WWE NXT – March 30, 2016 Recap and Review


March 30, 2016

Full Sail Arena Winter Park, Florida

We are only two days away from next month’s Takeover Dallas so tonight on NXT, they show off some of the talent on the card.

American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable) vs Corey Hollis and John Skyler

American Alpha’s Jason Jordan starts out the match with a takedown of Corey Hollis into a show of strength by American Alpha. Hollis being a lot smaller than Jordan and Gable just gets tossed around and slammed by the duo. After a single leg take down, Gable puts some good smothering on Hollis into a powerful string of hammer locks. Getting loose though, Hollis tags in his partner John Skyler who applies a wrist lock to Gable. Gable catches Skyler in a shoulder hold and tags in Jordan who delivers a strong drop kick. After Gable gets tagged in, he arm drags Skyler and goes back into working the shoulder. Skyler gets tagged out but before leaving the ring, slams Gable down to the mat and Hollis goes for the pin attempt. Gable delivers two monstrous over head belly to belly suplexes on the Hollis and Skyler and tags in Jordan. Gable tags in Jordan who delivers a suplex of his own and spears Hollis into the corner. American Alpha then set up the High Amplitude and get the three count on Hollis.

Rating ***

Baron Corbin vs Mike Cuellari

Corbin towers over Cuellari and gives Cuellari a big kick to the midsection. Cuellari attempts to gain offense by drop kicking Corbin but he fails to knock Corbin down to even a knee. This sends Corbin into pissed off brooding mode and he delivers a clothesline Cuellari. Corbin delivers the Deep six to Cuellari after stomping him in the corner and gets the pin fall. After the match, Corbin gives Cuellari an End of days after a fan in the crowd said something to him. This was a big squash match just to show how big and strong Corbin is.

Rating **

The Revival Dash and Dawson vs Steve Cutler and Tucker Knight

Dawson starts out with Cutler by locking up. Dawson pushes Cutler into the corner of the Revival and Dash tags himself in. All four men get into the ring to stare down after Cutler puts on some good strong offense against the Revival. Cutler gets hung up and slammed on the ropes after not seeing the blind tag made by Dawson. Dash and Dawson work Cutler’s midsection with slaps, punches, and slams. The Revival slam down Cutler still working on the abdominal area of Cutler with a Gourd Buster. They attempt it again on Cutler but he manages to counter and run to his corner to tag in Knight. He gets some big man offense in by shoulder tackling the Revival and splashing into Dash in the corner. Dawson tags himself in but retreats outside the ring where he lures Knight back into the ring. Dawson tags Dash in and double team Knight with the Shatter Machine to get the victory over Cutler and Knight. Again this match showing off the Revival’s ability to isolate and handicap their smaller of the opponents with locks, slams and punches.

Rating ***

Alex Riley vs Apollo Crews

Crews starts out by locking up with Riley but after bouncing off the ropes, Riley clotheslines Crews. Riley gives a chop to Crews’ chest and sends Crews to the turnbuckle. Crews bounces off the turnbuckle though and swiftly delivers two clotheslines to Riley. He then splashes Riley in the corner and takes him down again with now a leaping clothesline. Crews kips up and gets the crowd going in his favor. He delivers a beautiful side kick to Riley’s head and tosses him up into a power bomb for the win on Riley. Post match, Elias Samson comes out attempting to intimidate Crews with a song on his acoustic guitar. In all honesty I hope Crews breaks Samson’s guitar after this performance. Samson walks to the ring apron but refuses to enter the ring and walks away.

Rating **

Samoa Joe vs Bull Dempsey

Dempsey pushes Joe into the corner and tries to toss around Joe. Joe turns it around though and begins to toss Dempsey around the ring from corner to corner. Joe catches Dempsey in the Coquina Clutch in which Dempsey immediately taps out. Joe refuses to give up the clutch and William Regal comes out to break up the two with two NXT wrestlers. After the two NXT wrestlers get thrown out by Joe, he puts the Coquina Clutch back onto Dempsey. Finn Balor runs out to beat up Joe and sends Joe out of the ring. Balor runs along the apron and soccer kicks Joe to the barricades where Balor then running drop kicks him through the barricades. In front of the announce table though, Finn gets thrown over it by Joe and takes out Corey Graves. Balor recovers and uses the announce table to give Joe a flying forearm and the two continue their brawl again.

Finn walks into NXT Takeover Dallas strong after the brawl by standing tall and Joe being carried/pushed back by the refs. We saw tonight most of the card’s fighters in action with the exception of Sami and the Woman’s Title competitors. The two best fights of tonight though would be both American Alpha and The Revival who got a lot of time to show off what they will do to each other even in their own separate  matches. See you guys on the other side of NXT Takeover Dallas.



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