WWE Countdown – Their Greatest Movie Ever?

This is a bit unorthodox to what we offer here at We Write Wrestling, but this is just something I’m so interested in that I need to write about it. The subject of interest is WWE’s new movie “Countdown” starring Dolph Ziggler and Kane. This piece will be my thoughts and reactions regarding its trailer. Without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

This may be the greatest thing WWE has ever or will ever produce due to how meta it is. If you don’t want to look up the definition of meta, I’ll give you a contextual meaning for it. This movie is meta because WWE is involved in the creation of this movie, but WWE is referenced in the movie as WWE. However, two of their wrestlers(Dolph Ziggler and Kane) are the main characters in the movie, but are not wrestlers and have no relation or knowledge of who the wrestlers are. That it how crazy this movie’s basis is. We haven’t even gone into the characters or the plot, it’s crazy enough that the movie is made by WWE that includes WWE being WWE, but two WWE wrestlers are not wrestlers and have to interact with WWE wrestlers. WHAT!?

If you still don’t quite understand how awesome this is, just remember moments when “Family Guy” talks about being a TV show on their own TV show. Now take that and add in an animated Seth Macfarlane into an episode that has no idea who any of the Family Guy characters are and have to interact with them in that same mindset. That is about the equivalent to the wackiness of this movie except this one is a drama/action.

The plot follows a very basic formula, Dolph Ziggler plays a somewhat crooked and/or problematic police officer that the head of the department(Kane) is nose-to-nose with at all times. During this, a child gets kidnapped and they have around 10 hours to find the kid before, well, you know. One can only assume that the child is hidden somewhere at a WWE event and Ziggler must search around the entire arena for the boy. Shenanigans ensue as Dolph shortly finds out some of the WWE superstars are apart of this kidnapping.

Focusing back on the ridiculousness of this movie, the credits advertise both Dolph Ziggler and Kane as “WWE Superstars.” So, in a trailer for a movie made by WWE, that includes WWE as WWE with WWE wrestlers in it, two of WWE’s wrestlers are in the movie playing cops that are not WWE wrestlers that have to interact with WWE wrestlers and the two WWE wrestlers that are not playing WWE wrestlers are credited as “WWE Superstars.” Is your mind blown yet? I just wanted to write about how crazy this is and how everyone needs to watch this movie as soon as possible. If you’d like to watch the trailer, it is below.

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