WWE WrestleMania 32 – Results and Review

WWE WrestleMania 32

April 3, 2016

AT&T Stadium – Dallas, TX


WWE Kickoff Show:

WWE United States Championship Match:

Kalisto (c) Def. Ryback

A solid Kickoff opener, this match was very solid and honestly well worked. The story simply being Ryback crushing Kalisto and Kalisto having to outsmart him to gain the upper hand. Hats off to both men, Ryback did what he does best, talk down on the little guys and just bulldoze through them while Kalisto had some nice lucha spots and a great counter to the superplex. The finish was nice in Kalisto countering and getting the Salida Del Sol for the victory. Not the best opener of all time, but both men did well with what time they had. I don’t fully agree with Kalisto going over as this is suppose to be a new Ryback but there might be other matches for Ryback to get his big title win.

Rating: ***

 WWE Kickoff Show:

 10 Women Tag Team Match:

Team Total Divas Def. Team B.A.D & Blonde

Props to WWE and the 10 women, they made is match as little of a train wreck as they could, this match for what we got was very well worked. They made sure the more talented women stayed in longer such as Paige, Emma & Naomi. Eva did okay for the few moves she did, Lana mostly barked orders which was good to cover up it being her first match. Naomi had a nice multiple kick spot which was cool and Brie getting the tap out win was a nice moment as she’s most likely leaving soon. Overall again not amazing, but a lot better than I think any of us expected.

Rating: ***

WWE Kickoff Show:

The Usos Def. The Dudley Boyz

The weakest match on the Kickoff, honestly just a RAW quality tag team match, not awful but nothing to shout about. The Usos get their win and revenge on The Dudleyz by putting them through tables in the post match. The first bland match on the card, let’s hope it isn’t the start of a trend.

Rating: **1/2

Ladder Match – WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Zack Ryder Def. Kevin Owens (c) Sami Zayn, The Miz, Stardust, Dolph Ziggler & Sin Cara

What a way to open up WrestleMania and what a shock! While not the best ladder match in Mania history, it was a nice fun opener with some cool spots, Owens frog splash and the exploder suplex being the big highlights for me. Yeah the ladder spot was cool, but done to death. All 7 men got some moments to shine… but Zack Ryder going over?!?!?! A man who had never had his theme played at Mania is suddenly IC champion? Zack has no rival, no opponent, hell he’s barely on WWE TV he was down in NXT. Honestly this win makes no sense to me outside of give Zack a Mania moment, which I guess it accomplished that. Outside of the honestly, poor choice in winner, a solid match to kick off the show.

Rating: ***1/2

Chris Jericho Def. AJ Styles

Superior to their Fast Lane match, Jericho proved he still has a lot left in the tank. Him and AJ had a brilliant match, full of reversals and sequences, while not full clean or quick in flow, hats off to Jericho at 45 to be able to pull it all off still. AJ looked awesome in this match, his whole arsenal used on Jericho, I do disagree with Jericho kicking out of the styles clash again, makes me think AJ will have a new finisher in the coming weeks. The finish was well done, AJ going for a third phenomenal elbow that gets counter in to a codebreaker for the win. While AJ should have gone over here, I have no problem with Chris winning as we’ll probably get a third and final PPV match these two to settle it all.

Rating: ****1/4

6 Man Tag Team Match:

League of Nations Def. The New Day

A solid tag team match here, changed from the original handicap stipulation because screw you that’s why. The match is fine, Xavier being in the match a while was a bit strange, he just got beat up on until he could tag in Kofi or Big.E but when things finally started to build, the match was over. Bit disappointing if I’m honest, I expected a lot more from this match. The post match was just for cheap pops, instead of having New Day go over and look good, or LON go over and look good, they bring out some old timers to beat up LON, then attack New Day? Hell JR even tweeted that made us “..forget the match.” What a ringing endorsement that is. Minutes after AJ Styles lost people said he was buried, yet they’re okay with this? Go f*ck  yourselves IWC.

Rating: ***

No Holds Barred Street Fight:

Brock Lesnar Def. Dean Ambrose

That was very under whelming, like, very under whelming. They built this match to be a war and it was just… a regular ass street fight with nothing to it but Brock chucking Dean around like a rag doll and Dean occasionally getting some offense. It felt clunky and honestly boring, the ending felt rushed as hell and there was just no story to the match. Just weapon shots and suplexes, the most disappointing match of the night. Not sure where either man goes from here as there was no build to anything else or even hints of a rematch. Now you understand why I’m not the biggest Ambrose fan, he’s given all this leverage in his “own environment” and he has a mediocre match, some potential world champion right?

Rating: ***

Triple Threat Match – WWE Women’s Championship

Charlotte (c) Def. Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks

An amazing WOMENS match here. Lita earlier on the Kickoff show unveiled the new Women’s Championship which would replace the Divas title after this match. All 3 women looked great in there, a bit of a slow start but once it got going, it stayed pretty damn good. Wasn’t a big fan of Sasha’s whole Eddie tribute thing, it held no real significance in the context of the match. Charlotte’s moonsault was great and a great highlight of the match. A lot of emphasis on submissions and having to break holds which felt good as you didn’t know how many submissions each lady could take before tapping. The ending was honestly annoying, a match intended to celebrate how great women are and the start of a new era, and the match ends via Ric Flair? I call bullsh*t, whilst yes it is a no DQ match, these 3 didn’t exactly use much of the no DQ rules so why did Flair get involved, hopefully a “Flair bared from ringside” stipulation is added to all of Charlotte’s matches because this is getting annoying. Charlotte can win clean on her own, at first it fitted her gimmick, but now it’s just insulting. Outside of that, a fantastic women’s match, welcome back to then era, of the Womens Division!

