WCWC #100 (April 23) – Results and Review

Every title is on the line in this milestone episode!

WCWC #100 (Apr. 23)

Jackson Armory, Portland, Or.

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Weekly Episodes

The Whirlwind Gentlemen vs. Mikey O’Shea & Marcus Malone vs. G N’ R (c) w/ Mr. Tubbs

WCWC Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match

The show opens big with a showdown between the top teams in the tag division. From start to finish the match is a tornado of action. Of note in this match: Jack Manley is one of the best Cruiserweights anywhere in wrestling and catches major air during one point in this match. Very impressive. Mikey O’Shea executes a sweet Double Suplex and is a beast.

Fortunately for Mr. Tubbs, his brand of Tag Team Management continues to deliver. Greg Romero and Ricky Gibson continue to dominate the division because (like many Pacific Northwest Wrestling champions) they have no compunction about cracking some dude with a billiard ball (thus retaining their belts). Gibson makes it look easy in the ring which means he’s that good and his partner one of the WC’s secret weapons. Marcus Malone continues to impress and has to be top contender for Grappler III’s Legacy Championship belt.

Ethan HD w/ Kate Karney vs. Damien Drake

Damien Drake’s second outing at WCWC is tough work thanks to former Pacific Northwest Champion, Ethan HD. Drake has an inner momentum that belies his size. He has excellent ring awareness and is high flyer. Endless potential.

Ethan HD is too overpowering and sends Drake back to Midnight Marvels HQ via a wicked Curb Stomp. HD is so polished in the squared circle. Here’s hoping he and the management talent of Kate Carney make a play for the Pacific Northwest Championship.

Grappler III (c) w/ Jeremy Blanchard  vs. Spyder Warrior

WCWC Legacy Championship Open Challenge

To his credit, Spyder Warrior steps up to the open challenge of Grappler III. That’s pretty ballsy. The Legacy title denotes a deep connection to the heritage of Pacific Northwest Wrestling. Sometimes that means high caliber wrestling in the tradition of Dynamite Kid, Gory Guerrero, Stan Stasiak or Curt Hennig. Most often being a champion in the Northwest means being a champion like Rip Oliver, “Mean” Mike Miller, “Playboy” Buddy Rose or Grappler III with the motto being: the rules are as easy to break as arms.

Spyder Warrior does mount an impressive effort here but GIII and (the possibly time-displaced?) Jeremy Blanchard have little trouble keeping the belt from changing hands.

Lemon Drop, The Hippie vs. King Kash

Lemon Drop is a blast from the WCWC past and manages to score a victory on the heretofore undefeated King Kash. Despite this minor setback, Kash seems like he could be a breakout competitor among the independent federations and contender for any of the WCWC’s belts.

“Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right vs. “The Obsession” Caleb Konley (c)

WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship Match

It’s easy to see why Right and Konley are at the top of the roster. The open tie-up/chain sequence is outstanding and both wrestlers are in top form. Caleb Konley in the WCWC is the perfect 80s style a-hole but he can more than back it up. On a personal note, I’d love to see him compete in NXT as Konley’s mic abilities and ring work would fit perfectly down yonder at Full Sail.

Eric Right is a hell of a wrestler that finally, definitively and without aid of tonics or questionable holds bests Caleb Knoley for the WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship. This 100th episode acts as an “Issue 0” for the company and it is exciting to find out what comes next!

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