West Coast Wrestling Connection Episode 96 Recap and Review

The main event of this week’s episode features A Vampire Warrior, masked wrestlers that share a name and legacy (one has an eponymous Wrestling Academy; the other is Legacy Champion) and Matt Striker. It is totally awesome. Let’s get to the ring!

WCWC Episode #96

March 26, 2016

Jackson Armory – Portland, OR

Match 1:

WCCW Pacific Northwest Championship Title Match

WCCW Pacific Northwest Champion Caleb Konley vs. “The Gentlemen Brawler” Eric Right

This such a great match. Going into this bout Eric Right’s sleeper hold is a point of contention with Konley who considers the move an “illegal” hold. Caleb is SO INDIGNANT about it yet has no problem straight up biting Right in the face. Meanwhile I am 100% certain that Right’s Tonic that HE DRINKS MID MATCH would not adhere to any other professional wrestling Wellness Program.

Konley and Right have nice contrast between them and the action is solid and fast paced; the Gentleman Brawler is a throwback to the Sammartino School while Konley is technically outstanding and quick on his feet, but not unaccustomed to administering brutality.

The match reminded me of the ‘80s in-studio NWA title matches…it was brief but displayed everything that works about the competitors and the company itself.




 Match 2:

“Rock God” Ricky Gibson w/ Mr. Tubbs and Greg Romero vs. Marcus Malone

Gibson and his cohorts, the nefarious Mr. Tubbs and WCWC Tag Team Championship co-holder Greg Romero have the heel game in WCWC locked down tight. These guys are so nasty they’ll crack an eight ball wrapped in a Grateful Dead shirt across the back of guy’s head. Not very positive vibes, boys.

Marcus Malone is a graduate of the Grappler’s previously mentioned Academy and it is not hard to see why. Malone is graceful in the ring, even hitting a picture perfect Hurricanrana. Malone comes up on the losing end here but there is a tease of a Romero/Malone match which would be on fire.



Match 3:

Ethan HD w/ Kate Carney vs. Mikey O’Shea

Both former title WCWC title holders put on a high energy match. O’Shea makes his return to singles competition after a stint as Tag Team Champion and is in top notch form. He is so versatile in the ring, much like Bam Bam Bigelow. O’Shea delivers a sweet belly-to-belly suplex but can’t overcome stiff offense, a gnarly Curb Stomp and Kate Carney. It is this author’s firm belief that Carney graduated (with honors) from the Jimmy Hart Academy for Professional Wrestling Management.


Match 4:

Sugar Brown w/ Kate Carney vs. Crash Test Cody

The “Kate Carney Power Hour” rolls on with her charge Sugar Brown (one half of The Bonus Boys) against recently solo CTC. Like the Konley/Right match, this harkens back to the NWA/WCW matches from the late ‘80s dialed up a few notches. Cody is the standout in this match and he delivers a pretty gnarly Cannonball to Sugar Brown, who loses the match due to some ineffective heelery the part of Carney.



Match 5: Main Event

The Grappler and Gangrel vs. Grappler III and Matt Striker w/ Jeremy Blanchard

Gangrel and Grappler III shoulder the majority of the match here and look great. GIII is the current WCWC Legacy Champion (the secondary singles title of WCWC) and a great old school menacing brute. If this match is truly the blow off for this round of the Grappler/Wrecking Crew Saga it’d be nice to see some action for the Legacy belt, particularly guys like Marcus Malone or Ethan HD.

In spite of the DQ finish we do get The Grappler delivering the forbidden move (in WWE at least), a Spike Piledriver, and Gangrel sticks Striker with an Impaler. So justice for the major domo of the WCWC? I have no idea and I have the sense the Grapplers are going to grapple long into the future.

Looking forward to next week’s episode!





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