Ring of Honor (April 6) – Results and Review: The Machine Guns vs The Addiction

To most wrestling fans, this is the week after WrestleMania, one of the most exciting weeks of the year. But to Ring of Honor, this is just another week of TV. I sure am not selling it short though, we still have the hell of a show this week, and I really show a lot of praise in this review. But putting that aside, welcome to another week of Ring of Honour wrestling. Let’s get started with a tag team match.

ReDRagon vs Gedo and Kuzuchika Okada

Quite the A-list match starts off the show this week with the team of Gedo and Kuzuchika Okada facing ReDRagon. The match starts off with a fun little segment where Gedo and Okada go for a handshake but sweep their hand away. Then after, ReDRagon shake their own hands and the match starts. In this match you can tell that the crowd wanted to see more of Okada, because every time he would do the slightest move the crowd would cheer. He for sure was not given enough time in this match, but I am happy that they gave him a good few minutes with Kyle O’Reilly. The match ended in just under 15 minutes, which was a good amount of time for the first match tonight. The match ended with ReDRagon hitting their finishing move “Chasing the dragon” on Gedo. This isn’t the first tag match we get tonight, our main event tonight is The Machine Guns face The Addiction.

Adam Cole vs Kushida

Even though you have to love the tag matches ROH puts on, you have to fit some time in the show for some classic, singles wrestling. Our first singles match of the night is Adam Cole versus Kushida. This match was amazing, with Adam Cole coming up with the victory. Adam Cole wins with a nice ending sequence of moves, that really had me on the edge of my seat. If a match is close down to the pin, then it is a great match. It is good to give Cole a victory especially because he hasn’t been doing to well recently, being kicked out of The Kingdom and all.

The Machine Guns vs The Addiction

Now it is time for the main event of the night, The Machine Guns facing The Addiction. In this match The Machine Guns dominated most of the time, and eventually picked up the win. The match had lots of great high-flying spots and great action, but it seemed very predictable. After the match, The Addiction started attacking The Machine Guns, until another tag team runs out, and then The Young Bucks run out, and a brawl ends the show off. Not too sure why this brawl happened, but it was fun to watch, and so was this match.

Ring of Honour does another great show, with the best match of this night being Adam Cole versus Kushida. This match had a great ending, and was a great showcase of both the wrestlers. That’s it for this review, let’s see what ROH can do next week! Until then, goodbye.



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