WWE Payback 2016 (May 1) – Results and Review

Apologies in advance for this review, due to Enzo’s injury my head was out of it, so it was hard concentrate on reviewing the matches afterwards. This is sadly not up to the usual high standards of our site, but you guys still deserve the review no matter what. This was an overall great show minus some slightly bad booking and of course Enzo being injured in their tag match.

Kickoff Show:

Dolph Ziggler Def. Baron Corbin

A decent kickoff match but honestly nothing amazing, Corbin was in control most of the match then Dolph picked up the roll up for the win. I guess it leaves a rematch open for the future after that, but outside of that it wasn’t anything special for the kickoff. I must say MASSIVE mistake having Corbin lose his debut PPV.

Rating: **

Kickoff Show – United States Championship

Kalisto (c) Def. Ryback

Better than their WrestleMania match, but honestly the wrong man went over. A couple of botches did hurt this match, but there were good spots. Firstly Ryback’s introduction, mocking CM Punk was amazing, and his gorilla press from the top was amazing, but most of it was a bit of repeating of their previous matches. Don’t agree with Kalisto going over, this is making Ryback’s character change useless as it hasn’t impacted his career at all.

Rating: ***1/4

#1 Contenders Match For The Tag Team Championships:

The Vaudevillains Vs. Enzo Amore & Collin Cassady Went To A No Contest

Well… a potential MOTN thrown away by a terrible accident. While not Over The Edge serious by the looks of it, sadly Enzo got badly concussed after smacking his head off the second rope and snapping his head back onto the mat. What looked like a work at first turned out to be a terrible tragedy, recover quick Enzo, my thought are with you.

Rating: N/A

Kevin Owens Def. Sami Zayn

Well hard to rate this match because my head was still all over the place, and I’m sure Sami and Kevin were a bit out of it too. But it was a great match, some awesome hard hitting spots, these two went at war with each other, and a very awesome finish, nice reversals into the pop up power bomb and Owens picks up the victory. He then goes onto commentary for the IC title match, having an in ring interview with Bryon Saxton saying he was going back to capture the IC title. Interesting to see how him and Sami’s rivalry continues into Extreme Rules.

Rating: ****1/4

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:

The Miz (c) Def. Cesaro

Another good match, Miz can wrestle and he’s finally being given something interesting to do. Owens on commentary was hilarious and really helped lift up the usually boring commentary. Cesaro is just a beast in the ring, how is he not a champion? Sami came back to attack Owens, getting a distraction on the ref, having Miz roll up Cesaro for the win and after some carnage in the post match, it looks like a tease for a fatal 4 way at Extreme Rules. Guess Zack Ryder is just back to jobber deluxe?

Rating: ***3/4

Dean Ambrose Def. Chris Jericho

A fine match, but no real story telling in the match so it felt a little under whelming, still a solid match overall, no real spots that blew me away. Honestly it was just a solid match but nothing special, Dean needed the win after getting screwed about at Mania, and I loved Jericho’s tantrum after the match, love heel Jericho, love him forever.

Rating: ***1/2

WWE Women’s Championship Match:

Charlotte (c) “Def” Natalya

A very good match with a f*cking sh*t finish. A lovely match with brilliant technical wrestling, so much focus on the legs but of their submission finishers basing on that area. Charlotte’s moonsault is amazing, almost Kurt Angle like, I was happy there was no real altercations between Ric or Bret making the match more clean. Then the finish happened, the screwjob throwback was useless, all for a cheap pop post match. Ruined an awesome match, but hey Charlotte retains, most likely a rematch at Extreme Rules due to this. Although I still want Sasha as champion, Natalya deserves one proper last hoorah.

Rating: ***3/4

Main Event – World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Roman Reigns (c) Def. AJ Styles

A good main event, but some annoying booking plagues it. AJ looked great in this match, no if or buts, to anyone who really thinks AJ got buried have to remember, he’s only been champion a month, he’s going to have the belt until at least SummerSlam. Roman looked good as well, he sold very well and his offense was solid, a very good performance by both men. Roman was more of a heel in this encounter, being more cocky at times which was a nice touch to get AJ even more over. The restarts were really useless, and honestly the stipulations were useless outside of a bit of Bullet Club Usos shenanigans, which makes me fear we’ll get a PPV main event of BC v Usos & Roman in the future.

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