Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare – March 23, 2016 Review and Recap

Lucha Underground

March 23, 2016

Lucha Underground Temple Boyle Heights, California

Welcome to Aztec Warfare 2. This match is one of the peak episodes in the Lucha Underground season with one straight match going through 20 different competitors. Two Luchadors start in the ring with every 90 seconds another opponent enters the match. The only way to submit an opponent is by pinfall or submission in the ring. The match also falls under a no disqualification rule so weapons are completely viable…for the violence. I will be breaking down the recap by each competitor to make it easier to read. This is gonna be a long one folks so let’s dive in.

#1 Fenix and #2 Rey Mysterio Jr

Fenix shows immense respect for Mysterio by bowing and shaking his hand as Mysterio enters the ring. Mysterio pulls off a dizzying Hurricanrana on Fenix as the first big move of the match. Fenix delivers a strong Superkick to Mysterio after Mysterio fails to hit a 619 on Fenix. He also almost looses his footing on a kip up after Mysterio missed with a strike. Mysterio throws Fenix toward the ropes but Fenix catches himself between the ropes and swings around back into the ring.

#3 King Cuerno

Cuerno immediately jumps in attacking Mysterio into the turn buckle and delivers a back kick to Fenix. Mysterio takes a long fall slam from Cuerno after getting caught up in a monkey flip. Cuerno then draws the arrow back and jumps through the middle ropes head first into Fenix who is outside the ring. With Cuerno on the outside Mysterio slides under the bottom ropes landing on Cuerno.

#4 Argenis

Argenis returns to the temple and goes for Fenix with a hurricanrana. Fenix then eats a Superkick after diving toward Argenis. After attempting a pin on Mysterio, Argenis is hit by the 619 and a frog splash by Mysterio. Mysterio pins Argenis for the first elimination of the night. During the countdown time to the next entrant, Fenix hits Cuerno with a corkscrew dive from the ring to floor.


#5 Johnny Mundo

With Mysterio being the only one in the ring and Fenix on the outside with Cuerno, Mundo goes on the attack to Mysterio. The two end up in the corner where Mundo flips Mysterio over onto the turnbuckle. Fenix uses Mundo’s leg to kick Mysterio who is setting up on the apron. Mundo flips Fenix and slams him down to the ring for a pin attempt. The two exchange pin attempts finally ending at the ropes by Mundo getting his feet up on the ropes to break Fenix’s pin.

#6 Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan comes down from the stairs but rather than get into the ring, he takes out a pair of handcuffs from his trunks. Joey uses the handcuffs on himself and attaches himself to the railing of the stands. He begins to taunt the other wrestlers in the ring thinking he’s found the grandest loop who in the match type. If you’re confused by his logic: by handcuffing himself outside the ring, he cannot be pinned or submitted inside the ring. Perfect Joey Ryan logic. Mundo and Cuerno double team Fenix inside the ring. When Cuerno gets mocked by Joey outside of the ring, Cuerno superkicks Joey. That’s the first time when Joey’s plan back fires tonight. Inside the ring, Mundo uses Fenix by throwing Fenix onto Mysterio but attempts to pin Fenix and not Mysterio. Fenix does kick out of the pin.

#7 Prince Puma

Puma jumps in fast by hopping on the apron and kicking Mundo from the apron. The kick is followed soon after by a springboard elbow to Fenix. When Mundo, Fenix and Cuerno are outside the ring, Puma springs off the top rope and performs a beautiful, high flying moonsault onto them.

#8 Jack Evans

Before Evans can even make it down the stairs, Mysterio catches Cuerno in a quick armbar submitting Cuerno and giving him his second elimination of the night. Mundo is stomped by Fenix, Mysterio and Puma but is soon replaced by Evans. Mundo attempts to join in on the stomping but is kicked out of the ring by the three masked wrestlers forming a temporary alliance between the three.

#9 Taya

Taya comes down the stairs and is met by Mundo and Evans standing at the bottom. The three form another temporary alliance which the announcers label as the “Gringo Team”. When the six wrestlers are in the ring together, each one pair off into their own fights until Taya and Evans pin Mysterio’s ankles and wrists to the mat. Mundo straddles Mysterio mocking him and possibly setting him up for the End of Days or a cheap pin attempt.

