The Hypocrisy Of Hating Roman Reigns For WWE’s Mistakes

Some of you remember me as TheMillionDollarMark, but most of you know me as that guy who just complains about wrestling fans all the time. No matter what you remember me as, I’m back and better than ever. Ever since I decided to retire from the YWC as of……a couple of days ago, that gives me more time to create content for the WWW audience.

Now, if you’re tired of the same old “wrestling fans are stupid” schtick from me……..well this article may not be too different for you. But fear not, after this I’ll be touching on other things and won’t do articles like this for a while. There’s thousands of things I can call the IWC out on but eventually people will get tired of these articles then I’ll get tired of them. Enough set up, let’s get to the issue at hand.

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I want to ask you all a question, have you ever heard the term “don’t blame the messenger”? When it comes to pro wrestling that phrase comes into effect more than ever. No matter how stupid the booking of a wrestler is or how stupid the gimmick is, we as wrestling fans must always keep in mind that it’s not THEIR doing. It’s the fault of the writers and bookers of said talent. When it comes to fan favorites such as Dean Ambrose or Bray Wyatt being booked like crap, wrestling fans always remember that it’s the fault of the writers and the wrestlers are just doing what they’re told. Too bad that same logic isn’t applied to Roman Reigns.


I’m not going to sit here and act like the booking WWE gives him is quality booking and Reigns is at his best. If that was the fact, this article wouldn’t exist. The thing is with me, is that I can see the difference between the character, and the performer, the only time I blame the performer is when they have a say on what happens in a match which is why I have so much disdain for Hulk Hogan or for what John Cena did at SummerSlam 2010. Because those weren’t situations decided on by creative, they were moronic decision made by people who felt the need to look strong in whatever scenario they’re in.


We can sit here and say “Roman Reigns gets bad crowd reactions” all day but we can’t blame the man himself for that. As much as I love Ambrose or Wyatt, people tend to forget the reactions for them aren’t always the best In fact some crowds are outright silent when they’re out there. Does this mean we need to crucify them as people because of fan reaction? I mean that’s the IWC’s logic……and they’re never wrong.


It’s not like Roman Reigns can’t get a good reaction, in fact I seem to remember a lot of people cheering when he won the WWE title in December and it was in Philadelphia, the same Philadelphia who’s notorious for their smarkish behavior and did the wonderful act of blocking wrestlers from there cars after the 2015 Royal Rumble. The same Philadelphia who shunned Reigns when he won. Then fast forward to December and WWE finally books Reigns right and people are behind him, then they backtrack and book him like shit and all the internet fans are trying to act like they were never fans of his despite 90% of them cheering after he won. They were being played like a harp from hell. They won’t admit to liking Reigns at one point because it goes against their smark code.


I consider myself a Roman Reigns fan, why is it bad to be a fan of someone but have major issues with how they’re being booked by creative? I have no issue with doing that with Cesaro and fans have no issue doing that with Owens, Ambrose, and especially Dolph Ziggler. If you’re gonna attack Reigns personally because of the company’s bad decisions then I dare you do to the same to one of your favorites. But you won’t.


Realistically there’s nothing Reigns himself can do about this. He’s stuck in the hands of people who can’t write to save there lives and it sucks. Vince goes on the Austin podcast and preaches for the roster to be more outspoken yet anyone who actually does so is punished. And make no mistake it doesn’t matter who it is, if they piss WWE off enough there WILL be consequences. If it can happen to Jeff Hardy or Hulk f*cking Hogan then it can happen to Reigns. So if Reigns stands up to creative and tells them what they’re doing is stupid he’ll inevitably get punished for it because he’s an employee at the end of the day. We all know what it’s like to work for someone and not be able to call out there BS. That’s what’s happening here. Yet WWE’s not getting as much blame as the performer who’s only doing what he’s told is, and truth be told it’s infuriating.


Either people start movements to stop him from getting the main event, or they watch the shows just to hear the horrible reactions that he’ll get, or a few of them take it to a new level and insult his family. It’s sick and ignorant to say the least. I personally don’t care who you are if you blame Roman Reigns for WWE’s mistakes yet can blame WWE when one of your favorites is booked like crap you are a hypocrite. Plain and simple. Reigns can’t take the crap he’s given and turn it into gold, at the end of the day if you gave this stuff to ANYONE no matter how talented, they couldn’t make it work either. No one could. You give this to Ambrose or Punk or Bryan, or Ziggler and the result will remain the same. The only difference is the IWC would blame the people who deserve it this time because that’s how this works.

The bottom line of this article is be smart enough to see the difference between performer, and writer. When the time is right, blame the RIGHT people. Don’t shoot the messenger because he’s only doing his job. I’m eager to see how many people read this and understand where I’m coming from and how many just use selective reading and call me a fanboy. Well either way it’s time for this fanboy to end the article here. Hope you enjoyed another one of my wrestling fan articles and I hope to move on to new topics in the future

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7 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Of Hating Roman Reigns For WWE’s Mistakes

  1. Yep, the IWC are a tough crowd. They would rather complain online about wrestling rather than get a job with WWE creative where they can actually make a difference. I remember in 2014, everybody wanted Roman to win over Batista. It has now become a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario.


  2. I don’t know anybody who dislikes Reigns just because of his booking, but if they did wouldn’t they dislike the people who you just mentioned because of their booking? That would mean they think Reigns is a good wrestler, because they only dislike his booking. I’m pretty sure 99% of Reigns “haters” would still dislike him if he had good booking, due to them not liking his wrestling ability.


    1. Most of the complaints are about his booking and how he’s made to look like Superman, but it’s leaned more towards Roman himself than WWE. Even when it comes to wrestling ability I dare say some of the IWC’s favorite wrestlers aren’t all that special either


      1. A lot of complaints are about his booking, that’s correct, but is anybody trying to say the booking is Roman’s fault? If Roman wasn’t supposed to be the face of the company, and was just a midcarder, people would still dislike him due to his wrestling, like Titus O’Neil.


      2. A lot of people act like it’s his fault. I’ve seen more people target Reigns when it comes to WWE’s issues when that’s not the case. Even if they disliked him because of his wrestling or has a limited moveset, that brings another question which is why do they give Lesnar a pass? Also I wouldn’t say Titus O Neil because people actually like him


      3. The people I see complaining about it are usually blaming the WWE for pushing for someone who isn’t talented and has no passion for the business. We can’t act like everybody in the IWC shares the same opinion, but most people I see are getting tired of Brock.


      4. I’m not. I’m tagreting the people who blame everything on Reigns. Which i about half the IWC. And even talent wise Reigns to me has been improving but he’s being restricted by bad booking. Whenever I talk about these people I don’t talk about everyone I talk about the people in paticular who are doing it. If it was everyone I’d flat out say it was everyone


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