Roman Reigns VS Triple H = Wasted Potential

With Wrestlemania 32 coming up in five days, WWE had one more chance to really sell people not just on the PPV, but on the match that will most likely be the main event, Roman Reigns vs Triple H. Many people have expressed there many issues with a feud that around Royal Rumble was looking to be promising. But the question is what changed? What made so many fans turn on the idea of Reigns vs Triple H despite a good chunk of them not minding it at first? Well I’m gonna give you my take on this feud, and all the wasted potential that it’s carrying. And this has nothing to do with me wanting Dean Ambrose in the main event. He’s in a good enough spot and not everyone needs to be in the main event to be a star. Believe it or not Roman Reigns being the one to fight Triple H is not the issue at all. It’s how they handled it. I’m not only going to explain what’s wrong with this feud, but towards the end I’ll give my take on how this feud should have been booked. This is gonna be a long article so sit tight.


With the right amount of build up and development of Roman Reigns, this could’ve been a win for everyone. All WWE had to do was have Reigns continue the “don’t give a shit” rampage that he started at TLC last year, as well as FINALLY change his attire and entrance music so Reigns could finally have an identity of his own instead of living off a faction that died two years ago. They even had the perfect platform to launch the feud off of after Royal Rumble 2016 where Reigns was forced to fight through almost the entire WWE roster to try to hold on to his title only to have Triple H return and cost him the belt. Now this was a well received ending to a well received pay per view and WWE was in a good spot, there was no way they could screw this up……until literally the next night.

Roman Reigns just lost his WWE title that he went through hell to get and keep, not to mention he lost it to one of his biggest obstacles which is Triple H. When you think about it they have more to build off of than just what happened at TLC. It was Triple H who took one of Reigns best friends in The SHIELD and got him to turn on him and Ambrose. It was Triple H who led the returning Evolution to try to get rid of The SHIELD once and for all. It was Triple H who was behind the man who backstabbed Roman Reigns. They could’ve went so many ways with this, but instead the next night on RAW he doesn’t get an interview, or a exclusive segment, or even a discussion by the commentators saying Reigns is at home because he couldn’t cope with the loss, he comes back and wrestles a random tag match with Dean Ambrose and this is where fans officially turned away from this feud.



After the match, Stephanie Mcmahon comes out and tells him that he will be involved in a Triple Threat #1 Contenders match for the WWE title at Fastlane. Keep in mind not only did Roman do nothing to warrant this match being made, but The Authority, a stable that did nothing but screw with Reigns by ganging up on him and doing everything in their power to keep him AWAY from that title, is now turning around and giving that same guy a chance to get redemption. Then the match at Fastlane happens and not only were the fans not for Reigns that night, but WWE books a rushed finish where Reigns is hit with a chair only to come back with a victory not even 10 seconds later. This is why so many people lost interest with this feud and Roman Reigns himself, because after finally making him a badass for a few weeks, it was right back to the WWE status quo. From this point on WWE was officially screwed.




After that Triple H attacked Roman Reigns and took him off of TV for a few weeks, the segment was actually pretty intense and the fact that WWE purposely booked and showed blood on RAW was a pleasant surprise. But the crowd reaction was completely ass backwards. By this point WWE had already gone full retard with their Roman Reigns booking and it was obvious that fans were NOT having it. Because instead of having that no nonsense asskicker who didn’t care who he had to go through to get what he wanted, they made Reigns a boring face and not to mention the weeks Reigns was gone we heard nothing from him at all. Not even via satellite. Triple H had to carry the feud for that time, and you know you’ve failed at making a face when the IWC chooses Triple H over you. It also doesn’t help that when Roman returned to beat the hell out of Triple H, the fans went from dead……to just straight boos.

So to recap: Roman Reigns was given a title opportunity without a single struggle or hardship to overcome, he got screwed out of his title and didn’t care 24 hours later, Triple H became the face of the feud despite his best efforts to get people to hate him and like Reigns, and finally WWE’s going into Wrestlemania 32 with the fans booing the face and cheering the heel. This is a Wrestlemania 22 situation ten years later.