#10 Cage

When the countdown expires, Cage comes down the ramp dead set on going after Johnny Mundo. Mundo retreats behind Evans and Taya but Cage rips through the two with clotheslines. Attacking Mundo on the outside, Cage sees Taya coming down for a flying crossbody. She gets caught by cage and proceeds to get slammed down on the outside mat. Mundo then superkicks Cage along with another kick stunning Cage outside the ring. Cage is then sent through an office window, head first, by Mundo leaving Cage incapacitated.

#11 Mascarita Sagrada

As Mundo mocks Sagrada for his stature, Sagrada is already up and in the ring giving Fenix another dizzying Hurricanrana. After recovering from getting his head through a window, Cage throws a discus lariat and hits Mundo outside the ring. He then lifts Mundo up and hits Mundo with the Weapon X onto the outside mats. Cage then throws Mundo into the ring where Prince Puma pins Mundo for the three and the elimination. This coming after Puma does a standing shooting star press.

#12 Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Fenix and Evans are both taken down by The Moth’s clotheslines and Prince Puma gets a big boot to the face from him as well. Sagrada attempts to kick and punch The Moth while distracted by Taya but he falls to the same fate as Puma with a boot for his troubles.

#13 Drago

When Evans sees Drago coming down, he attempts to hit him by flipping over the top rope but misses completely. Drago avoids the attack and retaliates with strikes of his own. When the pair make their way over to Joey Ryan, Evans ducks out of the way of Drago’s spray and Joey gets a face full of it instead of Evans. That makes two times Joey’s plan has gotten him hit with no where to go. Evans and Drago move their fighting into the stands. In the ring though, Sagrada is spinning off of The Moth and hits The Moth with a DDT. This sets Mysterio up for the splash, which he hits on The Moth, and Mysterio gets another elimination by pin. That makes three for Mysterio.

#14 The Mack

Mack seeing The Moth leaving the area decides to give The Moth a stunner which gets sold as much as a VKM stunner. Mack gets into the ring and has a stare down between him and Cage. Now keep in mind that behind these two, Drago and Evans are still fighting in the crowd. This is evident as we can see Evans being thrown down the stairs of the temple and onto the floor.

#15 Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Drago doesn’t care who enters the match as long as he’s trying to destroy Jack Evan’s. Drago power bombs Evans onto the stand seating of the temple. Now in the ring, Chavo gets Sagrada into a camel clutch and forces Sagrada to tap out. Mysterio sets Cage up for the 619 but Taya pulls the rope down sending Mysterio crashing outside the ring. With Cage hung up and dangling on the middle rope, Johnny Mundo comes in running from the back area with a cinder block. Mundo smashes the cinder block over Cage, knocking him out. Taya climbs into the ring and pins Cage eliminating him.

#16 “The Darewolf” PJ Black

Now rather than go directly to the ring and fight anyone inside it, PJ Black goes for Drago and Evans who are still in the stands fighting each other. PJ suplexes Drago onto the temple seating and PJ makes another small alliance with PJ. The two double team Drago but Drago fends them off sending Evans to the floor and PJ into the ring post.

#17 Aerostar

Now fighting in the ring, PJ, Evans and Drago continue their fight against each other. Drago drop kicks Evans out of the air and pins him near the corner of the ring. PJ breaks up the pin by smashing down on Drago. When PJ and Evans are in the middle of the ring though, Aerostar uses the top rope to drop kick both PJ and Evans. When recovered, PJ Black delivers a brainbuster to Drago. While PJ does the brainbuster though, Evans is being set up on the top turnbuckle by Areostar. Areostar flips Evans over into a piledriver and spikes him into the ring. Both PJ and Areostar simultaneously pin Drago and Evans, eliminating them both.

#18 Dragon Azteca Jr.

Vampiro is surprised by seeing the Dragon Azteca mask giving a little backstory to the lore behind it. PJ and Azteca exchange very choreographed blows to each other. Azteca ends ith with an enzuigiri. Mack attempts to hit Azteca from behind but Azteca sends him over the top rope. He then jumps over the rope, lands on Mack, and throws Mack head first into the outside mat with a hurricanrana. Azteca gets back into the ring and does a suicide dive over the turnbuckle to hit Mack once again.

