What’s Your Favorite WrestleMania Stage?

Welcome to another piece of our WrestleMania Week content! Yesterday, I asked a couple of my staff members what their favorite WrestleMania theme song was(which you can read here), today I asked what their favorite WrestleMania stage is.

The Panel

Tacc Brown – Twitter

A columnist here at We Write Wrestling, specializing in lists. He will be providing a special piece after WrestleMania this Sunday that I suggest you keep your eye peeled out for.

Kyle Tolliver – Facebook

A columnist and Puroresu reviewer for the website.

Richard Harris – Twitter

Another columnist here at We Write Wrestling. He likes Lucha Underground.

Ryan Davis – Twitter

Editor-In-Chief of We Write Wrestling.

“What’s your favorite WrestleMania stage?”

Tacc Brown: I know a lot of people hate this one but for me it’s got everything a ‘Mania stage should have. It’s well put together, over the top in every way (there’s a Statue of Liberty above the ring and a half scale Brooklyn bridge above the entrance!) and it represents the city in which its being held in very well. There is no mistaking it that this is a Mania from the big apple and for me that’s a must from a Mania stage.

Favorite WrestleMania Stage: WrestleMania 29

Kyle Tolliver: The stage is a perfect example of simplicity done right. The gold & purple colors perfectly matched the location of New Orleans. The three giant X’s that made up the titantron looked amazing and added to the theme perfectly. Year #30 is important, and the stage was big and grand, just like it needed to be.

Favorite WrestleMania Stage: WrestleMania XXX

Richard Harris: This stage for me was already a plus because WWE had already had practically the same stage two years in a row and I always thought it was lazy. You know the wide minitron with a couple decorations on the side and the “WRESTLEMANIA” spelled out on the top? But for 30 it felt like it was trying to promote the fact that Wrestlemania is 30 years old, which I’m glad they did because that’s a huge milestone. They had the gigantic WRESTLEMANIA on the top but it was the actual LOGO this year and not just a generic spelling of it, and they had the three X’s (insert porn joke here) where the one in the middle was the entrance way which was pretty damn inventive in my opinion. It gave this mania an identity of it’s own and it really pisses me off that WWE not only took the roman numerals out of their Mania logo’s, but went right back to the minitron with the “WRESTLEMANIA” spelled out on top literally the next year.

Favorite WrestleMania Stage: WrestleMania XXX

Ryan Davis: I love stages. I also loves graphics and logos and all of that stuff. I’m a guy who’s favorite hobby is watching TV, no not because I’m a lazy teenager, but because I love the programming of shows, how to set up the lower thirds(the small graphics on the bottom of the screen), well do I need to explain more? I mean I just talked about lower thirds when most of you have no idea what those are. Anyways the point is I love presentation so I love stages very much. You can’t go wrong with WrestleMania 30 or X-Seven or even WrestleMania XX which is high up on my list, but nothing tops WrestleMania 27. I love the stretched WrestleMania logo that hangs over the stage and the huge Titantron behind it. It just felt huge and the lights were bright. The stage that comes close to this is WrestleMania 30 because that one felt huge too, but the lights were dark so 27 gets the upper hand on that one. To me, WrestleMania 27 is the perfect WrestleMania stage.

Favorite WrestleMania Stage: WrestleMania 27

What’s your favorite WrestleMania stage? Let us know in the comments below!

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