WWE Main Event – March 22, 2016 Results and Review

WWE Main Event

March 22, 2016

TD Garden Boston, Massachusetts

Zach Ryder vs Stardust

The opening match for tonight’s WWE Main Event features Zach Ryder and Stardust attempting to push a bit further in the Intercontinental Belt Ladder Match storyline. Ryder starts out strong but after Stardust feigns an injury to his ankle or knee, Stardust hits Ryder and throws him onto the top rope. Ryder then builds on his own momentum by returning the favor to Stardust and throws Stardust onto the top rope to set him up for a missile drop kick. Once Ryder sets up Stardust in the corner, he attempts a Broski Boot but misses. Stardust uses this opportunity to throw Ryder over the top rope onto the outside mat. After Ryder gets to the ring apron, Stardust throws his Disaster kick and misses wild. Ryder uses the opportunity to get to the top turnbuckle and Stardust attempts to get Ryder down. The attempt fails and Stardust falls down onto his back. Ryder, from the top rope, hits Stardust with the Elbro drop for the three count and picks up the victory. Even though commentary was talking up the ladder match a bit up throughout the match, it really didn’t show much of either of these two’s dominance over each other.

Rating **1/2

Paige vs Naomi

Paige comes out first with her Team Brie partners Alicia Fox and Natalya. Then Naomi comes out with her team members of Tamina and Lana. But we get a treat tonight of Lana on commentary! Lana honestly offers nothing much to commentary sounding very low on her mic and talking about how the Total Divas just walking around moping about their boyfriends or husbands. I don’t know if Lana watches Total Divas because if she did, she would realize this statement also throws Naomi and Summer Rae under the same mopey bus. The match actually goes pretty well for Paige until she attempts to throw Naomi over the top rope onto the apron. Paige doesn’t throw Naomi over quite enough and Naomi ends up getting caught up on the top rope while almost missing the apron spot. NXT’s Diva Emma’s music hits and we see her come out with Summer Rae. The two Divas run down the ramp and begin attacking Natalya and Alicia Fox. After the fight subsides and Summer with Emma are standing tall, Naomi uses the distraction to do a good sunset flip over Paige into a submission forcing Paige to immediately tap out. Paige, Natalya, and Fox retreat to the ramp with Lana’s new team all standing in the ring. Even though the match was so so, bringing out Emma on Main Event to place her with the ranks of Lana was a good storyline touch.

Rating **3/4

Ryback vs Sin Cara

Here we go, Ryback in a match showing off his dominance over a smaller wrestler. Ryback continuously stops any momentum in this match from Sin Cara really giving Sin Cara a few high flying spots. A couple examples being Sin Cara performing a Suicide Dive onto Ryback but Ryback doesn’t fall or even catch Sin Cara. When back in the ring, Sin Cara hits a flying cross body but barely gets a two count on Ryback. Next Sin Cara hits a pretty good springboard moonsault onto Ryback only to have Ryback power out again after a two count. Ryback then throws Sin Cara over the top rope with Sin Cara landing on the apron. After Ryback throws a powerful clothesline knocking Sin Cara hard onto the apron, Ryback drags him into the ring for a Shell Shock and the victory. Even through Ryback is facing Sin Cara’s partner, Kalisto, at Wrestlemania, this shows Sin Cara doesn’t shape up to the likes of Ryback being overpowered at about every corner of the match. For me it shows Sin Cara might not be a strong contender in the Ladder match for the Intercontinental title.

Rating **

Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas (Social Outcasts) vs Big Show and Kane

Before the match starts, The Social Outcast cut a brief promo about how they are going to attempt to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. One funny quote I would like to pull out is how Bo will exorcise the Demon Kane…Yup that’s right, Bo Dallas with exorcise the Demon Kane. Kane and Big show come out to interupt the promo and the Social Outcasts retreat to the opposite end of the ring. During the match, Bo gets some good offense against Kane and decides to have a pep celebration with the Social Outcasts by highfiving the members outside the ring. When Bo turns around into a big punch from Kane sending Bo through the bottom and middle rope into the awaiting hands of the Social Outcasts. One thing to watch in the match though is the tension between Kane and Big Show both attempting to one up each other. They both are constantly blind tagging each other into the match with Kane finally culminating into the two arguing in the middle of the ring. Bo and Axel use this to begin a chant trying to get Kane and Big Show to fight. The Social Outcasts even hopping out of the ring to do a victory lap chanting for the two to fight. This ends with a comedy spot of Big Show and Kane stopping the line at both sides of the ring. After Bo and Axel attempt a suplex on Kane, they are both countered into a double suplex by the Big Red Machine. The match ends though abruptly with Big Show slamming Axel down and picking up the victory. After the match,both Kane and Big Show simultaneously chokeslam all four Social Outcast members. Big Show ends the show by clenching his fist for a KO punch while looking at Kane but does not punch him.

Rating **3/4

Between the four matches I saw tonight, the tag team match between the Social Outcasts and Big Show/Kane was the highlight of the night with lots of fun comedy spots throughout the match.


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