Holy Trinity! – Meeting WWE’s Naomi

Where to start… Trinity or as most of you know from Talking Sheet, I refer to as Naomi/Trinity, is my FAVORITE. Why is she my favorite you ask? There are certainly more organically talented female wrestlers; however, how many use their booty in their signature move (Rear View)? Or was a background dancer for Flo-Rida??And was also a Cheerleader for Orlando Magic? Let’s be real here..those things combined sound like an awesome bucket list that I’m personally jealous of. Not jealous because I think I can’t do them (I could) however, I am jealous of the fact she did those things AND did them all by the ripe ol’ age of 28. 28 years old people!!

I first met Trinity/Naomi by way of Total Divas about five years ago. When we met she was already engaged to Jonathon Fatu (A.K.A. Jimmy Uso). During her three seasons as a main character on Total Divas we see the budding engagement of herself and Jon and even ending a season with the viewers getting to enjoy their Hawaiian destination wedding. In the following season we saw Trinity/Naomi enjoy acclimating to being a wife and stepmother while struggling to find the balance of being the “Fun Stepmom” and being a parent.

Playing catch up on “Homework”, I would also get introduced to “Naomi” via WWE with Cameron performing as the Funkadactyls. Oh yes, they had pompoms. I dug their entrance and even their theme song. If you recall, they did win a SLAMMY in 2013 for “Best Dance Moves of the year”.

My most favorite time during my journey of learning Trinity/Naomi was watching her adapt to the role of a heel. Although it does seem that in other times and places she has played the heel before, this is first time that I know of that there was focus on it. One of the many reasons why Trinity/Naomi is so great is because she is so seemingly kind, gentle and warmhearted. Watching her go through that transformation was interesting. I felt for her struggle, yes yes, I know, the show is scripted but come on people…. she sucked you right into it. You felt her discomfort and you felt she didn’t want it HOWEVER; we must comply with the wishes of WWE mustn’t we? When Mark Curano asks you “You’re turning heel tonight, how do you feel about that”…as you’re getting your eyeshadow applied…. he isn’t really asking about your feelings.

I am most pleased to hear that Trinity is returning to Total Divas in season six. I am a firm believer that part of the reason why this season was LAME-O was because she wasn’t a key player within it. While this season seems like a shore to get through, including Trinity/Naomi back into the show is something I am looking forward to experiencing.

What I am not looking forward to is to keep seeing her play a heel on the main roster, I don’t love it. It’s likely because I knew her through Total Divas first- not sure. Also, there are plenty of heels ladies on the main roster… let her just be who she is dammit! Also, not sure that teaming her with Tamina is the right match but that’s a different article altogether..

As for her attire, the whole current “GLOW” gimmick doesn’t do it for her. I don’t understand the relevancy to it or the lack of commitment. Although I love her and again she is my FAVORITE, I think she has some refinement to do on her character. I’d like her to find her true purpose and stand alone. I’m very curious to see what happens with the NEW Women’s Championship. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll be the one to take the “Wooooo” out of Charlotte and shove it up her…….<mic dropped>.


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