WWE NXT (April 20) – Results and Review

1st Match: Tag Team Non-Title: American Alpha vs Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Amore and Gable start off the match. Gable works over the arm for the first couple of minutes before tagging in Jordan to work over the arm. Enzo eventually gets some space before tagging in Cass, as he and Jordan have a stare down into commercial. We come back to see Cass hit Jordan with a clothesline before Cass slams him onto Jordan. Cass dominates most of the match, as he threw around Gable before Jordan came in for the mandatory hot tag. Jordan suplexes Enzo around the ring before pulling the straps down. Gable and Jordan then hit Enzo with the Grand Amplitude for the victory.

Winners – Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. This was a solid match, which was a good showcase match for AA after winning the tag titles at Dallas. 6.5/10

We then go backstage to see Apollo Crews talking about Samoa Joe being a bully before he says that tonight will be the start of the ‘Age of Apollo’

2nd Match: No Way Jose vs Alexander Wolfe

They lock up before Jose dances out of it. Jose does a bit more dancing before hitting a snapmare. NWJ then picks on Wolfe for an airplane spin, stops halfway, then keeps going. The crowd is loving Jose. Chanting “Jose, Jose, Jose” to “Ole, Ole, Ole”. Jose keeps dancing before PUNCHING Wolfe for the win.

Winner – No Way Jose. Jose showed us what he could do in his debut match. His gimmick is decent, but he needs to find a new finisher…It is really bad. I liked what I saw of Wolfe, hopefully he can get some more air time. 4/10

We then cut backstage to see Elias Samson strumming his guitar before William Regal walks in. He tells Samson that he has heard his songs. Before telling him that next week he will face off with Shinsuke Nakamura.

3rd Match: Nia Jax vs Deonna Purrazo

Deonna charged at Jax, but Jax moved out of the way. Classic Jax match. She wins after a Samoan Drop then a Leg Drop.

Winner – Nia Jax. Nia has been on TV for a while now, but all of her matches have been the exact same. 3.5/10


4th Match: Samoa Joe vs Apollo Crews

After a lock up, Joe locks Crews in a wrist lock. Crews showed off his athleticism in the match, and Joe showed why he should be moved up to the main roster. This was a hard hitting match, which was worthy of being a takeover match. They had a good sequence at the end before Joe locked Crews in the Coquina Clutch and Crews had to tap out

Winner – Samoa Joe. This was the match of the night, both men gave it their all. I wonder what is next for Joe, as Crews has been moved the the Main Roster. 7.5/10


NXT Rating: 21.5/40 = 53%

NXT Rankings For 2016 (Starting From April 20th)

  1. NXT April 20, 2016 – 53%

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