The Beginner’s Guide to ATTACK! Pro Wrestling


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I am Forrest, a wrestling fan like yourself, who attends shows whenever they can. One of the shows I attend on a monthly basis is ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, a British company that popped up in 2011 and runs shows in both Cardiff and Bristol. So, you may be wondering how ATTACK differentiates itself away from the usual Britwres indy? Well, in the words of Jim L from the CHIKARA Pre-Show in 2015, ‘Not another supershow!’, they’re the ’99 pence shop version of CHIKARA’ and honestly…these guys may just be better than CHIKARA. ATTACK will be a regular feature with myself, reviewing their shows in order from ‘Mandrews goes to America’ to the recent events using a different system then usual. Due to the fun nature of this promotion, the Match Quality and Fun Quality will be separate entities, a five star in fun may not mean a five star in match quality but it’s the price of entertainment. So, let’s get on to the titles of the promotion…

The Titles

ATTACK Pro 24/7 Championship:

The Main prize of the company, The 24/7 Title is the symbol of what ATTACK stands for, Chaos. Through this Title, 24/7 rules apply, as you may know from late 90s WWF, anyone can run in and pin the champ to win the belt during these matches and that anything is allowed and since it’s inception in 2013, the belt has changed hands at least 45 times. In 2015, though, Champ Pete Dunne took the belt and it’s rules hostage, evading all those who attempted to take the belt from him. Currently, Pete Dunne holds the belt after using the 24/7 rule to pin the Wild Boar, winning him the belt in January 2016/

ATTACK Tag Titles:

Currently held by the CCK (Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos), the ATTACK Tag Titles were conceived towards mid 2015, when the Tag Teams of ATTACK became bigger, with the Anti-Fun Police, Brothers of Construction and Wonderland of Wrestle making appearances at the majority of shows. WoW would win the belts to be first champs, making CCK the third champs as they would defeat the second holder, Jim and Lee Construction.

Elderstein Invitational:

An ATTACK Tradition, the Elderstein Invitiational is a yearly tournament, taking place throughout the year until the finals which are held in december. 2015’s winner was Wild Boar, who defeated Flash Morgan Webster at ‘Under the Mistletour: Bristol’ to win it.


Press Start 3

The Main Players

Pete Dunne:

The designated heel of the promotion, ever since January, Pete Dunne has been on a war against Eddie Dennis and Recently, Wild Boar. Many will know Dunne from RPW or from OTT and in ATTACK, he shines just like he does elsewhere and it’s the fans constant booing of him and his ‘Topknot’ that allows him to build a character for himself. Currently feuding with Boar and Dennis and is the 24/7 champion, as well as being the longest reigning (held it for nearly a year). Became an ultra heel when he low blowed ‘friend’ Mark Andrews during his farewell show.

Eddie Dennis

As soon as ‘Party Hard’ by Andrew W.K is heard, the fans instantly know that Eddie Dennis, ‘The Pride of Wales’, is out there for them. The Babyface of the promotion, Eddie has been chasing Dunne for around a year to avenge Mark Andrews, who had left for TNA by then. A firm fan favourite, Dennis has been a major star in ATTACK for the past year and looks to help carry the promotion on.

Wild Boar

An Underated star on the British Scene, despite his small, ‘caveman-ish’ looks, Wild Boar is one talent who in 2015, began to shine. Throughout 2015, Wild Boar would compete in the Elderstein Invitational, going unbeaten throughout the entire year and winning the tournament in December, added in with the 24/7 Championship he would win the next night, Boar would have you seem that he is ATTACK’s true champion…but in 2016, he’s been thrust into the war between Dennis and Dunne and Boar isn’t going down without a fight.

Mark Andrews

The Catalyst of everything. In January, Andrews signed a contract with TNA prompting ATTACK to throw him a farewell shindig, only for Pete Dunne to ruin it with a dirty attack on his post-match. After a few months and a few surprise appearances here and there, Andrews is officially back in ATTACK, recently forgetting Dunne, leaving him to Dennis and Boar and aiding Nixon Newell in her fight with the CCK. Andrews, as most would know, can be considered one of the best high flyers in the world at the moment and his work in ATTACK is just an indication of what he can do.