Rating: ****

Hell In A Cell Match – If Shane McMahon Wins He Gains Control Of RAW & Undertaker Never Competes At WrestleMania Again:

The Undertaker Def. Shane McMahon

That was insane! A match oozing storytelling, while not a wrestling masterpiece it was all about the story of Shane wanting to beat Taker for the greater good of WWE and restore his legacy. So much actions, the coast 2 coast was an amazing spot but I think we all know the highlight. That leap from the cell was amazing, and full credit to Shane taking that bump because that was f*cking incredible! Sadly my prediction of Balor Club didn’t happen and Undertaker won clean which made this whole angle… f*cking pointless. Which is a big shame, I wanted there to be more to this, maybe we’ll get something on RAW but I doubt it. It’s very difficult to rate this match, it had lovely action and great story telling and was paced well, but sticking a rating on it is very hard. Overall the match was beautiful story with nice action, shame the angle that made this match was completely pointless in the long run.


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Winner: Baron Corbin

That was a shock, but a nice one at that. I love Baron Corbin, I think he’s a solid NXT talent who hasn’t been able to do much in NXT so this was WWE’s way of putting him over. The pop he got was amazing, biggest cheer he’s gotten, the match itself was your generic battle royal with nothing note worthy apart from the ending when Corbin eliminates Kane. Not much else to say but, well done my man Corbin, making a big impression on the main roster.

Rating: **

The Rock and Cena’s Ego Stroking Segment

That’s all it was, The Rock comes out to announce the attendance record, then suddenly The Wyatt Family comes out and cuts a nice promo. Then The Rock just verbally buries them for the most part, but tries to compliment Bray to get away with it, before getting into a match with Rowan which lasts 6 F*CKING SECONDS! Because why not, then suddenly John Cena comes out because… why not. They attack The Wyatts, Cena misses his 5 knuckle shuffle completely and that’s the segment. “Why doesn’t the WWE push younger guys” yet they cheer for this sh*t, you’re the reason talent is halted IWC, under stand that, honestly, this was the worst part of the whole night for me.

 Rating: F*ck You Rock & Cena

Main Event – No Disqualification – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Roman Reigns Def. Triple H (c)

An honestly solid main event that was ruined by the crowd, fans will cheer the burial of The Wyatt Family and claim they love NXT, yet boo a man who came from NXT and was moulded by NXT. Most of you “fans” are a f*cking joke and are the reason wrestling is ridiculed. Hey guys, hate to break it to you, your indy darling Ambrose had a worse performance than Roman tonight, and Dean was suppose to be in “His environment” funny that. Now the match itself was fine, very slow and methodical with Trips having a lot of offense and Roman having to pull out big spots to gain any sort of ground such as the spear through the barricade. He had to hit a lot more hard moves onto Trips, multiples superman punches and big strikes. Sadly the no DQ part of the match didn’t really serve much purpose, got a sledgehammer tease which I wish Trips had used to really make Roman have to earn the win. That spear on Steph was quite comical to be honest and the only semi pop Roman got was for domestic violence, guess because it reminded them of someone they mark out for *cough* Stone Cold *cough* The ending was okay, if not a bit rushed with no proper build, but Reigns gets the clean win, leaving fans to piss and moan as usual, good, they want to be miserable, they can stay miserable.

Rating: *** (DUD For Crowd)

Final Thoughts:

Overall while the IWC are pissing and moaning I thought this years WrestleMania was solid, definitely not amazing but good none the less. The Kickoff matches were good, the ladder match produced a shocking, if not confusing winner. AJ Jericho was the best wrestling match of the night, the womens division is back, Shane and Taker had a wonderful story filled and action packed HIAC match, Baron Corbin takes this years Andre the Giant memorial trophy, and the Roman Empire has just been reborn. I’d give this WrestleMania a watch, but only if you have a spare day to view it as it is a very long show.

Final Rating: 7/10


2 thoughts on “WWE WrestleMania 32 – Results and Review

  1. I can’t take your review on the streetfight seriously since you clearly have a bias against Ambrose. Then you even say the match has no story to it? Even worse is that you gave the Hell in a Cell 4 stars. Yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about


    1. You say I don’t know what I’m talking about, but have yet to mention why either of those opinions of mine were incorrect or justifying me “not knowing what I’m talking about” nothing happened in that streetfight, it was boring and did nothing for either man. The HIAC on the other hand, told a nice story of Shane wanting to beat Taker for the better of WWE, whilst going up against the man who basically is WWE in The Undertaker, and if I don’t know what I’m talking about I wouldn’t have been picked to do the review and I’d hoenstly like to see you do better


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