TNA Impact Wrestling (April 12) – Results and Review

There is a sculpture in every block of marble. This week’s Impact has a lot to chip away from. In a week that has seen news of radical downsizing from TNA, the present episodes we’re seeing might be the last of certain type of Impact Wrestling and that is not a bad thing. Let’s go the ring.

TNA Impact Wrestling

April 12, 2016

Pop Network

Filmed at Universal Studios, Fl.


Beer Money vs. Decay vs. BroMans vs. Eric Young & Bram

TNA Tag Title Match

This is a big burly match that is as messy as it is fun overall. Decay perform a great offensive Chokeslam onto Bobby Roode. Beer Money retain thanks to the every dwindling coordinated efforts of Eric Young and Bram. Here’s to hoping program between the two is totally insane and gnarly.

Trevor Lee vs. DJZ

X-Division Match

Trevor Lee a great weirdo beardo wrestler. He and former X-Division Champion DJZ get down to business and have a brisk match that ends in clean pin by DJZ. Lee’s Svengali, Shane Helms attacks DJZ but Eddie Edwards makes the save.

Mike Bennett vs. Ethan Carter III

This is easily the best match of the show. From Maria Kanellis being perfect in every way to ECIII losing it and creating a DQ situation, the story was crystal clear and the action in the ring supported the structure of the overall story. Also, someone gets beaten senseless with a steel chair. If only the entirety of TNA story’s were as good.

Madison Rayne vs. Jade

Knockouts Title Match

Thanks to the promise of Maria Kanellis gracing us with her presence and Gail Kim being a legit badass, the Knockouts Division in the most interesting part of Impact. For new viewers (there have to be some) meeting the entire roster teases the potential depths of the division and an influx of new wrestlers would be great for business. Rayne gets a sweet Northern Lights Bridge in before Jade executes a stiff STO legsweep. I’m stoked for the Knockouts Ladder match next week.

Matt Hardy & Tyrus vs. Jeff Hardy & Drew Galloway

The Hardys family squabble rolls on. Tyrus as well as World Champion Drew Galloway get pulled along behind drama. Tyrus and Galloway are the best part of this match by far and a potential championship match is enticing enough to keep watching. My biggest emerging issue with this show is the biliousness. Perhaps a large scale back is exactly what the company needs. Don’t mistake, Matt is King Heel and Jeff Hardy is a facepaintin’ spot havin’ sonofagun…but everything feels muted.

Notes from the Impact Zone

William Corgan is the best “worst guy you ever have to deal with from middle management” in the business today. Having him pop up randomly being awful and sniveling with everyone would do wonders for the show. Of course he gets personally in the Knockouts match, of course he’s “only the messenger”. It’s pretty great.

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