They had one more chance to really sell people on this main event on the Go home show to RAW. They had Triple H cut a promo just decimating the fans that showed up that night and they still cheered him, they had Reigns get jumped by Trips AND The Dudleyz and that still wasn’t enough, Roman barely even said anything and was just there to kick ass which on the surface sounds perfect but at this point WWE waited FAR to late. And finally towards the end of the show Triple H comes out and cuts a promo, only to have Reigns come out and they start a huge brawl, the problem is not only was this rushed but Reigns already started a brawl with HHH earlier in the night. This segment was so damn rushed it didn’t even make it past the 11:05 mark like they usually do. Now WWE’s going into Wrestlemania with a completely screwed up main event. And it will not end well.


How Could It Have Been Better?



For this to be a success we would have to go all the way back to when The SHIELD first split up. This is the biggest factor CHANGE ROMAN REIGNS! Get rid of the entrance, the theme song, the attire, the stupid promos, and just have him be a badass who doesn’t take any crap from any wrestler heel or face, I won’t say keep him silent like everyone else has said because eventually you have to get some promo time to get a point across, but Reigns should have a laid back vibe about the way he cuts a promo. He just gets straight to the point instead of drawing the promos out.

Then you fast forward a bit to Survivor Series where Rollins is hurt and the tournament  goes like it did, but instead of Reigns being screwed over and crying about it, he should’ve went on a rampage and destroyed everything and everyone in his path. Because it makes no sense to have him be an underdog. With someone his size he should be a killing machine, leave the underdog storylines to the smaller guys. Let Reigns take out every League Of Nations member one by one backstage, or before they even get to the arena , or in the ring. So the story would be Reigns getting revenge by taking out everyone who’s involved with Sheamus and Triple H and stretch that out until Sheamus is left so you have your TLC main event. Let that match go exactly like it did, same for Royal Rumble 2016 instead for one change. All the guys Reigns took out return all at once in the Rumble and Reigns is ready to fight them head on but it’s too much. They all beat him down and hold him in the middle of the ring until number 30 comes out that’s where Triple H comes in. Triple H beats Reigns to a bloody pulp like he did a few weeks ago on RAW and basically tells Reigns “You’re not as tough as you think you are” and THAT is when Reigns takes a few weeks off and Triple H is the champion.

Then a week later Dean Ambrose confronts Triple H for what he and his group did to Roman Reigns and at first it looks like League Of Nations is gonna beat him down but Triple H calls them off because he sees Ambrose as inferior and doesn’t want to waste his time, until Ambrose does enough to provoke him to where he gets a match of his own, so instead of them fighting at a random ass Network special, they fight for the title at Fastlane. And THAT is when you bring back Roman Reigns.

Have Triple H beat Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns returns after the match and beats down Triple H but not too much because you want to save the physicality for the Mania match, so Reigns would chase Triple H all the way to the parking lot and eventually get hit with a low blow so Triple H drives away and that’s how Fastlane ends.

The next night Reigns is punking Triple H out saying things like “I’m not as strong as I think I am yet last night I had you running like a little bitch” (wouldn’t be the first time that word was used on RAW so screw it) and “You’re afraid to take me head on because you know you’re gonna lose” basically questioning Triple H as a man. So instead of Triple H stacking all the odds against him, he’s downplaying Roman Reigns and Reigns wants to show him he’s not to be taken lightly. He even declines a Mania match until Reigns goes even further with his words.

“You used to call yourself the cerebral assassin now you’re just a whipped bitch in a suit” “You’re wife must be the man of the relationship”

After these two statements Triple H accepts the challenge so now it’s about more than just the WWE title, it’s about Roman Reigns wanting to show him and the world that he is a legit threat, and it’s about Triple H wanting to show that he can still be a cold, and vicious competitor in the ring. Two big and intense competitors in a straight up war for the WWE title. So now you have Roman Reigns who’s established himself as a badass who doesn’t lay down for anyone going against Triple H who will always be as vicious and brutal in a match as possible just to get the victory. And it’s not like the match would suck, both of these guys have proven they can go in the ring, all you have to do is put these two together and let them loose. It helps even more that you have them brawl on RAW less so you save the physicality for the match. That’s how I would book this match.

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any ideas how you would book the feud or you take issues with how I did it, feel free to express it all in the comment section. I’ll see you all for the next one.


P.S i told you I’d stop ranting on wrestling fans for a while. I’m a man of my word……..mostly 😉



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