WWE SmackDown (April 7) – Results and Review: Owens/Jericho vs. Cesaro/Styles

It is time for another week of Smackdown! This week is not just a normal week of Smackdown, it is the Smackdown after WrestleMania! The bookers for WWE have given us a very good show this week, and I mean the show Bookers, not the King Bookers. We should be expecting a great show including a debut from the Vaudevillians, a title match and much more! Let’s dive in!

WWE SmackDown

Toyota Center – Houston, Texas

April 7, 2016


Opening Segment

The show kicks off this week with a segment between Roman and AJ, talking about their upcoming match. This segment did not last too long, but it’s obvious that Roman is a heel in this rivalry. The exchange of words seemed to end a little too soon, because once Roman walked away, it seemed very underwhelming of a segment. The segment did not help promote what is going on tonight, it only sold the PPV a bit more. Roman also said the catchphrase he said on RAW again, that being “I’m not a good guy, I’m not a bad guy”. I think that this will be a catchphrase said often for Roman. I can see it on a T-shirt in the future.

The Vaudevillians vs The Lucha Dragons

The first match of the night is the mainstage debut for The Vaudevillians, facing off against The Lucha Dragons. The Vaudevillians make their way to the ring in a new, very nice red version of their attire. This match got a decent amount of time, with The Lucha Dragons getting some offense in so that they don’t look really weak. The Vaudevillians hit their finisher the “Whirling Dervish” to end the match. This debut was pretty good, but it would be better if the Vaudevillians would not beat a team that has a champion on it. It degrades the title a little if you make recent call-ups defeat a team that has a title on it. Plus, they had options. It could have been The Ascension, or The Usos or The Dudleys. Other than that, we got a pretty good opener to the show.

Natalya vs Summer Rae

To continue the latest Women’s Championship rivalry, Natalya, the current rival of Charlotte faces Summer Rae with Charlotte ringside. Speaking of this rivalry, I think that it is great that Natalya has gotten a push to face Charlotte. As their match from Roadblock shows, Charlotte and Nattie have great chemistry. Plus, Natalya has not gotten the attention that she deserves for a long time. Good to know WWE has not forgotten that they write her a check every week. Back to the match, Natalya gets the win against Summer without breaking a sweat. After winning the match by the submission move “The Sharpshooter”, she sets her sights on Charlotte ringside. It will be interesting to see how this rivalry unfolds next week on RAW.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Zack Ryder vs The Miz

The third match on the card, Zack Ryder vs The Miz is for sure one of the matches I was the most hyped for this week. After Zack Ryder makes his entrance, we get a entrance from The Miz, with Maryse doing a introduction of The Miz before his music hit. I think that Maryse has lots of potential as a manager, and we will have to see how it pans out. With The Miz being the heel he is, Maryse would be a good manager with a interference happening often in his matches. Speaking of interferences, Maryse does a distraction with the classic removing of a turnbuckle, to let Miz hit the “Skull Crushing Finale” and retain his title. This match was very good, but what can they do now that Zack Ryder has cashed in his rematch clause? Will Zack find out a way to get a match at a PPV? Or will it just end here? Either way, this was a really good match and did not seem boring at all.

Apollo Crews vs Curtis Axel

We have reached into the second hour of the show, and it is time for some midcard cool down matches. Apollo Crews faces 1/4 of The Social Outcasts in his first Smackdown match ever. Crews does the same song and dance that he did on Monday, and of course gets the win. I am not saying that this match was bad, it was still impressive like most Apollo Crews matches.

Dean Ambrose vs Tyler Breeze

Continuing the midcard mania we have going right now, Dean Ambrose crushes Tyler Breeze in around a minute. Nothing special about this, just a match to recap WrestleMania and to fill time. As Ambrose is making his way out of the ring, Jericho’s music hits and he walks to the ring for the main event.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens vs Cesaro and AJ Styles

So after those 2 short matches, it becomes time for the main event! The main event this week is AJ Styles and Cesaro facing Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. What do all of these wrestlers have in common? They faced each other on RAW this week in a fatal four-way match. This is a pretty good main event because it covers many stories right now. It covers Styles facing Roman at a PPV, it covers Cesaro returning and it covers the Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn feud. This match was very good, with the ending being very intense. It ended with Kevin Owens being distracted by Sami Zayn who ran out last minute. That may seem like a lame ending to the match but it sure wasn’t. There was so many near falls and great moves and the match deserved to be the main event. But back to the finish, Styles finished off Owens after Zayn stormed down to the ring to try to attack Kevin Owens.



This show was pretty good! The only part that I was not a big fan of was the midcard, but you can’t have a fully perfect card, WWE demonstrated that on Sunday.

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