What’s Your Favorite WrestleMania Moment?

Just like Roddy Piper, I’m changing the questions. First, I asked We Write Wrestling staff members what their favorite WrestleMania theme song was, then I asked them what their favorite WrestleMania stage was, now I’m asking what their favorite WrestleMania moment is.

The Panel

Tacc Brown – Twitter

A columnist here at We Write Wrestling, specializing in lists. He will be providing a special piece after WrestleMania this Sunday that I suggest you keep your eye peeled out for.

Kyle Tolliver – Facebook

A columnist and Puroresu reviewer for the website.

Richard Harris – Twitter

Another columnist here at We Write Wrestling. He likes Lucha Underground.

Dylan Osborn – Twitter

PROGRESS reviewer.

“What’s your favorite WrestleMania moment?”

Tacc Brown: There have been so many great mania moments over the years it’s hard to pick 1 out. From Hogan slamming Andre at WM3 to Daniel Bryan winning the title at WM30 and 100’s more in between. I’ve gone with Hart vs. Austin submission match at 13 though because as well as being a stunningly good match it was, in my 13 year old mind back then, the start of something truly special. I had never seen something so totally badass in all my life. The blood, the pain on Austin’s face, his refusal to give up the point he would rather pass out from pain than tap out and then refusing help so he could walk out under his own steam. So badass! That for me was where Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Attitude era as a whole really took off.

Favorite WrestleMania Moment: Steve Austin’s Badassery(Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart – WrestleMania 13)


Kyle Tolliver: As most hardcore fans know, WrestleMania Play Button was not set up to be the greatest card. The main event of Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar did not exactly set the world on fire, and it was clear that something needed to happen to make the match exciting. Cue Rollins’s grudge-core breakdown entrance music. As Seth sprinted down the ramp, I went nuts. Seth as a kid was very similar to Kyle (me) as a kid: into hardcore and metal, straightedge, misunderstood, and into wrestling. Seth obviously took his interest to become much more successful than I did. To me, even though Seth was a heel, he instantly became one of my favorites ever since he started in NXT. It was a cool moment to see him be the first wrestler to win both the NXT and WWE Championships. He is also the first person to be YOUNGER than WrestleMania to walk out champion, and it was a perfect culmination of all his hard work and love for the business.

Favorite WrestleMania Moment: Seth Rollins cashes in MITB(WrestleMania 31)


Richard Harris: While I may disagree with who ended it and when it ended especially since now it seems like Undertaker has nothing left to fight for, even the most cynical detractors of this moment have to admit it was legitimately shocking. Prior to this we were always able to predict Undertaker winning at Mania and even at this event we did the same because we couldn’t fathom the idea of WWE having the balls to actually end one of the biggest streaks in wrestling history. What’s even better about it is no one knew it was going to happen. In today’s dirt sheet filled world where someone can predict when a wrestler is returning or turning heel, this was one of the few times wrestling fans were in actual shock, even the commentators had no idea this was going to happen. This was a important part of WrestleMania history and it’ll NEVER be duplicated

Favorite WrestleMania Moment: Undertaker’s Streak end(WrestleMania XXX)


Dylan Osborn: In one of the most famous matches in WrestleMania history, something magical happened, the game was changing, heroes were booed and villains were praised and WWE saw this change, and took advantage of it resulting in the biggest boom period for the business ever. The Attitude Era. Now for the 0 of you who don’t know the story behind this moment, let me explain. It’s 1997, Stone Cold and Bret Hart are having one of the greatest rivalries in wrestling history, all was normal, when suddenly, the fans and their outlook on wrestling had altered dramatically. Bret was suddenly being booed by fans, his face gimmick wearing on their nerves, whilst Stone Cold’s badass, trash talking no nonsense persona was residing with the 90’s fans, which was a huge shock at the time seeing that Bret was a legitimate icon in Canada. The WWE would just keep the two characters face and heel hoping the fans will change their minds, but back then, WWE did something smart, turn Hart’s goody goody persona into something fans would really despise. This of course began the whole USA vs Canada angle which I wont get into too much as this is more about the WrestleMania moment. Heading into WrestleMania 13 Bret was still face and Stone Cold was heel in theory, though the fans had made either voices heard about the two by then, their match being a submission match with Ken Shamrock as special guest referee. Going in, the ball was very much in Bret’s court as he was a submission machine with his Sharpshooter finisher whilst Stone Cold rarely if not ever won matches via submission. So going into the match Stone Cold was the underdog, a weird scenario for a heel to be the underdog but that’s part of the overall magic. Now I won’t talk about the match itself, literally every wrestling fan knows of this match and how well worked and wrestled it was, but the key point was the ending. Stone Cold has been busted open, is bleeding heavily (at least back then it was a lot) and is locked in the Sharpshooter. Instead of submitting, he passes out in his own blood and Ken stops the match, but Bret doesn’t let up and continues to assault Austin post match, cementing his heel turn and Austin’s subsequent face turn. This is my favorite WrestleMania moment due to how well it was worked and planned out, WWE didn’t try to force their ideals down the fans’ throats, they let it happen naturally which in turn resulted in their most successful era of wrestling and everyone’s favorite era, The Attitude Era. While it doesn’t embody the WrestleMania spirit of grandiose spectacle, big spots or anything flashy, but it was in itself a game changing moment for the business much like the first WrestleMania or Hogan body slamming Andre at 3. While this was only one moment in an amazing rivalry, it was this moment that wrestling would change forever, and at the time, for the better, and until John Cena has the greatest heel turn to never happen, this will stand as the biggest heel/face turn in WWE’s history as well as the most iconic.

Favorite WrestleMania Moment: The Double Turn(Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart – WrestleMania 13)


What’s your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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