We Book Wrestling – WWE WrestleMania 32 (Part 3)

Welcome to the third part in our “We Book WrestleMania 32” saga. This is the final part and we will be booking the 7-Man Intercontinental Championship match, AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar, Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs. Triple H.

If you’d like to read Part 1, you can do so by clicking here or clicking here for Part 2.

The Bookers

Ryan Davis – Twitter | YouTube

Editor-In-Chief of We Write Wrestling. He’s pulling his hair out trying to provide you all with the best content possible during WrestleMania week. He hopes he’s doing an okay job.


Z and Ryan go way back. He is the host of The Worked Wrestling Podcast with Trey Lee that drops new episodes pretty much whenever they feel like it(have time).

Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens(c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs. Stardust

7-Man Ladder Match

Ryan: How would you book the 7-Man Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match?

Z: I would put everyone that isn’t Zayn, Owens, Ziggler, or Neville in the US title match or the Andre Battle Royal, make it a fatal four way rather than another wacky multiman ladder match, and have either Zayn, Owens, or Neville come out with the title. Sadly, Neville is hurt so that’s not a possibility, but everything else still stands. The IC title needs to be booked as the more important of the two midcard belts. Fuck Cena and his open challenges, they were good, but this was their original mid card title. Why put your own child in some throw away, whacky, multi-person, no effort needed match, then have the spotlight on the step kid you adopted from a poor family (spotlight in the sense that it’s just a straight up, traditional one in one match)

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

Ryan: How would you book AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho?

Z: For starters, I would have never had Jericho and Styles team up, and would have never had him accept that AJ was a legit star and was meant to be here. I would have drug out there little friendly rivalry all the way to Mania, with Jericho just getting more and more agitated that AJ can just come in and take his spotlight away. He still would have attacked AJ at the end of their tag match, but the match wouldn’t have been for the titles, and it would have only been the first or 2nd time they team up. Now we’re at Mania, and if Jericho has it in him, he preforms like he did back in the day, and Styles pulls out the AJ Styles from Unbreakable 2005, and they have one of the best, if not the best match on the card. Then, at the end of the match, Jericho shakes AJ’s hand, then either then or the next night on Raw, you have him say his whole “you belong here” speech. This is just an idea, but if you do it on Raw, you could debut Baron Corbin that way. I don’t think his first main roster feud needs to be with Styles, but it’d be a cool way to debut him. Jericho days AJ belongs there, Corbin comes out, attacks AJ for being an indie guy, then attacks Jericho for saying he belongs in the WWE, then he tells them both to go back to ROH (for shits and giggles)

Ryan: That may be the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. About the match, it should’ve had a stipulation on it, it’s their first match. If I’m booking this, which hey, that’s what we’re doing here, I’d make this a Submission match. They both have submissions they’re known for  and Jericho tapped out at Fastlane so it’d make sense for him to want to tap Styles out. And of course I’d book Styles to win because he needs to.

Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar

No Holds Barred Match

Z: This need to be the 2nd best match on the card, behind Styles and Jericho. Dean and Brock nearly kill each other, Brock being the beast that he is, and Ambrose trying to murder Brock with whatever weapon he can (aside from the chainsaw, too much). There needs to be one or two huge spots in this match, and one NEEDS to be the ending spot. Something where it seems like neither man can get up. From the start, I would have booked this as a Last Man Standing  match, then either have it be a draw, or Ambrose just barely making it to his feet. As long as Brock doesn’t just straight up win, it’ll help Ambrose. Hell, you could even have it end in a draw, but then Ambrose is the only one that can walk out on his own. Have Brock get helped out by Heyman and some refs, or just have him lay there a few minutes longer than Ambrose. As long as Ambrose comes out as “the man that vanquished the beast”

Ryan: I think the absolute same man. Brock can kick as much ass as he wants in this match, but Ambrose needs to have the upper hand when it’s all over. He needs this because he lost in the Rumble, he lost his Intercontinental Championship, he got pinned in the Triple Threat at Fastlane and he lost cleanly at Roadblock, this guy needs a win. Plus, a loss doesn’t hurt Brock Lesnar. Even without breaking the streak, he’d still be as big as he is now.

