Ring Of Honor TV (April 28) – Results and Review

Even though the results of this show are well discussed and documented, it’s good to know you can watch huge chunks of amazing Professional Wrestling anywhere, anytime with new episodes weekly. Let’s make like Red Shoes and get in the ring!

Ring Of Honor TV (Apr. 28) Recap and Review

Filmed Feb. 19 at Honor Rising Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Weekly Episodes

Naito & Jay Lethal vs. Okada & Yoshi-Hashi

Top to bottom a stellar match. When Okada and Lethal go at it, there is pacing and craftsmanship at a higher level than most. The recently disenfranchised Ryback should take note of how Naito navigates the waters on his engine of disdain for the crowd, seemingly his partner (though a spine chilling meeting of the minds between Lethal and Naito after the match promises in-ring carnage), and officials.

Kushida vs. Frankie Kazarian

Beyond the nerd chic gimmick, Kushida is an amazing competitor that is a deft high-flyer and has sharp submission tactics. The totality of him has to be one of the best faces for a newly emerging class of wrestlers that impress and dominate in a sphere that could only be imagined in previous decades. Definitely a must-watch match

The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) vs. reDRagon & Shibata

When Kenny Omega hits Kyle O’Reilly with a gnarly One Winged Angel, is it the inevitable climax of an astounding match. If the concept of Blood Harmony can be applied to tag team wrestling, it can be most clearly observed in The Young Bucks, and it’s a beautiful thing. On the other side of the ring, reDRagon present a formidable and enthralling defense that is as brutal as it is elegant. The magnificence of Kenny Omega is hard to overstate, as is the ruthlessly calm destruction meted out by Shibata. This is by far the best match of this episode and is highly recommended.

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