Stardom The Highest (3.21.16) Review

A bit of a change from the previous reviews I’ve done on this site, with a Joshi (Japanese Female Wrestling) review. The main event of the show is Thunder Rock (Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani) vs former rivals Kairi Hojo and Meiko Satomura for the Goddesses of Stardom Championship!

Azumi, Eimi Nishina & Kaori Yoneyama vs. Hiromi Mimura, Natsumi Maki & Starlight Kid

The match started with Yoneyama and Mimura in the ring, after Yoneyama sent Mimura off the ropes a few times she hit a hip toss. After, Mimura tagged in Maki, Kaori tagged in Eimi, as well. Azumi, Eimi, and Kaori triple-teamed Maki in the ring, Maki eventually gained the advantage and tagged in Starlight Kid, who hit a cartwheel backflip on Kaori, and then hit a Shiranui off of Mimura, and then a Frog Splash for a 2. Azumi was then tagged in, hit a DDT on starlight, Eimi then hit double knees, and Azumi finished the sequence with a brainbuster, but the pin was broken up by Mimura, who then locked in a Calf Killer on Azumi, Starlight hit a 619 on Azumi for a 2, Mimura then tagged in and hit a seated crossbody for another 2. She then hit a lariat, into a dropkick, and then a slam, but the pin was broken up by a senton by Kaori, Kaori was then taken out by a headscissors from Starlight, who was then taken out by a dropkick from Eimi, who was then hit by a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker from Maki, who was hit by a big boot from Kaori, Azumi accidentally dropkicked Kaori, and after trading a few roll-ups, Mimura was able to get the win.

Nothing really much to mention here, fun match, skippable though.

Alex Lee vs Kaitlin Diemond (w/ Kris Wolf and Act Yasukawa)

The match started with Lee locking in a Fujiwara Armbar, and then hitting multiple kicks to the chest of Diemond. Lee was tripped by Wolf and then hit with a leg drop for a 2. Diemond hit a Russian Leg Sweep for a 2, and went for a brainbuster, but was put in another Fujiwara Armbar and hit with more kicks. Lee went for something off the ropes but was hit with a backbreaker and rolled out of the ring, Diemond distracted the ref which allowed Wolf and Act to attack Lee. The three Oedo Tai members triple-teamed Lee on the apron. Back in the ring, Lee hit multiple strikes and then a Buzzsaw Kick for a 2 count. She hit a superkick and then hit a Chokebomb but Act stopped the ref. Act got on the apron and distracted Lee long enough for Diemond to get some Sake, after Lee knocked Act down, Lee went for another Chokebomb on Diemond, but Diemond spat the Sake into Lee’s mouth, Diemond then did a schoolboy for the 3 count.

Nice simple match, it was better than what I was expecting going into it.

Hiroyo Matsumoto and Kagetsu vs JKGreeeen (Jungle Kyouna and Momo Watanabe)

The match starts with Kyouna and Matsumoto, Matsumoto took Kyouna down with a shoulder block. Matsumoto eventually tagged in Kagetsu, who did a snapmare then kick to the back, and then a slam. Matsumoto tagged back in, and hit multiple chops in the corner. While Matsumoto had a stretch hold on Kyouna, Kagetsu hit a dropkick to Kyouna. The match skipped ahead to Kyouna hitting a back body drop on Kagetsu then tagging in Momo, who took Matsumoto and Kagetsu out with dropkicks and forearms, Kagetsu went for something off the top rope but Kyouna shook the ropes which allowed Momo to hit a dropkick to the back, then multiple dropkicks for a 2. They both reversed brainbuster attempts until Momo hit one for 2. Momo ran off the ropes but got hit with a Samoan Drop from Kagetsu, who tagged in Matsumoto.

