What’s Your Favorite WrestleMania Match?

First, I asked We Write Wrestling staff members what their favorite WrestleMania theme song was. Then I asked what their favorite WrestleMania stage and favorite WrestleMania moment was. Now, I ask them what their favorite WrestleMania match is!

The Panel

Tacc Brown – Twitter

A columnist here at We Write Wrestling, specializing in lists. He will be providing a special piece after WrestleMania this Sunday that I suggest you keep your eye peeled out for.

Kyle Tolliver – Facebook

A columnist and Puroresu reviewer for the website.

Richard Harris – Twitter

Another columnist here at We Write Wrestling. He likes Lucha Underground.

Dylan Osborn – Twitter

PROGRESS reviewer.

“What’s your favorite WrestleMania match?”

Tacc Brown’s Favorite WrestleMania Match: Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle(WrestleMania XX)

Tacc Brown: It was a clinic from start to finish. Eddie is my all time favorite wrestler. What made him great was he could match any wrestler and their style and would always have a great match. This match against Angle had everything you could want from a match in spades. Technical wrestling, some stunning spots, not a second of anything but stunningly good pro-wrestling. Eddie and Angle had the match of their lives. So many near falls all timed perfectly to build the story and then Eddie using his trade mark sneaky tactics and slipping out of his boot to escape the Angle lock and score the small package pin. I could watch this match 100 times (and probably have) and still love every second of it.


Kyle Tolliver’s Favorite WrestleMania Match: Steve Austin vs. The Rock(WrestleMania X-Seven)

Kyle Tolliver: I feel like every part of this match was perfect. The video package was beautifully set up and edited, and made it seem like a huge deal. The moment of silence with the match-up screen, with Paul Heyman announcing that this will be the biggest moment in wrestling history (“Only one man will walk out as champion!!”), always gives me goosebumps. The two biggest stars in WWE history had an absolute brawl. Finishers were traded back and forth, and the near falls drove the Astro Dome crazy. Save the unnecessary Austin heel turn (which I wouldn’t mind, if it went anywhere), this match was perfect.


Richard Harris’ Favorite WrestleMania Match: The Undertaker vs. Triple H(WrestleMania 28)

Richard Harris: A lot of people overlook this match when it comes to talking about some of The Undertaker’s best mania matches which I think is a shame. The story in the match was incredible with Triple H and Shawn Michaels who was the guest referee, doing everything in there power to end Taker’s streak once and for all, but no matter how many times they tried Taker just kept going. It even got to a point where HHH and HBK start arguing and when Taker kicks out of a pin at JUST the last minute Triple H is in disbelief and Michaels is damn near in tears. A lot of people resented it because it was a Hell In a Cell match and they never went outside of the cell, but I’ll cut them slack because Taker’s older and more frail than he was in ’98 and Triple H had enough backstage stuff to do than to put himself at risk like that, but hell even then there was weapons involved and they even slammed into the cell a few times so it’s not like it was completely useless. If Taker ever wanted to pick a Mania to leave out on, this would’ve been perfect, with the way the match ended with the three of them embracing and how they plugged it as The “End Of An Era” it would’ve been the perfect sendoff.

Undertaker vs Triple H

Dylan Osborn’s Favorite WrestleMania Match: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar(WrestleMania XXX)

Dylan Osborn: I’m sure a lot of people are confused as to why out of all the 5 star classics Mania has and many fantastic matches Undertaker himself has at the grandest stage of them all, why would this match be my favorite? To me, I think this was his best wrestled match at WrestleMania, not to say his others weren’t well wrestled and worked, far from it. But those had spectacle and story telling to elevate them to 5 star or near 5 star encounters, this match was all wrestling and the story and spectacle was saved for the post match. Taker and Brock had very good brawler MMA style chemistry, which in turn made the match feel real, a real legitimate fight with something huge at steak. The streak. While this match doesn’t have the grand emotion of a Shawn Michaels retirement, or the gimmicky stage of a hell in a cell surrounding the 2 men, it’s gritty bare to the bone style that it had for a majority of the match made the fans get angry at Brock for being so rough with Taker. Of course it’s also documented that Undertaker got a sever concussion during the match which just threw more heat onto Brock Now the whole “Brock shouldn’t have ended the streak” argument will gone forever but honestly, I feel it was the right choice in adding to the realistic tone of the match. As nostalgic and marky we all are for Taker, the IWC will also complain about things being “unrealistic” for wrestlers they don’t like i.e. John Cena & Roman Reigns but excuse it for those they like i.e, Danial Bryan, Dean Ambrose and Undertaker. With this match it felt realistic with Brock winning, in one of the promos leading up to it Brock even says “What is he? Some sort of mythical god?” Which the IWC portray him as and that’s one of the big things about his character. So Brock winning brought out genuine shock across the entire wrestling world, because no one but no one thought he was going to win. I can say I definitely said I wouldn’t be shocked if Brock won, but when it happened, I was stunned to silence like everyone else. This whole build also had people forget, this isn’t the first time these two face faced each other, and Brock actually went over Taker in their Hell In A Cell back in 2002. So in all honestly it shouldn’t have been so shocking that Lesnar beat him, he’s done it before and would go on to do it again at last years Hell In A Cell PPV, but because of where he did it, is why fans reacted the way they did. Now the ending/post match I feel was and still is the most genuine reaction to a finish I have ever seen, if not reaction to anything in the wrestling business. While a scripted promo or finish that most knew were coming can still get to a fan such as Flair losing to Shawn or Triple H Undertaker from Mania 28, nothing has been given that genuine of a reaction. From the commentators staying silent after the 3 count, to Paul Heyman’s frantic celebration, whether scripted or not was still a nice touch. Then the crowd who just didn’t know what to do with themselves, shock, silence, murmuring throughout the arena, it was honestly, the perfect reaction, because it was the most realistic. You ask anyone pre streak ending how they’d react and you’d get the usual “I’d be pissed” “I’d break stuff” Then when it happened, there was no over the top smarky reaction in that moment. Of course afterwards the Internet made their voices heard but for that segment of the show, fans around the world were at their most purist and genuine when it comes to reacting to a wrestling match, and that to me embodies what wrestler should aspire to create in their matches, something genuine and real. Which this match did in leaps and bounds, and will be main reason why this will probably always be, my favorite WrestleMania match, of all time. Rating: **** (+5 For Post Match Reaction)

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar


Let us know your favorite WrestleMania match in the comments below!

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