WWE Superstars (April 22) – Results and Review

It’s been a noteworthy week in many ways, to put it politely. Let’s work it out in the ring.

WWE Superstars

Filmed Apr. 18, 2016

O2 Arena – London, England.

Big Show vs. The Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel w/ Heath Slater)

Handicap Match

As an opening to an evening of Professional Wrestling, a Giant-targeted Handicap Match is pretty damn good. Thanks to wrestling, this is a canvas for hulking and often agile brutes to paint on. Dallas and Axel could be on of the best tag teams in the division, given the chance. The have a natural chemistry that is apparent and a serious run at the belts would produce world class matches.

I enjoy this version of Big Show…the soaking-it-all-in, genial, double-chokeslamming giant hoss. Rather than complain about what Big Show does or doesn’t do, better to appreciate his role in the overall scheme of things. Neither good, nor bad he is The Giant and as such all comers are welcomed to best him or get swatted. It doesn’t matter how many people want him to retire because ultimately he will. He will be missed and we’ll miss the people we were when he was merely tolerating (and pinning) two immensely talented knuckleheads.

 Kalisto (c) vs. Tyler Breeze

Given the right nudge, Tyler Breeze could go from a neo-Gorgeous George to realms of Nature Boyishness. Breeze is consistently underrated (based on win-loss records mostly) but where it counts he is an incredible performer, miles ahead of the current World Heavyweight Champion. Breeze’s powers are growing but Kalisto nails a Salida Del Sol and picks up the win.

Kalisto bears the weight of the United States Championship with tremendous skill and seems to be a genuine and almost unanimous fan favorite. With Breeze he produces an extremely high quality match that will, to some, be mere footnote. Find just about any random episode of the 80s/90s edition of Superstars or NWA Power Hour and a match of this tempo and structure would be the match of the show. While there is a race for the next big upper card atrocity/attraction, the technical levels and artistry “down the card” are so extremely high it boggles the mind.

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