The Tag Teams

The Brothers of Construction

Jim and Lee…outside of ATTACK, you would know them as the Hunter Brothers but to me, they are known as the twins from Tipton, The Brothers of Construction, Jim and Lee Construction. Entering the ring in construction gear (and wearing their overalls during the matches), the brothers have been a favourite of the crowd since they first appeared, even earning them selves titles, both in the form of 24/7 Titles, which they BOTH won, and the tag championship.

Anti-Fun Police

The Team everyone loves to hate. Since January 2015, the Anti-Fun police have been in ATTACK to ruin the event by outlawing fun, but every single time, they get stopped by a force of fun, from whomever they face (and even the crowd.) Officers Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne run the show but have been known to team with others such as Pete Dunne and even Robocop (which will be explained in a later review).

Wonderland of Wrestle

The duo of Super Santos Jr and Elephant Mask made their names known in January 2015, debuting alongside their manger and sometimes partner, Ramses, and they are liked by the crowd, with ‘Si’ being shouted during most of their matches. They were the first Tag Champions when the belts were conceived.


When Chris Brookes turned heel, finally doing so after hinting and even training to become a heel during one of the 2015 shows, needing Marty Scurll to show him how, He split from Nixon Newell, blaming her for his loses. In December 2015, He shocked the ATTACK Crowd for turning crowd favourite, Kid Lykos, into his partner in crime, but by the way things are, Brookes treats Lykos as if he was his lackey, and Lykos plays the part. Cheating to win, the CCK are the current Tag Champions, winning it from BoC back in January.

The Side Players

‘Flash’ Morgan Webster

A name you may recognise from PROGRESS, ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster is the ATTACK ‘Mod father’ as well as being a big fan favourite. There’s something about Webster that makes him likeable, his character is enjoyable, his in ring style is fast and amazing and the guy just seems like a likeable person overall.

Mike Bird

 The Ginger Jesus of ATTACK, Mike Bird is fast paced highflyer who recently has created trouble between him and Webster. While his in ring work is good, there isn’t really much to talk about in terms of character apart from how easy it is for him to be ridiculed or angered by wrestlers and crowd alike during the shows, which is all I know to be honest.

Sebastian Radclaw

The definition of Over. Sebastian Radclaw is an insecure man who acts like a child during most of the shows and everyone loves him because of it. He’s trying out everything in the world now that his Uncle Egbert is dead (which is a good thing) and his matches usually begin with him talking to the crowd, usually related to the theme of the show. He doesn’t need a microphone as his voice is loud enough and Radclaw isn’t afraid to share his opinions, as seen in his bout vs Pete Dunne earlier in the year. He was also the GM of ATTACK for around three months before giving up on the job to help Eddie Dennis.

Nixon Newell

Chris Brookes’ former partner and the former Luchadora, Nixon Newell has recently been chasing after her former partner with new partner, Mark Andrews and the partnership is working fine at the moment for them. Nixon herself is an impressive talent, utilising high flying moves to take down her opponents, she’s ATTACK’s ‘Iron Maiden’.

Love Making Demon

Popping out from nowhere in 2015, the Love Making Demon has become a firm favourite of the ATTACK Crowd, always pandering to the females and performing in some entertaining bouts. Known for his Mouse Mask and nickname of ‘Pervy Mouse’, may or may not be inspired by Freddy Mercury and Shinsuke Nakamura (I say this because of his first shirt).

‘Raving’ Danny Jones

The newest one on the roster, Danny Jones is a raver, through and through. Has only had a handful of matches but is making 2016 his in ATTACK.

Ol’ Poppa Sunflower

Semi-regular Sunflower who has a tendency to scream during moves and is a supernatural flower who…doesn’t really have a goal in mind. Drifts around the lower to Midcard.

The Stories (From January 2015 to now)

Pete Dunne vs ATTACK!

