Romero could go toe to toe with anyone in the world right now. Any rule bending Romero engages in is secondary to his ring work. Like Koonz, Romero shows hallmarks of a truly adept wrestler. Singles titles are absolutely in his future and the sooner the better.

Boom scores the victory via a scales-balancing assist from Rude Boy Riley, nicely setting up a future challenge for Mr. Tubbs’ favorite client’s WCWC Tag Titles.

Gangrel vs. Ricky Gibson w/ Mr. Tubbs

Ricky Gibson (like Kassius Koonz) would have done well in prime era WCCW. He is very fluid and makes it look easy. Clearly the top notch managing of Mr. Tubb’s is paying off since he’s a reigning and defending WCWC Tag Title holder.

However Gibson (despite his Rock God status) is no match for the Vampire Warrior, Gangrel. This walker at the edge of darkness is clearly the heir to The Undertaker’s apparently abandoned crown as Head Monster in Chief. Gangrel sticks Gibson with devastating Impaler DDT for the fall.

Eric Right vs. The Grappler w/ Jeremy Blanchard

Title for Title Match

It’s worth noting the production quality of the WCWC show. Backstage interviews, match camera work…all of it is really, really well done (many indie promotions should take notes) and it contributes immensely to the storytelling. In the course of one episode, the long simmering Eric Right/Wrecking Crew feud erupts into a tangled plot of clandestine notes, bizarre YouTube videos, implied elder abuse (?!!?) and old school brutal wrestling with two Professional Wrestling championships on the line. What beautiful world, right folks?

Right and The Grappler’s match is one of the best in recent months with both champions turning up the heat and leaning into strikes and stomps. Even the machinations of Jeremy Blanchard can’t stop an on-fire Eric Right from choking out The Grappler in the center of the ring. Eric Right is now the undisputed WCWC Champion, unifying the Pacific Northwest and Legacy tiles and is a Triple Crown Title holder.

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