WCWC Episode #95 – Results and Review

WCWC keeps Pacific Northwest pro wrestling alive in its ancestral spot on Portland basic cable, Saturday nights. It retains the texture of the Don Owens’ Pacific Northwest Wrestling promotion and Billy Jack Haynes Oregon Wrestling Federation operation…great production values and tight, gnarly ring action.

Let’s break down the latest episode!

WCWC Episode #95

March 19, 2016

Jackson Armory – Portland, OR

Event Info: http://westcoastwrestlingconnection.com/

Watch: WCWC Official YouTube


Match 1
Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship Match:
Ricky Gibson & Greg Romero (c) w/ Mr. Tubbs vs. Crash Test Cody & Mikey O’Shea

After a promo from recently crowned WCWC Tag Team Champions Gibson and Romero with Mr. Tubbs, we are in for a title fight between former champs, Mikey O’Shea and Crash Test Cody (who rocks a mean Bowie-tribute mask.) I like their promo too as it puts them over as the odd-ball berserker weirdos against the style-conscious-jerk duo of G N’ R. The WCWC tag belts look great and the division is really filled with excellent teams as is traditional with Pacific Northwest professional wrestling.
The match is solid and old school but Greg Romero is the standout. He’d fit nicely within Lucha Underground. He has a Dynamite Kid-like physicality and could develop into a singles title contender. Beware sandwich enthusiast Mr. Tubbs, a dastardly individual indeed.



Match 2
Adam Thornstowe vs. Ethan HD w/ Kate Carney

Kate Carney might be the Hot Character Find of early 2016. She cuts a pretty powerful figure on the show with her stable of Bonus Boyz and former Pacific Northwest Champion Ethan HD. Adam Thornstowe (aggro punk?) is a nice contrast to Ethan HD (prizefighting man) and they put on a snug match. Thornstowe could shape up to be contender for the Pacific Northwest belt. Ethan HD is outstanding but thanks to the machinations of Kate Carney (in a top notch bit of stable management) the match kind of blurs into the next bout…



Match 3
The Whirlwind Gentleman vs. The Bonus Boyz w/ Kate Carney

Remy Marcel and Jack Manley get after Sugar Brown and Clutch and while a Carney Couture interference puts a quick end to a fast paced match, Manley looked really great throughout and hit some impressive spots. Sugar Brown is a great big man in the style of Bam Bam Bigelow. The Bonus Boyz are serious contenders for the WCWC tag belts.



Main Event:
Gangrel vs. Matt Striker w/ The Wrecking Crew

At the top of the show we were teased with a Grappler vs. Striker match but the WCWC Powers That Be, Morty Lipschitz and Dr. Goldfarb (both assuredly highly skilled in their respective fields) put the kibosh on the legendary Grappler from taking on Matt Striker, much to the seeming delight of Striker. Thankfully Gangrel (a WCWC Triple Crown title holder) steps into the breach.

It’s quite a shift from the jovial Mr. Wednesday Night Matt Striker we see on Lucha Underground. Striker is dialed into exactly how to twist the knickers of the WCWC crowd. He might be the best baby kissing total jerk in the game.

The match is great and Gangrel is the master of the Corkscrew Elbow. The Wrecking Crew (featuring WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler III, currently on the outs with the Grappler and another former WCWC Champion, Jeremy Blanchard) play dirty pool and Striker comes out victorious.


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