WWE’s Injury List: Best for Business?

So the WWE is going through one of its worst periods in history in terms of injuries but I’m going to try and tell you why that might not be such a bad thing…and because my brain only works one way, it’s in list form of course…

5. Dean Ambrose’s Push

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose is having an incredible year so far in 2016. A lot of that is down to Dean himself taking the ball and running with it, however, had Seth Rollins not been injured at a house show last year while wrestling Kane do you think Ambrose would be where he is now? Having what some people are already calling a match of the year candidate against Triple H at Roadblock earlier this month wouldn’t have been on the cards if Seth was still around. I like to think the unstable one would still have found a way to make his main event presence known but there’s no denying that when Rollins went down, Dean saw an opportunity and took it. I think Ambrose is the best he has ever been right now (yes, including his time in the Shield) and that has to be down to the freedom WWE has had to afford him while his former Shield cohort is off our screens.

4. The New Day


I might upset a few people with this one but hear me out. Tyson Kidd’s injury was the best thing to happen to WWE’s tag division in years. I genuinely like Tyson Kidd and thought he was under utilized in the WWE and I hope he makes a full recovery so we can see him work again. His partnership with the also currently injured, Cesaro was a real breath of fresh air for the tag team picture. But lets look at why that was the case shall we? There was the Usos (yawn), the Prime Time Players (yawn) and whatever tag VKM decided to cobble together for that weeks show (probably R-truth and a random jobber) and that was about it. Sure there were a few other tags around but nothing of note. So when two of WWE’s most underutilized talents teamed up the universe went mad for it, and with good reason. They were a joy to behold and had some great matches against less than A-grade opposition. But the fact the tag division was threadbare made them seem even better so when Kidd went down with a horrific injury the tag division seemed doomed…until a New Day dawned! The tag division was in serious need of a shot in the arm and the New Day provided it. arguably the most entertaining thing on WWE television right now, they are over with fans because they seem to be being themselves just having so much fun! Without the loss of Kidd and Cesaro there would have been no desperation and management might not have said “why not?” when New Day asked for more freedom to be creative with their now awesome gimmick.

3. The Entire Tag Team Division


Since Kidd and Cesaro fell to injury, Titus O’Neill decided to get grabby with Vince and got suspended and one of the two Usos got injured as well. The division was getting thin to say the least. As The New Day made their rise the 2 time tag champs needed a more fleshed out division in which to ply their trade. The Ascension (YAAAAAAAAWN) were supposed to do just that but for some reason didn’t get over at all. The tag title picture was threadbare to say the least. In an effort to further beef up the tag scene WWE brought in The Lucha Dragons and the long awaited return of The Dudleys and created The League of Nations and The Social Outcasts and all of a sudden the tag division is choc a block with talent again and healthier than it has looked in years at least in terms of numbers. Lets just hope they know what to do with it.

2. Brock Lesnar’s Total Destruction


Brock Lesnar’s nickname is the Beast and its not one of those clever nicknames like when you call your short mate “Lofty” or the like. He really is, in pure physical terms, the total package. Raw power, ruthless aggression and masses of talent. Over the past 6 months he has had a less focused path than would usually befit such a wrestler. Usually you would want your strongest talent to be making a B-line for the title but lately with all the injuries there is no such obvious line. The current WWE roster is so disjointed there is no one clear path. As a result Brock has flitted around the roster from one feud to the next, his colossal shadow always hanging over the title picture even if he isn’t in it. While this sort of booking would be bad for most wrestlers (Ryback?) it fits Lesnar perfectly. Even though the path to the title right now would be relatively clear, and we assume when he does get there he definitely wins it. His willingness to fight anyone and everyone on the roster, at any time, regardless of their involvement, or lack of, in the title picture just adds to the aura of total badassery (its a word!) that he conveys. Brock knows he can take the title when he pleases but right now hes in no rush because hes just loving laying waste to the roster and that makes him all the more scary.

1. The Returns!


So even with the points I’ve made above, the landscape of WWE’s main product still looks a little bare. But I’ve saved the best for last. Rollins, Cesaro, Orton, Cena and all the others that are currently on the injury list all have one thing in common…they’re all going to come back! Who can forget when Cena returned at the 2008 Rumble much to the anger of Triple H? Or Orton’s surprise run-in in 2012 where he was dishing out RKOs to the Shield like they we’re 10 a penny? Or even CM Punk turning up on RAW in 2011 with his “stolen” WWE title. My point is, some of the best moments in wrestling are when we see a big name return (Shane o’mac is a great recent example) and we’re going to get that awesome pop 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 times at least this year and that has to be something to look forward to…right?



What do you think the best thing about the current WWE product is and who’s return are looking forward to most? Let me know in the comments below!


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