We Book Wrestling – WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas

Welcome to another edition of ‘We Book Wrestling’ where members of the We Write Wrestling staff discuss, speculate and book wrestling shows. This time, we’re booking WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas!

The Bookers

Ryan Davis – Twitter | YouTube

Editor-In-Chief of We Write Wrestling. He’s pulling his hair out trying to provide you all with the best content possible during WrestleMania week. He hopes he’s doing an okay job.


Z and Ryan go way back. He is the host of The Worked Wrestling Podcast with Trey Lee that drops new episodes pretty much whenever they feel like it(have time).

Apollo Crews vs. Elias Samson

Ryan: YO Z! We’re back at it with We Book Wrestling, this time with Takeover: Dallas. Tell me, what do you think about Elias Samson vs. Apollo Crews and how would you book it?

Z: Unless NXT Creative has plans to push Elias “Macho Man Damien Sandow who stole Honky Tonk’s guitar” Samson, Crews should win this match easy. You have some good back and forth obviously because this is technically an NXT PPV and you can’t have a legit squash on a PPV, but have Crews control the majority of the match and keep it short (under 15 minutes).
How would you book this thing Ryan? About the same or do you have a secret man crush on Elias Macho Man Sandow Sampson?

Ryan: Dude, how did you know? I kinda want to push Elias and give him this win. Mainly because they might be losing some people after WrestleMania and Elias could be a good midcard heel for NXT for a while. He wins sometimes, he loses sometimes. Nothing special, just a good hand. However, I’d say that if he was facing anyone but Crews. I feel Apollo will be the one to take the NXT strap off of Joe or Balor and this whole buildup is Crews is pissed of at this Samson guy who’s just a dick and attacking people. I think I’d have Crews just go in there an squash him. A quick 1 minute match making Crews look like a boss. I get that this is a special event and everything, but I could see Balor/Finn and Nakamura/Zayn going around 20-30 minutes plus there are other matches so the time won’t really be a problem

Z: Yeah, I see your point. That’s actually a better idea, keep it under 5 minutes. If this wasn’t a Takeover special and just a normal episode of NXT, I’d book Elias to win via outside interference. Crews lost, but because of shenanigans, and Sampson gets a win, so he’s got a little bit of credibility.

Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin

Z: With this match, I’m really conflicted. I love Baron Corbin, and I love the streak that he’s been having, but I’m gonna be honest, I’m a huge Austin Aries mark. Let’s go back to Aries’ debut. Don’t have Baron attack him, have him interrupt Aries as he’s about to say “this is where I belong”, something along those lines. We get a good stare down, some back and forth on the mic, maybe Baron shoves Aries, but that’s about it. Now we get to their match at Takeover Dallas. You have a very balanced, back and forth match. Near the end, Aries has control, and it seems like he’s about to put Baron away. Aries climbs the top, go for the 450, but Baron dodges at the last second, then kills Aries with the Deep Six, and yes, the Deep Six rather than the End of Days. I love both the moves, but personally, I like the Deep Six just a little more.

But, if I were too keep with how it’s been booked and just book the match, I’d essentially have the same thing happen, but instead of Aries having control at the end, Baron does. Aries looks as if he’s about to lose, but then he wins by the skin of his teeth like in his World Title match with Bobby Roode. Corbin gets up, all kinds of raged, then just attacks Aries. Hits him with both of his finishers (hits him with the End of Days twice though) then leaves. I’d only book it like that to keep some kind of balance between the two. So Ryan. I gotta know, who is your pick in this match, why, and how would you book it?

Ryan: Alright, I have to admit that I liked the build they did to it, even the attack at Aries’ debut. I don’t know if you are aware, but I’ve just recently turned from a Baron Corbin hater to a fan of his, so I have to say I am just a bit more qualified to book him, agreed?

Okay so I liked the build, wouldn’t change a thing. I like the attack to get heat on Corbin, then Aries doing promos not even backstage, they looked like he was at home or something telling Baron who he’s going up against in the match, and then Baron just calls Aries out on not appearing at Full Sail since the attack. I love it, Maggle. As for the match, I’d have it even between the two, both guys getting some offense. Baron looks to be in control but nope, Aries turns it around on him making it harder to defeat him. That goes for a while and then Aries looks to finish it, but Corbin catches him with the End of Days. Pin, 1…2… kick out. Corbin’s pissed and immediately starts stomping on him and throws him against the ropes for another End of Days but Aries comes back with a dropkick instead and waits for Corbin to get back up. Aries runs off the ropes again but is caught with End of Days. 1..2..3.

