WWE Monday Night Raw (May 9) Preview

After an average Raw the week previous, the May 9th 2016 edition of Monday Night Raw comes from the Century Link Field, Omaha, NE. Will, will Aj Styles get revenge? Here’s what you should expect:

Aj Styles WILL show his ruthless side:

After being power bombed through the announce table, Aj Styles will be looking for revenge, after trying to be the good guy in the group of Styles, Gallows and Anderson, will he finally snap? Will he get his revenge?

Who will challenge The Miz?

After Zayn and Owens interrupted the Cesaro-Miz match at Payback, which annoyed many, the 3 (Cesaro, Owens, Cesaro) have been squabbling about who will challenge the 5 time champ, this week on Raw will decide it when Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn go at it for a chance of getting the prize.

What’s next for Dean Ambrose?

After Mitch (Yes, his plant pot) was smashed onto his head by Chris Jericho, Ambrose will be looking for redemption, whether or not we want to see another Ambrose-Jericho match remains to be seen, but that is probably the way it will go. It should be another classic, but where to afterwards for Ambrose? A WWE WHC title push? here’s to hoping.

Is Charlotte scared?

After Natalya applied the sharpshooter onto Ric Flair (Yes, an old man), it remains to be seen whether Charlotte is angry, or scared. After grabbing pops out of the ring, Natalya looked ready for another match, is Charlotte scared to lose her title to the veteran? Or will Charlotte conquer yet another woman?

The Lone Wolf to destroy Ziggles.

After Dolph Ziggler eliminated Baron Corbin from the US Title #1 contenders match last week, Corbin got revenge on his foe by throwing him out. Surely this means revenge for Ziggler, this is probably building to a match at Extreme Rules, but if Baron Corbin doesn’t win, and comfortably, it could mean the end of days for him.

Bad-a-boom, realest guy in the room.

After Enzo Amore’s injury at Payback to the hands of The Vaudevillains, Big Cass is looking for revenge on the heels, looking strong last week on Raw, will Big Cass destroy the pairing again? Or will the Vaudevillains get one over the member of SAWFT.

Rusev crush!

It’s pretty certain by this point that Rusev will devour Kalisto, who must be one of the worst booked US champions in WWE history, leading to a huge push for Rusev, who won the #1 contenders battle royal last week, and got a pretty brutal injury on Smackdown against Zack Ryder, Rusev is destined for gold.

Sibling Rivalry

After Vince McMahon announced that both Shane and Stephanie McMahon will be running Raw, the 2 wasted little time getting involved in the main event, looking to better each other. The 2 showed clear signs of a sibling rivalry on Raw, and will this continue? Will there be a definitive person running Raw? Or will the siblings miraculously get on?


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