WWE Superstars (May 7) – Results and Review

Witness Damien Sandow’s final match for WWE on this week’s Superstars…let’s get in the ring!

WWE Superstars (May 7) Results and Review

Filmed May 2, 2016 at Monday Night Raw

Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO.


Darren Young vs. Damien Sandow

So here ends this chapter of Damien Sandow’s career with WWE. To say there was disappointment with Sandow’s time with the company is an understatement. There is a particular warmth and affection between Sandow and the WWE Universe that was never properly utilized by the company, for whatever reason. Sandow does the job for the returning Darren Young (via a nicely applied Gut Check), as is customary in situations like these.

At least we get to see Sandow off down the road towards whatever greener pastures lie ahead. Many of the recent firings are people who get no coda on their time with WWE. Next week we’ll see Alex “Rage” Riley take a knee to the face so at least we have something to look forward to. Hopefully Sandow will find himself in the warm embrace of promotion that allows his tremendous charisma and ring skill to shine through.

Apollo Crews vs. Heath Slater w/ The Social Outcasts

What to make of Apollo Crews? He’s clearly among the most gifted wrestlers anywhere and has so much potential. However it’s still so early in Crew’s NXT/WWE career that something feels off about how he has been presented. One solution is to strap a belt on him (the United States Championship, please) so there is a definitive target on Crews and a fulfillment of his obvious talent. The solution that has been put on him is fighting the Social Outcasts and threatening him with notion of joining Bo Dallas and Friends if Heath Slater wins (?!!?).

Crews shows impressive fortitude by holding off Slater (and later Toss Powerbombing Slater Gator for the win) as well as Dallas and Curtis Axel and looks very strong. However, Crews runs the risk of being another static figure on the roster when he should be the breakout Superstar of 2016.

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