Z: Exactly. Whenever Brock is just making an appearance, he seems unstoppable. Take into account that he only shows a few times a year, and kills someone almost every time he does, this one clean loss will be fine, and a big push for Ambrose

If Shane wins, he gets control of Raw and it’ll be Undertaker’s last WrestleMania

Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker

Hell in a Cell Match

Ryan: Talk about booking themselves into a corner, how would you book Undertaker vs. Shane?

Z: Man, I don’t even know. In the end, I’d have Shane win, it’ll freshen things up, and maybe help get WWE out of the hole that it’s in right now. We don’t know why Taker is on board, Shane still hasn’t tried to find out why he is and has just started calling him a bitch, and if Taken loses then his record is even more fucked, and he is pretty much retired at that point. Any special way you’d book it?

Ryan: It’s weird. It’s almost guaranteed Shane is going to win and that’s how I’d book it, you don’t just tease a new authority figure and not give it to us, especially seeing as Roman is likely winning the title. If Roman is the champ and Shane loses, we’re just right at the same place we were in January. Now I’m not against the whole Undertaker’s last WrestleMania stipulation being put on this match because since it’s there, Undertaker probably was the one who called it, he’s probably done after this. I can’t see Vince calling for this stipulation because he’d bring Undertaker out every year if he can, example being bringing him back after WrestleMania 30 to fight Bray Wyatt and then a few months later to have that series with Brock Lesnar and then the Kane team at Survivor Series… and now a Hell in a Cell match. As long as Undertaker can, Vince will. So I think it was Undertaker’s call to have this stipulation and if it is, I’m not mad, nobody can be, if he’s done he’s done. It’s just bad that if this is his last match and last storyline that there are so many holes in it. I’d book a similar build except give a reason why Undertaker is going along with it. They had him question why Vince is controlling him and that’s about it. A simple reason could’ve made this program better. As for the match, I’d have Shane win in some miracle and get Raw.

Z: I agree, something as simple as stating why he’s siding with Vince might have made this storyline better, but now we’ll never know. It’s a shame

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H(c) vs. Roman Reigns

Ryan: Finally, how would you book this Triple H vs Reigns match?

Z: I see talk everywhere of a double turn or, just turning Roman heel. While I completely agree with Roman turning heel, I don’t know it can be done. There shouldn’t be a double turn, there would be no point to a face Triple H. He needs to be part time, and while yes, he can still go, he doesn’t need to be. A face Triple H will want to wrestle as much as he can. One way to turn Roman heel would be to side him with the evil authority figure so he wins. One problem: he’s fighting the evil authority figure. Something they could have done, but can’t now because they fucked themselves and put this match as the main, you could have had Roman win the title, no shenanigans. But then. Shane vs Taker would be the main event (as it honestly should be. Control over the company is more important than a title). You have Roman interfere and help Taker beat Shane, so power stays with Trips and the McMahon’s, now you have a heel Roman.

Ryan: I agree. I just can’t see 1: this match closing the show 2: a “babyface” Roman winning the title and closing out the show to nothing but boos. I think there will be some match whether is be the next night on Raw or even SummerSlam, but there will be a match for power of Raw again and I see WWE having Triple H go up against a babyface Roman fighting for Shane. I’d have Roman turn heel as well, it’s the only way the can make Roman winning the match a success. With you, if Undertaker and Shane close the show, I’d have H and Stephanie come down and try to interfere followed by Vince himself and then Roman’s music hits and maybe he’ll get a pop because everyone thinks he’s going to help Shane, but nope, turns and Spears Shane and Undertaker goes for the cover 1…2… kick out. Roman turns but Shane is still able to win the match.

Z: Even better. Roman’s a heel, new authority figure. But, my only problem with that is that WWE would never let Shane beat Taker, and kick out of their future posterboy’s finisher in the same night

Ryan: Well it’s a good thing for them we aren’t the bookers

Z: Honestly that’s probably a bad thing. Aside from doing over the top stuff like Baron Corbin telling Jericho to go back to Rng of Honor, we’d make them so much money.

Ryan: We really would.

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