5 WWE Superstars Who Need To Be Fired

In light of the most recent WWE talent clear-out, WWE have fired the likes of Alex Riley, Zeb Colter and Damien Sandow, but here we see more WWE Superstars that need to get axed:

5. Erick Rowan

If you ask someone who their least favorite member of the Wyatt family is, they’ll probably say Erick Rowan…. with Braun Strowman in a close second. Rowan is another example of talent wasted in WWE, booked the weak link in the Wyatt family, even with the Wyatt family getting booked weak every week! Having him lose at Wrestlemania in 6 seconds (A record) is the icing on the cake, get rid.

4. Jack Swagger

Swagger is a former US champion, Tag Team champion and World champion, but nowadays Jack Swagger barely ever gets on TV, mainly wrestling on Superstars and Main Event, if he’s lucky. Swagger has said to be hard to work with, clumsy, and often very boring, he brings nothing to the table anymore. He has awful mic skills, and with Zeb Colter gone, I say axe Swagger.

3.  Ryback

No, I don’t hate Ryback, I just strongly dislike him. The Big Guy’s character is beating on people that are smaller than him? In an era when vanilla midgets are the way to go I don’t see a point of this. People often comment on how boring he is, and with him even being taken off of TV I don’t see a way back for him.

2. Adam Rose

Poor old Adam Rose, we all want him to repackage himself back to Leo Kruger, but WWE now portray him as a homosexual member of the Social Jobcast. What even is his gimmick anymore? Adam Rose started off so well in NXT, but was called up way too early. The WWE crowd didn’t accept him, there’s no place for him anymore.

1. Eva Marie

What is to like about Eva Marie except for her stunning looks? Nothing right? She’s awful on the mic, awful in the ring, can’t take a bump to save her life, can’t deliver moves to save her life and worst of all they put her with Nia Jax, which makes Eva seem even worse! She’s part of the boring Total Divas cast, which says a lot about why she’s still in the company. The NXT nor the WWE crowds have accepted her, they’ve been booing her and chanting “You Can’t Wrestle”, oh dear.


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