The longest of these, Pete Dunne vs ATTACK! started at Mandrews goes to America, when he low blowed Andrews on his way out to TNA, leading to Eddie Dennis to stand up for his friend. From there on, Dunne would go on a low blow filled heel run, winning the 24/7 championship soon after while Eddie Dennis would chase him down, only to be stopped by Dunne himself or by the Anti-Fun Police. This would all boil down to October, where Dennis would beat Dunne in 1 on 1 conditions, only to lose the match due to using the belt, resorting to Dunne’s tactics to win the belt. He would win the Belt back a month later in december. Enter Wild Boar. The next night, Dennis would allow Boar to face him, losing the belt to him, only for Boar to lose the belt the next night to Dunne, who interfered in a lumberjack matches between Dennis/Boar by disguising as Super Santos Jr. Dennis would try to stop Dunne from winning the next month, only to hurt Boar and to let Dunne defeat Boar, leading to what could be the final encounter in their biggest show ever at Walkabout Cardiff. Below is a Video which highlights the feud so far, if you want to get the low down.

CCK vs Nixon Newell

Something that’s been brewing for a year, Brookes and Nixon were apart of a team known as the Culture Squad, with Nixon donning the mask of LuchaDora, a mexican luchadora who joined up with Brookes in 2015. After having enough of their losses, Brookes would turn, attacking and unmasking Luchadora as Nixon Newell before engaging in a violent bash at Under the Mistletour 2015. Kid Lykos would join up after their match, attacking Nixon and acting as the Lackey to Brookes. Currently, CCK hold the tag belts and Mark Andrews has returned to help Nixon take her revenge.

Ginger Jesus vs The Modfather

Something that is new is Webster vs Bird, something that occurred when Bird cheated during the 6 Man Christmas match in December. Once again the next month, Bird would cheat to win again, angering Webster as this feud begins to heat up.



So, that’s really all to know about ATTACK at the moment on the eave of their big Walkabout show. I, myself will be attending, and I will be reviewing this show once it hits DVD but right now, it’s time to delve into Mandrews goes to America, the first in many ATTACK Reviews from myself. So, until then, I’ll be seeing you, (Hopefully) Loyal Reader!


3 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Guide to ATTACK! Pro Wrestling

  1. Great write up! We first went to Attack! on a horrifically wet Christmas evening a few years ago after a friend had seen a flyer for the show. Living literally 2 minutes walk from Cathays Community Centre, I was amazed that a promotion existed so close yet I’d somehow never heard of them. I saw Mark Andrews was on the roster, and thought presumed we would see essentially a cheap, badly performed series of matches with one stand out guy. It was cheap so even if it sucked it wasn’t a big deal. I put my head in to the venue to check it was still on despite the weather, and one of the workers confirmed it was and to bring as many people as we could as they thought turnout would be poor. I kept this detail from my friends, as I didn’t want to put them off further.

    To say the quality of Attack! Pro completely exceeded expectations is a massive understatement. I’ve been to a ton of WWE house shows, a Wrestlemania, some US indies and am on too many buses to London to see Rev Pro events… and yet Attack! somehow is the most fun I’ve had at a show.

    Beyond the quality of the performers, who are all excellent in their own right, it’s the superb writing that blew me away the most. Gimmick comedy matches that don’t outstay their welcome intertwined with fantastic arcs and surprises. It’s low key as all hell but everything about it is tight and professional underneath.

    The lack of a ring bell is hilarious as the crowd all chime in to start the matches with a loud ‘ding ding ding’. Despite Cathays’ small capacity, it’s packed out and loud as everyone chants along, sometimes falling into a trap set up by sneaky writing and unwittingly forwarding the show along. It’s a promotion where you’ll have people who adore wrestling sitting alongside people who know nothing about the sport and have never been to an event before…. and both will be having a phenomenal time.

    So my advice is: go to a show. Travel if you need to. You will have a blast. Whether it’s a normal unthemed event, or one where everyone is dressed as a video game character it will be a brilliant night. I promise you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ATTACK is truly one of those promotions where everyone can feel involved just by chanting. Most of the people I’ve seen and met at an ATTACK show are nice people and the show’s are always a sell out. I always go to the Cardiff shows because I can’t find time off work to get my arse over to Bristol, even though I went to the October show last year.

      I started going in January after seeing Mark Andrews’ win TNA Bootcamp, I had seen him retweet the Mandrews goes to America show over Twitter and thought that it would be a fun night out. That night changed my view on things and I fell in love with some of the characters ATTACK had out that night. I enjoyed it so much I’m still buying tickets and finding time to go to the Cardiff based shows.

      Thanks for reading, btw, and glad you enjoyed the guide.


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