WWE Superstars (4/8/16) – Results and Review: Kalisto vs. Bo Dallas

Almost a week removed from WrestleMania, this episode may as well serve as a season premiere to Superstars. Will the seeds planted on Superstars yield a bountiful harvest of dope ring action? Who knows?! Let’s get in the riiiiing!

WWE Superstars

Filmed 4/4/2016

American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX

Ryback vs. Fandango

Poor Fandango. Despite a sick Side Russian Leg Sweep and strong offense late in the match, he is squashed by Ryback. The Ryback’s all new all terrible attitude isn’t doing him any favors, to be honest. There is some aspect of his on screen personality that makes the good parts of his in-ring work irrelevant. From attempting the Human Action Figure schtick to his current A-Hole with a Heart of Junk, Ryback would be better suited to TNA unless he goes completely bonkers and turns it all up to 11. A deranged Ryback bent on blind destruction? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Kalisto vs. Bo Dallas w/ The Social Outcasts

The Social Outcasts are angels from heaven and I will not hear differently. A new-look Bo Dallas gets a shot at the United States Champion Kalisto and by god the crowd is hot! These two guys are excellent together. It is too easy to forget that Dallas was NXT Champion and that is a crime. Bo should be in the hunt for a belt be it the US, IC, Tag…the World Heavyweight Championship even. Just watch him in this match…he’s almost flawless with his movements, bumps and persona. Kalisto performs a Salida Del Sol off of interfering members of the Social Outcasts and picks up the win. A good match but Dallas’ individual performance stands out.


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