#19 Texano

Chavo is back in the ring but not for long after seeing Texano coming down the ramp. Texano comes into the ring swinging his rope while Chavo pushes Aerostar toward him. This clears out the ring leaving Texano inside by himself. He then launches himself landing on four of the still competing wrestlers. When Texano makes his way back into the ring, PJ Black attempts to do damage on Texano. Unfortunately for PJ, this ends with him getting power bombed in the center of the ring and eliminated by Texano with a pin.

#20 Mil Muertes with Catrina

Mil Muertes and Catrina slowly walk down the ramp together. Pentagon Jr. comes through the crowd with a steel chair and begins striking Mil Muertes with the chair. Unable to recover against the barrage of chair shots, Mil Muertes is thrown into the ring where Rey Mysterio hits with another splash onto him. With the help of Prince Puma, Mysterio and Puma cover Mil Muertes eliminating him.

The actions set off Catrina and she yells at Vampiro blaming him for Pentagon Jr.’s attack on Mil Muertes. During the slap that Catrina gives Vampiro, there is another countdown timer. With the timer hits zero, Dario Cueto appears at the top of the stairs. He announces there is one more competitor to fight in Aztec Warfare and he has come back to reclaim his Temple.

21: The Monster Matanza Cueto

Yes, the competitor is Dario’s brother, Matanza. After Matanza enters the ring, six of the remaining competitors attempt to attack the monster. He throws them all off and let me warn anyone reading this that if you do not like Braun Strowman or Brock Lesnar, then maybe it’s a good time to skip to the end of this article. Matanza first power slams Fenix and he is first to fall to Dario’s brother. Mack jumps in and hits a stunner on Matanza but it has no effect on him. Matanza suplexes him into a bridge and pins Mack. Moments later, Aerostar falls to the same fate and gets pinned after being suplexed. Texano comes in with his bull rope and attempts to choke out Matanza but to no success. Instead Texano is snapmarred and power bombed into a pin. Outside of the ring, Matanza see’s Joey Ryan who is begging for Matanza to go after a hiding Chavo. Matanza ignores Joey’s pleads and rips off the railing piece the handcuffs are attached to. Joey gets tossed into the ring and is thrown for three gut wrench suplexes with a pin after. Chavo throws Dragon Azteca into the ring and delivers a cheap shot to Mysterio on the outside. Azteca gets some good attempted offense against the monster but is caught in a monstrous chokeslam by Matanza and pinned. Outside the ring still, Chavo again attempts to save his skin by trying to workout a deal with Dario. Chavo gets into the ring with Matanza and the two stare down at Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio. Matanza nearly decapitates Chavo and delivers a standing shooting star press for the elimination pin. After Prince Puma and Mysterio attempt to gain the upper hand by double teaming the monster, Mysterio gets thrown out of the ring. Matanza wraps Puma up and German suplexes him into a bridged pin. Prince Puma does not kick out and he is eliminated.

The Final Two

The Aztec Warfare comes down to Rey Mysterio Jr. and The Monster Matanza Cueto. Mysterio attempts to use his speed and quickness to gain some advantage over Matanza but is abruptly stopped after being clotheslined. Mysterio again cuts the beast down with a flurry of hard kicks. With Matanza hung up on the middle rope, Mysterio attempts the 619 but is caught and carried into the center of the ring. Mysterio is able to escape and drop kicks Matanza’s feet sending him again into the middle ropes. He hits the 619 and after going to the top rope, he is caught by Matanza and power slammed. Matanza pins Mysterio and gets eliminated making Matanza the new Lucha Underground Champion.

All together, the episode of Aztec Warfare lived up to another great showing from all the high flying stunts they love to display. The highlight being Prince Puma’s shooting star press onto the wrestlers below from the top rope. I actually implore everyone reading this to check it out or at least a GIF of it. Introducing Dario’s brother, Matanza, was a great opportunity for him to come back and reveal his hand to take control over the temple from Catrina and Mil Muertes. Even though the only two people who really put up good offense were Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. Now we have to wait until next week to see what Dario will do now that he has possibly seized control back from Catrina and Muertes.

My rating for Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare: ****



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