NXT Takeover: Dallas – Preview and Predictions

Before the biggest show of the year for WWE, NXT will present quite possibly their biggest show ever, Takeover: Dallas. With the Women’s and Tag Team title matches, NXT has a chance to make stars at this show; a show that is headlined with the rematch of Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor, who will be defending the NXT Championship. It’s We Write Wrestling’s preview and predictions for NXT Takeover: Dallas!

NXT Takeover: Dallas

April 1, 2016

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center – Dallas, TX

Watch: WWE Network


The NXT Takeover: Dallas Preview Panel


Ryan DavisTwitter

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Dylan is our resident Independent wrestling reviewer for the United Kingdom. He’s currently in the process of reviewing every PROGRESS show.

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Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin

Ryan Davis: I thought the way the brought Aries up was very smart. They obviously didn’t want to have him wrestle before this show, but still wanted to start this program instead of having it be just a match like Nakamura/Zayn. I do hope that Aries’ position in NXT isn’t to just put over these younger guys because that would seriously be a waste of his talent. With Corbin, I’m starting to become a fan of his, he’s just a huge jerk and it’s comical to me. We have all these indie guys coming in and he’s jealous, I dig that. I see this program continuing for about a month or so, so it’s not a bad idea to have Aries win here to make Corbin really upset and cause him to do something that’ll continue the feud.

Prediction: Austin Aries

Dylan Osborn: From one TNA legend to another, Baron Corbin I feel has been constantly improving in the ring, which hey, that’s what NXT is for. With this being Aries debut and Corbin winning at the last TakeOver, I feel Austin Aries should take the win here. The match itself feels like an odd match up, Austin being more high flying while Corbin is more grounded. They could make it work, Austin bringing out the best in Corbin, but it also could be a clash of styles. Only time will tell but I think this will be a solid opener.

Prediction: Austin Aries

Tacc Brown: I’m super psyched to see Austin Aries at NXT and I think this is the perfect introduction for him. Corbin has been improving constantly this past few months and has really found his character recently. Aries will get to show his extensive move set but make no mistake, this ain’t gonna be a squash match by any stretch. Both men should come out of this match looking strong and building towards their future.

Prediction: Austin Aries

NXT Tag Team Championship

The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable)

Ryan Davis: It’s their time man, it’s their time. NXT has been booming Chad Gable and Jason Jordan for these championships for months now and it’d be highly disappointing if they lose here. The Revival aren’t too shabby themselves, easily my #2 favorite tag team behind American Alpha. Their ring work is great, it looks very dirty and real so it’s a nice change of tone in NXT matches. This will be a good match. So good that I will say this may be in my top 3 matches of the night for this show, and I’m not even a big fan of tag team matches.

Prediction: American Alpha

Dylan Osborn: First of many MOTN contenders, this match should be amazing. While I prefer Enzo and Cass more as an overall tag team, American Alpha are by far the best tag team straight up wrestling wise. The Revival have shown how great they are, being a very old school type team in how they play out their matches. All about quick tags, wearing your opponent down, distractions and classic heel tendencies. While most, if not all are on the American Alpha hype train, I’m sticking bold and actually going for The Revival to retain. I say this due to the amount of matches where faces are most likely going to win, there has to be one or two heel wins as well, and this match could be one of them. While I’m probably 90% wrong on this, I think The Revival will retain, and this match will most certainly be great.

Prediction: The Revival

Tacc Brown: I really really like both of these teams, especially American Alpha (great team, horrible name). I think this one could be a dark horse for match of the night, even with the heavily stacked top end of the card. Jordan and Gable have something about them that just works extremely well. The Revival too are something special and I think a little under-rated. The name fits them perfectly. They remind me of some of the great 80s tag teams I used to watch on VHS as a kid which I love. I’ve got AA to go over here but I really don’t mind as long as we get a great match.

Prediction: American Alpha

Apollo Crews vs. Elias Samson

Ryan Davis: THE DRIFTER! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beauty of developmental, these weird gimmicks that they try out, The Drifter is one of them. Other than the gimmick, he’s got nothing. Nothing against the guy, I bet he’s cool, but he doesn’t really offer much to matches. I wouldn’t mind seeing a motivated Apollo Crews just come out and squash him to look like a machine.

Prediction: Apollo Crews

Dylan Osborn: I’m going to be honest, I have zero clue who Elias Samson is, and I’m probably going to be crucified for it, but oh well. Apparently his re-debut outside of his dark match at TakeOver London, which should be interesting. Apollo Crews is one of my favorites on the roster right now, has everything you need to succeed and honestly, I think he’ll take the win. I’m not sure how the match will fare due to not knowing how Elias wrestles, so I can’t comment there.

