WWE Superstars 4/2/2016 Review and Results

No one can or should be faulted for overlooking Superstars this week. Post-NXT Takeover: Dallas and pre-WresteMania 32 is probably not the best time to air a recap show. There is so much top notch Professional Wrestling goodness going on right now online and in-person that Superstars might not seem important (in any way), but as I said last week it’s important to appreciate what you have while you have it. Especially if you’re Jack Swagger. Let’s get in the ring.

WWE Superstars

Taped 3/28/2016

Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY


Match One: Jack Swagger vs. Tyler Breeze

By Superstars standards this is an epic contest. 10 minutes in length and at the request of Tyler Breeze we get a super high quality rematch from last week. Swagger dispatched Breeze rather swiftly so here is a conclusion to their current static. Both competitors are in excellent form here…really sharp and rhythmic. The energy of the venue is noticeable and it helps give the match, as possibly inconsequential as it might be, scope. Essentially this match sets up Swagger for his appearance in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This episode of Superstars might be Swagger’s WrestleMania moment.

Can you imagine Jack Swagger in NJPW? An Elgin/Swagger match? Yes please and may I have seconds?! In another setting Swagger would be head of the pack for a belt. Meanwhile WWE is stuff-crammed with talent and really weird so who knows why Jack can’t get ahead. It certainly isn’t his in-ring work…he executes an Electric Chair into a Patriot Lock on Breeze that is straight up graceful.

Breeze in kind preforms a siiiiiiiick Tornado DDT, however, the momentum and victory belong to Swagger. He picks up a win right before he wades into a Battle Royal.

At WrestleMania. Godspeed Jack Swagger.




There is a Styles/Jericho package that features Chris Jericho alone in a dark room obsessing over internet coverage (?) of AJ Styles. It is better that many entire seasons of television.





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