WWE Monday Night Raw – March 21, 2016 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw

March 21, 2016

Wells Fargo Arena – Philadelphia, PA

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Watch: USA Network

The wheels are in motion as we are just a couple shorts weeks from WrestleMania. Let’s hope things kick in to high gear.

AJ Styles

What Will Styles Do Next?

Last Monday, Chris Jericho called out AJ Styles, to which he indeed came out, but the confrontation didn’t go Jericho’s way as “The Phenomenal One” got the upper hand by laying Jericho out. Fast forward to Thursday and Styles is in the main event of SmackDown against Intercontinental champion, Kevin Owens. Styles looked to have Owens in position of defeat, that is, until Chris Jericho came out for the distraction, causing AJ Styles to lose the match. Any loss is important, even more so that it’s against a champion, how will Styles react to Jericho screwing him over?


Dean Ambrose

The Holds Can’t be Barred

Last week, we saw Mick Foley “pass the torch” to Dean Ambrose, then he attacked The Social Outcasts on SmackDown with a Kendo Stick, followed by Ambrose calling out Brock Lesnar for this Thursday’s SmackDown episode. The question is, what will Ambrose do on Raw? Will he take another person or people out for the night? Will he confront Paul Heyman, or will he confront Lesnar himself?


Sami Zayn

Road to KOMania

Things are starting to heat up for the Intercontinental Championship. Kevin Owens is now having conflicts with Sami Zayn again as well as The Miz who also looks to want a shot at the title. After defeating AJ Styles on SmackDown, overall Owens looks to be in control of this whole situation. Will he make his choice on who he will defend his Intercontinental Championship against?


Triple H

Game On

Just when Triple H thought it was smooth sailing after defeating Dean Ambrose and then Dolph Ziggler, Roman Reigns returns and gives him one hell of a beating. A beating that took 6 staples to close Triple H’s wounds. As both member of The Authority and an active wrestler, Hunter has a variety of resources to “get even” with Roman Reigns. Triple H can set him up in a match, much like a Handicap match that The Authority is now famous for, or he can go out to the ring, leather jacket an all, and beat down Roman Reigns with a sledgehammer. Who knows, but what we do know is that Triple H will be on Raw looking for some kind of revenge. Believe. That.


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