Prediction: Apollo Crews

Tacc Brown: Apollo is a great athlete and a great wrestler. I wish I could say the same for Samson but so far I haven’t seen anything from him at all that I like. I don’t get the gimmick at all. I haven’t seen anything special wrestling wise. He just has a knock-off macho man look that I don’t dig at all. Crews on the other hand is a superstar waiting to happen. He has everything that the WWE like in spades. The only thing I don’t like is his standing moonsault finisher, it lacks impact and I don’t enjoy moves that you can see the opponent setting themselves up for. Aside from that he is an A+ performer. As good as Crews is though I don’t expect much of a spectacle here.

Prediction: Apollo Crews

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Ryan Davis: Sami Zayn’s body is not ready. We are not ready. Shinsuke Nakamura is about to hit the biggest Boma Ye on the en.tire company when he arrives. Word going around is that he’s keeping his gimmick and name, and has had heavy involvement in the creation of his new theme song that he says is perfect, so we are pretty much getting that same Nakamura we saw defeat Styles at Wrestle Kingdom in January. This will be a fantastic match and a lovely send off for Sami Zayn. YeaOh!

Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura

Dylan Osborn: Oh how I am looking forward to this match. The first NXT debut that I hope isn’t a squash match. These two could have an amazing match if given the time, Shinsuke Nakamura has quickly become one of my favorite wrestlers at the moment, going back and watching his matches. There’s a reason they call him the “King of Strong Style” and Sami isn’t a chump either, these two will be having an all out war. Of course I think Shinsuke will go over, with Sami doing one last job before going up to the main roster to face Owens. This match is going to be amazing and is one of the many reasons to watch TakeOver Dallas!

Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura

Tacc Brown: This is the main event for me! Sami Zayn is my favorite performer in NXT right now as he was in RoH, PWG and anywhere else he plied his trade. He is already one of my all time favorites. Nakamura was my favorite wrestler in NJPW so you can imagine how excited I am for this one. The NXT bookers are smart. They know the world will be watching this one and I expect a blockbuster. Both guys will get their best stuff in. I’m predicting 20 minutes or more and a match of the year candidate from 2 of the best wrestlers in the world right now. This is Nakamura’s debut match in NXT so I expect a win for him but Sami will leave looking very strong too.

Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura

NXT Women’s Championship

Bayley (c) vs. Asuka

Dylan Osborn: Probably the most anticipated women’s match in NXT history, the plucky champion Bayley taking on the wrestling machine Asuka. This could potentially out do Sasha Banks vs Bayley from last year because Asuka is on another planet when it comes to wrestling ability and she can get the best out of anyone. I’m letting my inner fanboy persuade me here but I’m going with Asuka to capture the title, both women are face and it should remain that way post match, they should turn Asuka heel until after her program with Nia Jax. Another MOTN here, and a possible new best women’s ever on the horizon!

Prediction: Asuka

Tacc Brown: Another dream match right here! Bayley is one of NXT’s best workers, not female workers, workers period. Her move set is vast and well worked and she is incredibly likeable. Asuka being a rarity among female wrestlers as she works strong style, will be a new challenge for Bailey but one I think she is well prepared for. I expect another great match here. I think Asuka will hold the NXT title very soon, but not just yet…

Prediction: Bayley

NXT Championship

Finn Bálor (c) vs. Samoa Joe

Ryan Davis: It’s time for this. It’s time for Samoa Joe to take his place as the top guy in NXT. He lost a few months ago, but now he’s back as a more dominate badass than before. Finn’s going to fight until his last breath, and then Joe will stomp the last one out of him, pin him, and be crowned as the top dog of NXT.

Prediction: Samoa Joe

Dylan Osborn: Sensing a theme here? Most of these matches look amazing on paper! The rematch from London, whilst their first match was good, it could have been better and I feel this rematch will be superior. Finn and Joe have fantastic chemistry together so I wouldn’t be surprised if this match was great and MOTN. I think Joe will win the title here and go into a feud with Apollo Crews going into the summer, that way Finn can transfer to the main roster *cough* Balor Club with Shane *cough* article about it *cough* Overall this match should be a fine display of technical ability and strong style ass kicking, much like Sami and Nakamura should be.

Prediction: Samoa Joe

Tacc Brown: Can you believe how stacked this card is!? I think I am genuinely more excited for takeover than I am for WrestleMania at this point. The main event should be another stunner. We all know how good Samoa Joe is. He has been a dominant part of the independent scene for years. His surprising agility and strong offensive style making him one of the best around for many years now. Balor is going to have one of his toughest challenges to date in Joe. I’m expecting a very aggressive and physical match for this one. 20 minutes at least with some great spots along the way as 2 of the best in the business finally meet. Its a really tough call this one but I think main roster is calling Balor very soon so I’m going to go with Joe.

Prediction: Samoa Joe


There’s our preview and predictions for the show! Leave yours in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Twitter @WeWriteWrestlin for updates on new content.

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