WWE Thursday Night SmackDown – March 24, 2016 Preview

WWE Thursday Night SmackDown

March 24, 2016

Watch: WWE Network

Time for the big guns! This episode of WWE Thursday Night SmackDown will feature a rare appearance by Brock Lesnar. Last week, Dean Ambrose called out Lesnar for this show for a fight, will he accept the challenge?

Welcome to the Queendom

Time is ticking for these three women. For Sasha Banks, she has a chance at defeating Becky Lynch, someone Sasha has dismissed for over a year, and Charlotte, the person at the top of the Divas Division; For Becky Lynch, she has a chance at rising above all the odds and proving she is not someone to be looked down upon; For Charlotte, well, she can take the ultimate fall and lose her championship on the grandest stage of them all. With WrestleMania within weeks, one of these ladies need to get momentum before heading into the AT&T Center.

Will Styles get another shot at Owens?

In the main event last week, Chris Jericho cost AJ Styles a win against the Intercontinental champion, Kevin Owens. The match was in Styles’ favor until Jericho’s interference, because of that, will Styles get a chance at redemption and get another match against Kevin Owens? If not, will AJ and Jericho have a confrontation?

Who Reigns Supreme?

While being the reason for Triple H, the WWE World Heavyweight champion, needing to get staples in his head as well as showing absolutely no respect to Stephanie McMahon last Monday on Raw, Roman Reigns doesn’t look like he’ll stop his path to the top any time soon. With Triple H out of the equation, for now, what challenge awaits “The Big Dog” on his road to WrestleMania?

Will Dean Ambrose enter Suplex City?

Last week, Dean Ambrose took out every member of the Social Outcasts with a Kendo Stick, the challenged Brock Lesnar to a fight on this week’s SmackDown. With Lesnar not appearing on SmackDown very often and it being so close to WrestleMania, will an all out brawl between Ambrose and Lesnar break out?

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