WWE Monday Night Raw – March 28, 2016 Recap

Did you miss Raw or just want to relive its moments? Then you’re in the right place! Welcome to the Raw Recap for the March 28, 2016 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw!

Shane McMahon Confronts The Undertaker

The Undertaker opened up the show and made it known that come WrestleMania, Shane McMahon is stepping into his yard and into his house(Hell In A Cell). Before he could finish his signature “Rest In Peace” phrase, Shane O’Mac’s music hit and he came out. They talked about legacy, a topic in which Undertaker didn’t believe Shane should be addressing, and that’s when Shane brought up how Undertaker’s legacy died 2 years ago at WrestleMania. After a few more words and being called Vince’s bitch, Shane McMahon attacked Undertaker. It all resulted in an Elbow Drop through the announce table that looked painful.

Styles vs. Jericho at WrestleMania

It took Jericho long enough, but he finally accepted Styles’ challenge to a match at WrestleMania. He didn’t just do it because he wanted to though, he was almost forced. After being distracted by AJ, Jericho was rolled up by Zack Ryder and lost the match. An angry Jericho accepted the challenge and stated this WrestleMania will be Styles’ first and last.


Charlotte is Ready for WrestleMania

This disappoints me. Sasha was able to defeat Charlotte on SmackDown leading into their big Triple Threat this Sunday at WrestleMania, but Becky couldn’t seem to. It makes me think she’s just in this match to get pinned and that really sucks. Sasha Banks also needs to fix her hair color, it’s horrid.


Shane McMahon Interrupts Vince McMahon

Between what he said to Undertaker on this show and now with his father, one can say Shane might be working himself into a shoot come WrestleMania.


The Dudley Boyz Distract Roman Reigns



Promo of the Year…Without Saying a Word

This was phenomenal. Just watch it, watch it now!


Roman Reigns and Triple H “Brawl”

This happened. It was a bit underwhelming.


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