WCWC Episode #97 4/2/2016 Review and Results

The beginning of April 2016 will go down as the biggest weekend for Professional Wrestling in recent memory. There was so much top notch mat action going down and West Coast Wrestling Connection was not to be left out of the fun.  Episode 97 is a PERFECT jumping on point with several debuts, a major development in the Pacific Northwest Championship title picture and great Tag Team Championship main event. Let’s get in the ring!

West Coast Wrestling Connection Episode #97

Aired: 4/2/2016

Jackson Armory Portland, Or.

More information and live event info: http://westcoastwrestlingconnection.com/


Match #1: The Wrecking Crew vs. Midnight Marvels

The show opens with a promo by the Wrecking Crew, comprised of former WCWC Champion Jeremy Blanchard, current WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler III and the Hot Character Find of April 2016, The Thrillbilly Kassius Koonz. The Wrecking Crew could accurately be described as “old school” in a variety of ways. They are Don Owens-era styled heel a-holes only concerned with whipping tails and sipping ales (to paraphrase MF DOOM). Part of this “old school” mentality has to be connected to the fact that Blanchard was struck in the head (?) and LITERALLY BELIEVES HE LIVES IN 1986. One hopes Jeremy Blanchard donates his peculiar brain to science.

Their opponents for this bout are Spider Warrior and Damian Drake, The Midnight Marvels. One assumes they’ve either just come from ComicCon or are on their way to comic book store. While this tandem might put some off aesthetically, the Marvels are really skilled high flyers in the ring with potential for days. A few more years under their belt (he wrote from his mother’s basement) and these guys will be serious Cruiserweight contenders, particularly Damian Drake.

As good as Midnight Marvels are the match is like a couple of older Skynard-heads beating up their younger anime loving little brothers. Koonz delivers a sick double body slam and an assist from an “orthopedic boot” seals the deal in the Wrecking Crew’s favor.

Match #2: Jeff Boom vs. Ethan HD w/ Kate Carney

Ethan HD and Jeff Boom put on a clinic. 100% rad cruiserweight action from start to finish. This is Boom’s debut, the crowd loves him and Boom can go. Ethan HD and Carney would kill in Lucha Underground.

Boom delivers a sweet BOOMarang Stunner picking up an impressive victory and is an immediate contender for the Legacy Title. Grappler III vs. Jeff Boom? We should be so lucky.

#1 Contender Announcement

Eric Right won a Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership to the WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship (at a house show in Salem, Or.) and was on hand to acknowledge this fact to the denizens of the WC Universe. A tile match between Right and Conley is only fair and gentlemanly but to his credit, Caleb Konley wants to strictly adhere to the rules. NO ILLEGAL HOLDS!! Especially holds patented by Eric Right’s family. I cannot get enough of indignant Caleb Konley.

Logically the solution here is to declare a title match for the belt: Iron Man Match. No sleeper holds. I can’t wait. These two guys are national treasures and I can’t wait to see them beat each other senseless.



 Match #3: Gangrel vs. “The Italian Flamingo” Nick Bugati

Oh Lords of Infernal Darkness, bless the Vampire Warrior Gangrel.

This monster has been roaming the Earth week in, week out delivering Impalers and perfect Fisherman’s Suplexes for decades. In a profession that attracts the shroud of death more often than anyone likes, a performer that patrols the edge of darkness for as long as Gangrel has is worth celebrating. Bugati gets some shots in but a surgically applied Double Underhook Butterfly Suplex just crushes him. Great, great match.

Match #4, Main Event: Ricky Gibson & Greg Romero w/ Mr. Tubbs vs. Mikey O’Shea & Marcus Malone

This match is hot! The crowd is solidly behind the newly formed O’Shea/Malone Express (?). The action is crisp and the crowd is with these guys all the way. Mikey O’Shea continues to impress…he’s a suplex machine and a tremendous worker.

Malone and Romero are standouts this match. One of these two (possibly both) should be on the short list of challengers to the WCWC Pacific Northwest title. There is a DQ finish in favor of G n’ R thanks to their lucky Eight Ball. Here’s to hoping for an extended program from these two great teams.


Sport journalist and radio host Colin Cowherd took an opportunity to relieve himself all over, and at the expense of, Professional Wrestling fans this weekend. A weekend that saw  Shinsuke Nakamura debut and the rebooting of the WWE’s Womens division…of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn creating poetry with ladders. In response to the electricity generated, all this sad sub-Craig Gumbel can do is call it “fake”. Somehow Mr. Cowherd  can muster up enthusiasm for 9-man stand-around or whatever “legitimate” sportsball sporty sports he is into. As shortsighted as he is boring and bleating, I would hope Cowherd keeps his malformed opinions neatly crammed somewhere the sun doesn’t shine.


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