WWE Monday Night Raw (May 2) Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw

May 2, 2016

Scottrade Center – Saint Louis, MO


The Lone Wolf’s Redemption

Last night at Payback, Dolph Ziggler managed to put Baron Corbin down for the win. After looking strong since his debut and all of his momentum being stopped, how will Baron Corbin react to the loss? More importantly, how bad will he hurt Dolph Ziggler?

The Kevin Owens Show

Payback was in Kevin Owens’ favors as he defeated rival and former best friend Sami Zayn in singles competition. Owens then said he can now set his sights on regaining the WWE Intercontinental Championship. During Miz’s defense of said championship against recently returned Cesaro, a brawl between Owens and Zayn carried into the ring, allowing Miz to take advantage and hold on to the championship. After the match, Owens got the last laugh by laying out the other 3 competitors, ending their segment by holding up the Intercontinental Championship. Will Cesaro get a rematch? Is Sami Zayn in the title picture? Is Kevin Owens the new #1 Contender?


Sibling Partnership

Vince McMahon informed his son Shane and his daughter Stephanie that not one of them would obtain control of Monday Night Raw, but both of them will by sharing control. However, both Shane and Stephanie didn’t wait until Raw to exercise their powers as both had a hand in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship bout between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles in the main event of last night’s Payback event. Tonight, Stephanie and Shane will run the show together, will it be a success or will their rivalry cost them to provide a bad show?


WWE Payback 2016 - AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns

The Roman Empire Stands Tall… For Now

Last night, Roman Reigns was able to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles after numerous situations came about that would say otherwise. At the end of the night, Roman stood tall against the carnage of his match with AJ Styles including Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and The Usos. Shortly after the match, Vince McMahon asked newly co-GMs Shane and Stephanie what comes next and their answer was a rematch between Styles and Reigns in an Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules. With Gallows and Anderson seemingly on AJ’s side, will they finally be allowed to run wild against Reigns and The Usos leading into AJ’s rematch?


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