Nothing but Nattie By Sealia Bloom

As the Women’s correspondent for Talking Sheet , where we “cover the coverage” it’s pretty neat to be asked to give my opinion about the Ladies of Wrestling, how I feel they are marketed, what works and what doesn’t, their gear, their attitudes and nearly anything else that you don’t typically get from the WWE Network or even the Twitter feed. Although, let’s be real here…  the Twitter feed is most times more informative than the Network.

In the below I’ll be focusing on Natalya, who by the way is Les Moore’s (of Talking Sheet) current and longtime wrestling crush. I will tell you my feelings, opinions and observations of Nattie Neidhart from head to “Toe”- tal Diva.

The “Fair”-est One of All

I first met Nattie on my then favorite semi (mostly not) reality TV show “Total Divas” where she plays a naïve version of herself somehow always involving TJ in some sort of shenanigans whether it highlights their martial issues or the fact that Nattie signs the couple up to foster 25 cats in their home, or my current favorite “The Healing TJ and his Depression” to include R-Truth.

I thought the storyline of the martial issue was tasteless. I didn’t like the tone or the fact that is was even thought of as appropriate. However, since they are all hugs and flowers now, I suspect the majority of it was a work.(not sure if that makes me mad or not)

Currently, her most favorite sidekicks are her mother Ellie, her father, the former WWF tag team champion Jim Neidhart, and her no panty wearing sister, Jenny (Les loves when Nattie and Jenny joke about not wearing any.. they said it not us ). Currently, I think that Nattie is the most genuine and heartfelt contributor of Total Divas. Overall she has solid advice and avoids as best she can the drama that is the Divas division. She enjoys a little gossip from time to time but honestly .. who doesn’t?

Head to Toe

Natalya, in the recent past, has typically been pretty in pink. That is hard for me to say because I for one HATE pinkI’ll let it slide due to it being the tie back to the Hart Family. Although Natalya has been both babyface and heel throughout her career I can only ever perceive her as babyface. No matter what her gear implies, no matter what her hair color is or whatever promo she delivers… Babyface all the way!

Back to Nattie, in pink. I can honestly say I have never loved any of her gear. From the pink lacy “its prom night” get up, to the “gladiator” meets “defender of Grayskull” black feathery, crazy shoulder pads accents look<insert thumbs down here>. Her boobs are too pressed in and her pants hit her waistline in an unflattering way. I feel her gear discredits her super toned hot bod, when actually it should accentuate her hard work and dedication. By the way, I just want to be clear, I LOVE HER, I just don’t think that her gear does her justice.

Total Diva .. but also not…

As I mentioned earlier, I met Nattie by way of Total Divas, coincidentally corresponding with the second season of Total Divas was the debut of “ The Divas Revolution” to include mostly everyone but Nattie. Now, I fully understand the only connection is that the two shows (WWE/Total Divas) include wrestlers and that are run as totally separate entities, however it does add confusion to the already noncommittal storylines of WWE. I wish the timelines were more in sync. I get the impression that Total Divas is created for those individuals that aren’t watching both products. In Addition, Hulu tells me that the watchers are also the same as those who enjoy Teen Mom.

During this time period TJ was out hurt. It wasn’t made clear from either WWE or Total Divas if her lack of presence within the “Divas Revolution” was that she was just not included OR that she opted to be home with TJ on the mend. At times they implied both.

However, all that is currently irrelevant. I am glad to see more of her now in the ring. I think she has mostly very well delivered matches. I prefer her matches with Charlotte (NXT Takeover 5.24.14 & Roadblock) they are consistent, fun to watch and the matches are equally distributed.

In my opinion, she hasn’t had her super awesome storyline and is due.(or who knows maybe it came earlier in her career and I missed it?) Regardless, I’d like to see one in the future.

Lastly, I think that she is under celebrated. She trained in the Dungeon with her uncles Ross and Bruce AND is the only third generation female wrestler in the world. I feel like there is a great story to tell there and if highlighted could be a great way to build up her character and spice up some promos and feuds in the ring with the other Divas.

I would really hate to see her become the Dolph Ziggler of the Women’s Division, one who is just there, wrestles a lot but just stays at the same tier forever. That is not the place for Nattie Niedhart.


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