WCWC #99 (April 16) – Results and Review

It says something when a fully independent Pro Wrestling outfit sustains itself for 11 years and is looking to thrive. One episode shy of 100 episodes, West Coast Wrestling Connection displays a wealth of great wrestling and in this episode specifically, we mark a passage into another era. Load up that orthopedic boot and let’s get in the ring!

WCWC #99 (April 16) Results and Review

Jackson Armory Portland, Or.

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 Matt Striker vs. Gangrel

Blindfold Match

In the WC Universe Matt Striker is the Alpha Heel. It is impossible not to like him but oh, the rules he breaks. Per stipulations that arose on last week’s episode Striker must be blindfolded. It isn’t long before a fun family friendly match devolves into a fistful of brass knuckles into the fangs of the Vampire Warrior. Where some promotions might not pull off a cogent match full of random run-ins (I see you Spider Warrior) and stipulations in this match, it works extremely well.

 Whirlwind Gentlemen vs. Ethan HD & Kash w/ Kate Carney

Jack Manley and Remy Marcel, The Whirlwind Gentleman (current FLW Tag Champions) are a fantastic tag team. They have a bit of that Rock N’ Roll Express-style perpetual momentum. Dynamic, high flying tag team wrestling is an impressive endeavor and The Knights of the Neon City are one of the best tag teams in wrestling.

Ethan HD and Kash (whose boots are GLORIOUS, by the way) are a new team but they do have terrific chemistry. The match is fast paced and the crowd is into it. A Fro-nado DDT gives the Gentlemen a win ahead of next week’s Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match.

 Greg Romero vs. Jeff Boom

It is worth noting that Greg Romero hasn’t uttered one word on camera for quite some time. This has not stopped Romero from being conspicuous by his brutality in the ring. Instead of chit-chat, Romero and Jeff Boom put on the match of the episode as both wrestlers are at their best here. Boom has quickly established himself as a fan-favorite while Romero wrestles as well as he plays dirty and the phrase “by any means necessary” is the phrase that pays.

Mikey O’Shea vs. Ricky Gibson

Mikey O’Shea is the moral compass of WCWC and he’s got the ring skills to back up that mantle. He and “Rock God” Ricky Gibson have an intense match punctuated by a devastating Gunslinger Slam and win for O’Shea. Despite the machinations of Gibson’s posse, for a moment the scales of justice balance in favor of the rule-following and hard-working.

 The Grappler vs. Grappler III

The Grappler has cut a swath through the wrestling business since 1976. At the conclusion of this match Grappler unlaces his boots and leaves them in the ring, signifying the end of era for Portland Wrestling. The connection between WCWC and Don Owen’s legendary promotion will live on in Grappler III giving WCWC a legitimizing heritage that coupled with its longevity makes the WC one of the premiere active independent Professional Wrestling promotions. There is some classic Grappler Magic in this bout (a nod to Grappler’s friend, the late great Roddy Piper) and he breaks the rules one more time, for old time’s sake.

We don’t often witness sincere and real endings in wrestling. Often storylines or performers disappear with no warning or acknowledgement. In a business as old and fueled by hidden yet present rituals as Professional Wrestling, seeing a master of a craft complete a final deliberate act (even one of farewell) is an inspiring sight.


The WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship status was clarified this week as officials reversed the decision from last week’s match between Caleb Konley and Eric Wright. These two have an amazing chemistry, highlighting each-others particular strengths: Konley (the rightful and real champion) is a brutal technician (WHO HATES CHOKE HOLDS ESPECIALLY ERIC RIGHT’S); Eric Right is a deft, gifted wrestler who needs to ease up on the Tonic. They set up a definitive title defense for next week’s giant 100th episode. Oh there’s a caveat…if Right loses, he must shave his moustache off. Ah wrestling. Please never change.

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