Matsumoto hit some big knees to the body and after some kicks and stomps went off the ropes, but Kyouna stopped her which allowed Momo to hit a dropkick. Kyouna tagged in and Momo hit a dropkick in the corner to Matsumoto, Kyouna then hit a big splash, and then a bulldog onto Momo’s knee for a 2 count! They traded some strikes, and Kyouna eventually hit a powerslam for a 2 count. Kyouna hit a lariat on Matsumoto for a 2 count, Kyouna then went for something off the top rope but was stopped by Kagetsu, who went for a brainbuster, Matsumoto went for a Tower of Doom, but Momo hit a dropkick to Matsumoto, after double knees in the corner from Momo, Kyouna hit a splash from the top rope for a 2 count! Kyouna and Momo went for a double brainbuster, but instead got hit with a springboard dropkick from Kagetsu. Kagetsu and Matsumoto hit a double team cutter on Momo, and then Matsumoto hit a backdrop suplex on Kyouna to win the match.

It was a good match, it could have been better though, I’d still recommend watching it though. Mildly Recommended

Alpha Female vs Viper (w/ Act Yasukawa, Kris Wolf, and Kaitlin Diemond)

The match started with Alpha Female getting the advantage until Viper was able to hit a back drop and then hip attack in the corner, Alpha was able to move out of the way of a second attack, after she hit a few lariats and then caused Viper to fall over the top rope. Outside of the ring, Alpha hit Viper with a chair, but Act Yasukawa took the chair and hit Alpha with it to the head. Shortly after, Act, Wolf, and Diemond rolled Alpha back into the ring. After they got up they exchanged forearms, Alpha tried to slam Viper but Viper fell on her and then did a running elbow drop for 2. Viper went for a sleeper but Alpha applied a sleeper hold, Viper was able to escape though, but missed a big splash in the corner. Alpha hit a snapmare and then hit multiple punches to the chest and got a 2 count, and then locked in a crossface which Viper reversed into a side slam, after some clotheslines, Viper went for a Banzai Drop, but was pulled down, Alpha then jumped off the top rope, and after landing hit a forearm, and then hit a bodyslam for a 2 count! Act distracted Alpha, Act tried to spit Sake into her face, but Alpha pushed the ref into her, and then threw the ref into Viper who was going for a standing crossbody, Viper then got up and hit the standing crossbody on Alpha, but the ref was out so he couldn’t count the 3, Viper then woke the ref up, who proceeded to DQ Viper because of the crossbody which took him out.

Good match between the top gaijins in Stardom. The Oedo Tai interferences were nice, and the chair shot by Act looked brutal. The finish was nice since neither of them really “lost” because of the DQ. Recommended 

Goddesses of Stardom Championship: Thunder Rock (Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani) vs Kairi Hojo and Meiko Satomura

The match began with Satomura and Iwatani after Iwatani pushed both Shirai and Hojo away before the match started. During a lock-up Satomura caught Iwatani’s kick and hit her with a kick to the leg, and following up with multiple kicks to the chest, Iwatani caught one, but was hit with a big forearm that knocked her into the ropes, Satomura was going for something off the ropes, but Iwatani hit a kick to the body, but Satomura quickly gained the advantage again with multiple kicks, Iwatani then tagged Io in. After some chain wrestling, Satomura tagged Hojo in. Io and Hojo began trading forearms, and Hojo gained the advantages with some chops, Hojo ran off the ropes but was hit with a double dropkick from Thunder Rock, who proceeded to double team Hojo. Shirai hit a big spinebuster into Boston Crab, and transitioned it into a Camel Clutch, after letting go Io hit handstand double knees to the back, and then a Moonsault to the back before applying a Camel Clutch again, and then tagging Iwatani back in.