Z: Yo, I like it, I like it a lot, but the one complaint I have: Don’t have Aries kick out of the End Of Days. Aries is a boss and should have Resiliency Lvl 3, but WWE is trying hard to protect the End of Days. I feel like that’s why they gave him the Deep Six, in big matches like this, it’s something to kick out of that’s a big deal, but you protect his biggest move. If anyone is gonna kick out of it, let it be a Roman Reigns or a John Cena, or even a Dean Ambrose

Ryan: Alright. how about the first move that’s kicked out of is Deep Six and then End of Days finishes it?

Z: Yeah, something like that. We just don’t want it to turn into the A.A, where if it’s a match with anyone that’s a rival, they kick out of it on a PPV, but that’s supposed to be his big move.

NXT Tag Team Championship

The Revival(c)(Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) vs. American Alpha(Chad Gable and Jason Jordan)

Z: Once again, I really dig The Revival, but American Alpha are my fucking boys. I don’t have anything special for this, have a good, 15-20 minute match, American Alpha hits the Grand Amplitude for the win.

Ryan: I would not pull out another Enzo and Cass situation where everyone wants it to happen, they have the perfect time to do it, and it never happens. If I’m booking this, Jordan and Gable absolutely win this match, but it’s no easy fight. Dash and Dawson give it their all and have a great match but just come up short.

Z: Oh yeah, definitely. Pull the trigger, give the belts to AA, but make them struggle for it. This should be their hardest fight yet.

NXT Women’s Championship

Bayley(c) vs. Asuka

Z: I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet. This should be a nice, physical match, but have Asuka ultimately win the match. Regardless of who wins or loses, I’d book for them to have two more big matches after this, but in the end, let Asuka walk away from this feud with the belt. How you booking this one Ryan?

Ryan: There’s not much to rebook or complain about. The story is good. Bayley won the championship and has been dominate since. Asuka has come in and has been dominate since. The two clash. Bayley should not win this match because who is she going to face after this? The only other person is Asuka so that’s why she should drop it and I’d book her to drop it. I would just have one more match after this which is Bayley’s rematch and she just can’t stop Asuka. This should be a great match that has the beast, Asuka come out on top.

Z: I agree. Bayley is good, but she really doesn’t have a reason to win this match.

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Z: This is one of the few times you hear me say this, both guy’s finishers need to be kicked out of. Give these guys 30 minutes and let them give you a match of the year candidate. In the end, I’d have Nakamura win, but this is gonna be an all out battle. Sami hits the Helluva Kick, Shinsuke kicks out. Shinsuke hits the Boma Ye, Sami kicks out. This is about halfway through the match, but closer to the end. You have Sami set up for the Helluva one more time, Nakamura gets a boot up, hits a Boma Ye from the 2nd rope, sits Sami up, then hits him with another Boma Ye, Nakamura comes away with the win.

Ryan: I can’t book better than that. That seems perfect for this match.

Z: It’s a gift my man, it’s a gift. I honestly can’t see this match end any other way

NXT Championship

Finn Balor(c) vs. Samoa Joe

Ryan: Finally, the main event, how would you book Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor for the NXT Championship?

Z: This is why I like NXT, their matches are easy to book, Creative has done a good job of doing most of the work for us. Once again, give them a good amount of time, about 30 minutes, let them tear it up, but Balor walks out still NXT champion. I want Balor to be a big star when he comes out of NXT. Let him have the longest reign as NXT champion if he doesn’t already, and let him drop it to Apollo Crews down the road.

Ryan: Whoa, first time we don’t have the same mindset on booking. I’d have Samoa Joe win. He turned heel a while ago because he wants the title so much, got the match and lost. Now he’s an even bigger badass and has another shot at the title. This guy NEEDS to win this match. I’d say it’s be okay to have Finn win, but he doesn’t have many people left just like Bayley. I mean as we discussed, Apollo is pretty much solid in being the next contender and Finn’s already defended against him. I think it’s Joe’s time. I’d have a good match between the two but Joe just murders Finn at the end and win the title.

Z: You know, all you really had to say was “Joe just murders Finn” and I’ve changed my mind. On a serious note though, that seems like a better was to bool things. I just don’t want Finn to be another body when he gets called up.

Ryan: You know, he wouldn’t just be a body if there was a brand split, but that’s a conversation for another day.


That’s it for this edition, we hope you enjoyed. If you agree with us or if you don’t, we would love to hear your feedback and booking ideas in the comments below!

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