WWE NXT (April 26) – Results and Review

1st Match: Asuka vs Eva Marie

This was a decent match. Good showcase for Asuka as the dominate champion. It was a pretty good back and forth match, but Asuka got the hard fought victory after she hit Eva with a kick to the head. After the match, it looked like they are setting up a Nia Jax vs Asuka feud, which I already know I would not enjoy.

2nd Match: The Revival vs Parker and Lee

This was a very quick squash match for Revival. It is almost certain they will face American Alpha again at the next takeover in June. They won after their finisher, before beating up Parker and Lee again, and announcing that they want back what is theirs, and will destroy every team in their path

3rd Match: Hype Bros vs BaM

Another tag match between two teams I do not really like that much. They had a back and forth match like they previous matches they have had, and as usual Ryder and Rawley picked up the win. They then got attacked by The Revival, putting truth to what they said the last segment

4th Match: Carmella vs Aliyah

The 2nd squash of the night, Aliyah had a good showing in her debut, but needs to improve a bit more with her in ring skills, Carmella won the match after locking in her leg submission for the submission victory

5th Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Elias Samson

How good is Nakamura? He is so crisp in the ring he could put on a good match with anybody on the current roster. I am still not a fan of Samson, his gimmick does not really work with me, but it is nothing major, hopefully it gets better as the weeks and months go on.


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