Iwatani hit a big trio of jumping double foot stomps on to Hojo, and then a kick to the back for a 2 count. Shirai was tagged back in and hit a double knee strike to Hojo, who was in the corner. Io quickly tagged Iwatani back in, Hojo caused Iwatani to accidentally run into Io and got a 2 off of a schoolboy, Hojo went to tag Satomura in, but Satomura was too busy attacking Shirai, after gaining the advantage, Iwatani tagged Io in. Io hit multiple knees, and went for a double-arm sit-out pancake, but Hojo escaped and hit a sliding forearm! Hojo finally was able to tag in Satomura who took out both members of Thunder Rock with big forearms, but Thunder Rock were soon able to gain the advantage with a double brainbuster, but Hojo and Satomura were quickly able to take Thunder Rock out, both teams soon went outside of the ring, Io and Iwatani were then taken up the stairs by Hojo. Hojo and Satomura then took Io and Iwatani out with aerial attacks from 2 balconies! Hojo then threw Iwatani into the ring post, and into the ring. Hojo and Satomura then hit forearms off the top rope to Io and Iwatani, Satomura then hit a backdrop on Shirai for a 2 count! Satomura then hit an uppercut, then hit a spinning buzzsaw kick to Io, and then some more kicks to the back and chest, and then picked up Io, ran off the ropes, but got hit with a huracanrana from Io, and then a buzzsaw kick, and then a big dropkick to the head!

Io then tagged in Iwatani who hit a big dropkick off the top rope, but Satomura caught her with some big knees, but Iwatani was able to hit a dropkick and then a killer dropkick to a seated Satomura, took Hojo off the apron, and then hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2, went for a double stomp off the second rope but missed, but was able to hit a spinning kick to the body, sent Satomura off the ropes, but was hit with a big spinning heel kick to the side of the head, Satomura then hit a backdrop, tagged Hojo in, who then hit multiple float-over neckbreakers, but only got a 2 count, Hojo then went for something in the corner, missed, and then got caught with a big head kick from Iwatani! Iwatani ran off the ropes, but was caught with a spear from Hojo for just a 2! Hojo then hit some big forearms, and then tried to do a roll-up but failed and ended up just doing a normal pin which Shirai broke up. Shirai was able to hit a springboard dropkick to both Satomura and Hojo, and then hit simultaneous crossbodies with Iwatani to the floor!

Back in the ring, Iwatani hit a diving double foot stomp, but only got a 2 count! Iwatani then hit a frog splash which was broken up by Satomura. Iwatani then hit a superkick to a kneeling Hojo, but Hojo got a ropebreak, Io then hit a 619, then a dropkick, then a running double knee strike in the corner for a 2 count! Shirai then hit the double-arm sit-out pancake, but only got a 2 count! Satomura got in the ring and tried to hit a head kick to Io, but Io ducked and Satomura hit Hojo instead! Satomura then tried to kick the back of Shirai’s head, but Shirai ducked, and Satomura hit Hojo again! Shirai then rolled Hojo up, but Satomura broke it up, Shirai then hit a Deadlift German Suplex to Hojo, but Hojo kicked out!

Io went for a Moonsault, but was knocked down by Satomura, who hit multiple kicks to the back, Hojo then hit a diving double stomp to Io! Satomura then hit a cartwheel knee to the back of Shirai’s head, which was followed with a sliding forearm, but the pin was broken up by Iwatani! Io hit a palm strike to Satomura, but was hit with a Pele Kick quickly after, Satomura then hit the Death Valley Driver, and then Hojo hit an elbow drop off the top rope, but Shirai kicked out! Satomura slammed Iwatani onto Shirai, Hojo went for another elbow drop, but Shirai got the knees up, and then got hit by multiple spinning backfists, Iwatani then hit a Crucifix Bomb onto Satomura, Thunder Rock then hit an Assisted Tombstone on Satomura! Shirai hit an uppercut to Hojo which was followed by a Dragon Suplex from Iwatani, and then Shirai hit a Moonsault to retain the Goddesses of Stardom Championship!

This was a fantastic match, there wasn’t really anything that was bad, except the botched roll-up from Hojo. There were some great near falls during the match, I actually thought Hojo was going to win after the DVD into elbow drop. This is definitely worth watching as it was great for the entire 25 minutes. Highly Recommended 

 Overall Thoughts

This was a very good show, the first 3 matches were decent to good, Viper/Alpha Female was a good match between 2 monster gaijins trying to prove that they were stronger than the other. The main event between Thunder Rock and Hojo/Satomura was fantastic, and you should definitely watch it.


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