WCWC Episode #98 (April 9) – Results and Review

WCWC hurtles towards its 100th episode and we are treated to an impressive debut as well as a controversial (to this writer) Pacific Northwest Championship match. Let’s get in that dang ol’ ring!!

 West Coast Wrestling Connection

Jackson Armory Portland, OR

West Coast Wrestling Connection event info


Jeff Boom vs. Matt Striker

Once again Matt Striker creates heel magic in Jackson Armory. I tend to think of Lucha Underground and WCWC existing in a shared universe (because I am a weirdo) so the dissonance between jovial professional LU Striker and Wrecking Crew Striker is straight up delightful. I am surprised that he has not held a belt in the WC given that beating Striker is a measuring stick for competitors. Jeff Boom makes a great showing in his second bout for the company and thanks to some ringside distracting from Gangrel, Boom lands a tasty Boomerang Stunner picking up the win, setting Boom up for title contention.

 Gangrel vs. Kassius Koonz

The Corn-fed Colossus, the winner of the coveted (?) Grappler Cup (2nd Place) Trophy Kassius Koonz seems like he was plucked off an episode of World Class Championship Wrestling and brought to our modern times. Like Marcus Malone, Koonz is a stand out performer from the Grappler’s Academy and hopefully we’ll see either or both show up at PWG or other promotions in addition to the WC. Koonz executes a brutal Sidewalk Slam, however the experienced Gangrel is too much for Kassius who gets caught up in a burly Impaler DDT and is cleanly pinned, a rarity for members of The Wrecking Crew.

 Khash vs. Marcus Malone

Hailing from Tehran, Iran (by way of Seattle) Khash makes his WCWC debut against the ascendant Marcus Malone. This match is easily the best of this episode and both competitors are in fine form. Malone delivers a tasty High Back Body Drop and perfect Hip Toss but cannot withstand the Khash Clutch (a Camel Clutch/Full Nelson combo) and taps out to the newcomer. Khash is a contender for either WCWC singles championships.

WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship

Eric Right vs. Caleb Konley

Iron Man Match

Performance enhancing substance swilling “babyface” Eric Right finally has his shot at the WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship. Agreeing to not use his patented Sleeper Hold, Right and Caleb Konley battle it out in an Iron Man Match. The match is good and both competitors pick up one fall apiece before all hell breaks loose. Right has a hidden batch of Granny Right’s Tonic which he uses to gain a second wind. Right also takes advantage of a ref knock down by USING THE SLEEPER HOLD HE AGREED TO NOT USE!! What a hero and role model. He ostensibly cheats his way to his first Pacific Northwest Championship (which, to be fair, is a time honored PNW tradition). For a so-called gentleman who’s accompanied to the ring by mustachioed little kids (the Moustache Brigade) this is no way to win a belt. I hope he can redeem himself in upcoming title defenses. The pool of competitors is deep so Right’s title reign might be a short one.


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