West Coast Wrestling Connection #101 (April 30) – Results and Review

One could subtitle this episode “The Invasion of Paragon Pro Wrestling” as several talents WCWC’s sibling promotion make impressive debuts. Let’s get to the action!

West Coast Wrestling Connection #101 (Apr. 30)

Jackson Armory, Portland, OR.

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Drew Donovan vs. The Midnight Marvels (Spyder Warrior & Damien Drake)

Handicap Match

It would be unfair to the Marvels to call this match a squash match despite Drew Donovan pinning both Spyder Warrior and Damien Drake at the same time. The Marvels catch serious air and display the impressive ring work they’ve been honing in Future Stars of Wrestling as proteges of The Whirlwind Gentlemen.

Drew Donovan is exactly what WCWC needs from a heavyweight competitor. We are teased with a future confrontation with the fang-wielding Gangrel and thank goodness. The diversity of talent in the WC needs some burly bruisers to balance the abundance of Cruiserweight talents.

Rude Boy Riley vs. Ethan HD w/ Kate Carney

Rude Boy Riley also comes from Paragon and faces the formidable offense of Ethan HD and the advanced management tactics of Kate Carney. These guys ratchet up the action and exemplify the best WC has to offer. Riley scores a very impressive victory after he and HD perform a really impressive final sequence. Probably the best match of the show and the action speaks for itself.

Grappler III w/ The Wrecking Crew vs. Lemon Drop, The Hippie

Since exiting the shadow of The Grappler, The Wrecking Crew (Grappler III, the possible time traveler Jeremy Blanchard, “The Thrillbilly” Kassius Koonz, and Matt Striker) continue to run roughshod over the roster. As their pre match promo indicates, they are on the hunt for the imposter Grappler who cost GIII a victory over his former mentor. The attack of Eric Right this past Sunday at a Salem House show may or may not be connected to the Wrecking Crew and the False Grappler. Who can say what is what in this topsy turvy world of today?

In any case Lemon Drop gets a loaded boot to the guts and GIII on keeps trucking.

The Whirlwind Gentleman vs. “The Italian Flamingo” Nick Bugatti & The Shadow

The Shadow (as well as Lemon Drop) is part of a nebulous Conceptual Stable that represent ideas and functions for the WC. Thanks to them we can see what is really great about their opponents while being wholly unobtrusive and displaying strong wrestling mechanics. To perform these roles, the wrestlers behind the masks must have a tremendous collection of skills.

That said, The Knights of the Neon City are unstoppable. Jack Manley and Remy Marcel are in rare form and despite Nick Bugatti (who shows echos of Adrian Adonis and Jay Youngblood) bringing his best, the Whirlwind Gentlemen hit a tasty Crucifix Superkick for the victory.

Adam Thornstowe vs. Darin Corbin

Both Corbin and Thornstowe make triumphant returns to the company with this match. Darin Corbin’s a former WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion and is the Eddie Haskill of the promotion (with apologies to Matt Striker of course.) He interacts with the crowd in a way that sets him apart from other promotion regulars. His ease on the mic and unique look make Corbin this author’s current favorite Corbin-surnamed wrestler.

These guys run a burly match that carries shades of prime AWA-style action. Thornstowe gets the better of the former champion, positioning himself nicely in the emerging new title scene.


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