We Book Wrestling – WWE WrestleMania 32 (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our “We Book WrestleMania 32” saga. This part includes our thoughts and booking decisions for Kalisto vs. Ryback, the Triple Threat for the Diva’s Championship, and the 4-on-3 Handicap match between The New Day and League of Nations.

If you’d like to read Part 1, you can do so by clicking here.

The Bookers

Ryan Davis – Twitter | YouTube

Editor-In-Chief of We Write Wrestling. He’s pulling his hair out trying to provide you all with the best content possible during WrestleMania week. He hopes he’s doing an okay job.


Z and Ryan go way back. He is the host of The Worked Wrestling Podcast with Trey Lee that drops new episodes pretty much whenever they feel like it(have time).

United States Championship

Kalisto(c) vs. Ryback

Z: I think we’d both agree on this: Ryback does not need this title. Kalisto can be a star, and this’ll be a great way to do it. During the tournament for the vacated title (after Rollins’ injury), it was Kalisto vs Ryback on SmackDown, I don’t know if you watched the match, but it was really fun, and was exactly what it should have been. Kalisto barely had control in that match. And it took a Salida Del Sol off of the top rope to put Ryback away. That’s how it needs to be at Mania, have Kalisto little control of the match, Ryback dominates most of the match, then gets caught off guard by a big move at the end.

Ryan: Dude, Ryback doesn’t need to be champion because he sucks. I’d book the match the same way.

Z: Hey now, I wouldn’t say all that. Ryback doesn’t suck in my opinion, but creative has no idea how to book him. Even though, you know. Ryback should be one of the easiest people to book. He’s a big guy who likes to beat people up, its not that hard. But, creative has no idea what to do with him, and now he’s dressing like Goldberg, it’s just one big mess.

Divas Championship

Charlotte(c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

Triple Threat Match

Ryan: Z

Z: Ryan

Ryan: How in the blue hell would you book this Divas Triple Threat?

Z: Regardless if whether Becky or Sasha wins, Charlotte should not be walking out with the title. In my opinion, Becky should win this. She’s been built up the best/the most out of all three, and the crowd is behind her. I’d say the crowd would even be split between her and Sasha. Who would you book to win this?

Ryan: I might be the biggest Becky Lynch mark ever. She’s better than Charlotte. She’s better than Sasha. She’s better than Bayley. In my opinion, of course. I agree Charlotte should not be walking out as champions, heels are made to put over babyface whether it be immediate or distant. Charlotte has had this title for months now and has knocked out all the competition. There’s no reason for her to win this match. Becky should absolutely win the title because giving it to Sasha is just giving it to another heel and that’s not really making a difference. This is WrestleMania, Becky winning would be a great moment.

Z: Can we really call Sasha a heel though? Team Bad just turned on her and the crowd has been on her side since she debuted.

Ryan: I mean, Roman Reigns is booed out of the building yet WWE’s pushing him as the top babyface.

Z: But that’s Roman Reigns, he’s sadly starting to get into Cena territory before he’s even in the Cena position. But either way, whatever the aftermath or who she pins, Becky Lynch should walk out of Mania as the Women’s Champ. And yes, the Women’s champ. If Becky wins she should come out in Raw and get rid of the tramp stamp belt, bring back a belt that looks like a legit prize that someone should fight for

The New Day vs. League of Nations

3-on-4 Handicap Match

Ryan: Tell me how you’d book New Day vs League of Nations and then answer the question why the titles are being defended

Z: Well, the actual answer: The tag division is thin and creative doesn’t know how to do it’s job. Kayfabe answer: I have no idea. You can do this two ways: either have LON beat New Day so that New Day are now underdogs of sorts, or, have New Day win, then either bring up a heel team, or get a good heel team already on the main roster, then have them feud with and beat New Day down the line.

Part 3, the final part, will be published tomorrow, April 1.

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