Dragon Gate Open the Champion Gate 2016 Day 1 and 2 (3/5/16 and 3/6/16) Review

These 2 days feature an Open the Brave Gate title match, Open the Triangle Gate title match, Open the Twin Gate title match, and an Open the Dream Gate title match!

Open the Brave Gate Championship: Kotoka(c) vs YosukeSanta Maria

The match started with Maria hitting multiple dropkicks. Maria went for a dive but got hit with a chair, Kotoka proceeded to attack more with the chair. Maria was starting to gain momentum, but was quickly cut off by Mondai Ryu. Maria was able to get the advantage with a springboard dropkick, and then hit a dive from the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Maria hit a missile dropkick for a 2, and then hit a Falcon Arrow for a 2! Kotoka was able to hit a Jumping DDT, and then a diving double stomp from the top rope for a 2! He went for another but missed, and then was hit with the Neraiuchie♥ but Mondai Ryu stopped the ref from counting the 2 count!

After some stomps to the back, Maria went for a springboard, but missed, and then went for a German Suplex, but instead was hit with a low blow, and then a kick to the head! Kotoka proceeded to hit a double foot stomp to the head for a 2 count! He went for another but was stopped by a dropkick, and then hit with a top rople Falcon Arrow! They both got up and exchanged strikes, which ended with both of them doing multiple roll-ups for 2 counts! While the ref was distracted, YAMATO hit Maria with a chair! Kotoka went for a kick to the head, but Maria ducked and used the Lip Lock, and proceeded to hit the Neraiuchie♥ for the 3 count to win the Open the Brave Gate Championship!



Open the Dream Gate Championship: Shingo Takagi vs Jimmy Susumu (c)

This match was for the Open the Dream Gate championship which Susumu won in February from his opponent, Shingo Takagi. The match started normally with strikes and lock-ups, Takagi eventually gained the advantage with a big backdrop! On the outside, Takagi attacked Susumu with the Dream Gate title. They both got on the apron, Takagi knocked Susumu off, went for something off the apron, but got caught with an Exploder Suplex! Susumu hit a brainbuster on Shingo inside the ring, he tried to follow up with a German Suplex, but got countered into a backdrop, and then hit with a Dragon Screw. Shingo hit Susumu with a chair to the arm on the outside, he proceeded to do more attacks to the arm. Continuing to attack the arm, Shingo hit a powerslam into an armbar, Susumu got to the ropes though. Takagi hit a corner powerbomb, after reversing what Takagi was going for, Susumu hit a top rope Frankensteiner!

Takagi was quickly able to gain the advantage with a forearm knocking Susumu down, but not for long as Susumu hit an Exploder Suplex into the corner! Susumu hit another Exploder, which was then followed up by a backdrop from Shingo, Shingo was able to gain the advantage with a Pumping Bomber though. Takagi was going for something but it was reversed into a back body drop, which was followed by Shingo hitting a back body drop of his own. Shingo went to the top rope, but was stopped with an Exploder Suplex off the top rope! Susumu then hit another top rope Exploder Suplex. Shingo got Susumu on the top rope, and hit a stalling brainbuster, and followed up with a neckbreaker off the ropes. Susumu collapsed after being hit by a Pumping Bomber, and then was hit with a MADE IN JAPAN for a 2!

After Susumu got up, they had a crazy sequence which ended in Susumu hitting the Jumbo no Kachi! for a 2 count! Susumu then hit the Jumbo no Kachi!-gatame for another 2 count! After trading their signature lariats, Takagi hit another MADE IN JAPAN for another 2 count! He went for another but got it countered into a flying pin for a 2 count, which was followed by a big Pumping Bomber from Takagi for a 2! After both men tried to run off the ropes and hit their lariat for a bit, Susumu hit the Jumbo no Kachi!-gatame for a 2! Susumu went for another Jumbo no Kachi! but was instead hit with the Last Falconry for a 2! After a few more lariats exchanged, Takagi took Susumu down with the Pumping Bomber but only got a 1! Susumu got right back up but was hit with another Pumping Bomber for the 3 count! Great match, very fun to watch, nice sequences, nice near falls, and Shingo Takagi gained back the Dream Gate title! Highly Recommended 


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